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  • Verified photosChar - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 2 / 5

    Keep trying calling every day she is not received call why and ur number is not reachable

    I am little bit busy.. u can email me with your details.. after i become free will contact u.. . Can contact me in WhatsApp

  • Verified photosDanya - escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 1 / 5

    I have been waiting since w months you are not replying for.msgs and if we call u will tell u will reply and oll of a sudden u block numbers. Really it hurts

    Thanks for the best service..

    Hi darling this is not fare what u have posted, see once i had met you i dint like the way u treat a girl, Even if i am doing this work i am also a human being i also have heart, so pls never misbehave any one like how u misbehaved with me ok just its a request form my side,
    This is y i avoided to meet you & more over its not that i should meet you compulsory if i feel safe & comfortable i will be the first person to meet anyone & have good time.
    Thank you i think what i have spoken here is from my heart I am not here to heart anyone
    Thank you

  • Verified photosRoopa...for cam show & secret meet - adult performer in Bangalore
    Rating: 1 / 5

    Just for enquiry she blocked felt very sad and 1000 times if u call she doesn't respond. Every human should respect each other's valuable time.

    Sry ur reviews to others is also like this

  • Verified photosPiyaaa Indian babe till 21st Feb only - escort in Bangkok
    Rating: 2 / 5

    To be frank waste of money seeing review I met her she doesn't have time manners made to wait more than 1 hour in hotel and blowjob and service not up to that. Compare to her I met another escort for 7k w shots she kills with her blowjob she is money minded and acts like some heroin... better don't try and costly tooo...

    Yeah. I got saved actually. To b honest I think u write mostly negative reviews to everyone and as I see from ur review history u don't know how to respect a women. Luckily I have not met u and saved myself.🙂 Everyone knows about my time manners, punctuality and the hot love🔥I make to my fans. My other reviews speaks volume about me and my skills. Hope u will write a positive review for ur 7k escort too😋

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