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  • Verified photosVARNIE(AVAILABLE ONLY FOR CAM) - escort in Riyadh
    Rating: 5 / 5

    This is the first time I'm writing a review in my life - I've never even reviewed anything on Amazon. The reason I'm writing one is that Lany is truly worth it. Met her in Chennai a few days ago. She had to postpone the meet by a day because she had a bus to catch, and she actually thanked me for waiting, and said she'll make it worth my while.

    Boy, did she ever. Lany is amazing. First of all, her English is the best I've heard in this business. She's super nice, very casual and the GFE is absolutely great. A lot of people claim they can "give you GFE", but with Lany you actually feel it in small things - gestures, the way she talks, etc. Right from the time you meet you feel comfortable with her.

    As for the actual act, there's really nothing else to say except that it's everything you can imagine, and then some. She's good with absolutely any position, and doesn't say no to anything. The ONE thing that's a dealbreaker for her is hygiene - as long as you're good on that front she'll give you an amazing time.

    More than anything, she's such a sweet girl. Cheerful, talkative and happy. Hanging out with her is as much fun as any of the things she does for you physically.

    And one word on the one bad review I saw here - some idiot talking about "Mafia", and an African guy who'll force you to pay up. If, like me, you read that review and are having second thoughts, DON'T. That review is from some neckbeard loser who wanted to negotiate and Lany refused (the best things always come at a price) - he didn't even meet her. Disregard that review entirely, and just go for it. She's amazing.

    Wounder man 🫠🫠I know I thanked u already for being so patient and waiting for mi that was too much I really appreciate and thank God u weren’t disappointed