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  • Verified photosChristina - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Dear moderators. My message is not fake. So publish it.

    Christina, she is an angel. When I search for a transgender to meet. She was the one came in the dating site. I texted her and planned to meet in a weekend. In 2014. Due to unavoidable situations, i could not able to meet her. And distance also one another reason.

    In 2016, i started to live in bangalore. Only weekdays I was there. That time i planned to meet her. Booked an appointment and she was guiding her location. But that was very crowded place. I could not able to find the place. And after thaty mobile battery also dead. I was very disappointed. And not able to meet her that time.

    Due to my work timings, getting free time in evening is very tough. So I got time third time and booked her appointment. My bad luck it was heavily raining. Don't no. Why this was.happening.

    4th time, one holiday evening booked her. And this time i do not want to miss the chance. I reached her home. To be frank. She was very very beautiful than the pic. Her smile. Lovely smile... She gave good company. And she's the best. I met her three times so far. I need to meet her again. Looking for the time.

  • Aanaya D - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 1 / 5

    I called her and asked for time, she asked me advance booking amount. After paid she did not share the location. She is cheating

  • Verified photosKristina - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    Rating: 5 / 5

    When I try to meet a transgender, I searched some profiles in 2015. And found her. I spoke to her, and she guided the place. Gave her a chocolate and started the meet with sweet. She is really awesome. Such a pretty angel she is. I loved the way she gave respect and provided comfort. I met her twice. But planning to meet her again soon.

    Anytime sure ❤️❤️❤️

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  • Verified photosEmma Sweet 018 - Transsexual escort in Bangalore
    28 Dec 2023

    I like you very much. I am good kisser. And handsome good looking guy. Kindly suggest whether you allow me to kiss. I have ordered neat teeth. So if you are ok to kiss, then I will book appointment and meet you

    Of course i allow kissing! And i have a big juicy lips!