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  • Verified photosPROSTATE MASSAGE. - masseuse in Bangkok
    17 Oct 2020

    Have you use any sex toys? ejaculate and force ejaculation what is the different?
    can you do 2 or 3 hours?

    I do have TOY but prefer fingers, I like to feel it myself. No forced just let happen naturally with less hands job, more focusing on prostate sensation.

  • Verified photosPROSTATE MASSAGE. - masseuse in Bangkok
    8 Jun 2020

    during the session need to pills for erection?
    how many shots?
    thank you

    Not quite understand the question very well sorry.

  • Verified photosMai & Nongs Milking Table - escort agency in Bangkok
    8 Jun 2020


    What kind of vibrator you bring it?
    have you bring the pills? how long it will work approximate time?
    have your girls check the HIV and STD Test report before meet me that day? I have to pay for that test fee?

    Yes sure, we have a few types of vibrator, including the Penetrator 5000 12 speed vortexvibe, voted #1 vibe in Japan.
    There are many pharmacy in Bangkok, this is nothing to do with us.
    Health checks done regularly, the girls carry a copy of latest medical with them. No fee required from your good self.