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  • 6 Oct
    Rashmi answered a question
    • hi rashi can you visit my place around colombo ????

      by sasa_22 – 6 Oct 2022

      Yes dr 😊

  • Natasha answered a question
    Natasha - escort in Colombo
    Natasha - escort in ColomboNatasha - escort in Colombo
    • Do u have red saree saree?? I need recorded session? Mam tell

      by Femalelover – 6 Oct 2022

      Yes dear i provide.

  • 5 Oct
    Angelina New European answered a question
    Angelina New European - escort in Colombo
    Angelina New European - escort in ColomboAngelina New European - escort in Colombo
    • Hey gorgeous. Do you have a vaccination scar on your left upper arm? Cz that turns me on

      by Dhanushka_5 – 5 Oct 2022

      You can message me on whatsapp for further details

  • Botheju answered a question
    Botheju - escort in Colombo
    • Hi, we are 2 guys in colombo now. I would like to know if you can accept foursome with me my friend and another girl. Thanks.

      by alexlindoforte – 5 Oct 2022

      Sorry, i don’t foursome 🙏

  • Fonseka answered a question
    Fonseka - escort in Colombo
    • Hello, I see under the descriptions that some escorts use "incall". Is this at their residence or agency location?

      by paitongattlin – 5 Oct 2022

      Incall services will be provided at hotel with discreet location WITHOUT requiring registration of your ID

  • Thili answered a question
    Thili - escort in Colombo
    Thili - escort in ColomboThili - escort in Colombo
    • Hi, do you do anal, give rimming, nuru massage, GFE?

      by daea – 5 Oct 2022

      Whatsapp me now baby so we can talk

  • New escort Shashi
    ♥🌍Hi Dear sir😘💞 ♥🌍I am Shashi✨🙊 ♥🌍Age 28💃 ♥🌍This Is my Real Pic📸 ♥🌍🏢Good villa room &🚌 vehicle parcking💋 ❤With out room ❤️රු.6000/= 🙏No anel ❤️ හොඳ සර්විස් එකක් ලබා දෙන නිසා ගාන අඩු කරන්න කියන්න එපා 🌹🐉Full naight ok 🦕💐 ❤️මුදලට සීමා නොවු වින්දනයක් 😍👉ෆොටෝ තුනම ඉන්නෙ මම කැමති ඇඳුමකින් service එකට එන්න පුලුවන්. ☸️Romantic/lovely/friendly/ වේලාව ඉවර වෙනකල් ඔයත් එක්ක මම ඉන්නවා එක නිසා දුර දිග නොබලා හිත හිත ඉන්නේ නැතිව ඇවිත්ම බලන්න (🤗✅ඔබට උපරිම සේවාවක් ලබා ගැණීමට මා හමුවන්න👩‍❤️‍👨❤️✨)
  • Sweet Fiona answered a question
    Sweet Fiona - escort in Colombo
    Sweet Fiona - escort in ColomboSweet Fiona - escort in Colombo
    • Hi Fiona! Do you do french kiss?

      by Shan_71 – 5 Oct 2022

      No darling no DFK

  • Michelle answered a question
    • Are you available in these days?

      by KavinduDiss – 5 Oct 2022

      Hi darling yes I am available today please call and speak to my assistant for a appointment or message on WhatsApp 😘

  • Diana answered a question
    Diana - escort in Colombo
    Diana - escort in ColomboDiana - escort in Colombo
    • Where are you located?

      by Daran_2 – 5 Oct 2022

      Hi my dear. Can you message me in whatsapp for more details please

  • Princess Teesha answered a question
    • Can you offer mixed wrestle session?

      by Surrender_guy – 5 Oct 2022

      Hey, so sorry I don't offer such hardcore femdom related services. Thx for the msg.

  • Colombo answered a question
  • Saku answered a question
    Saku - escort in Colombo
    Saku - escort in ColomboSaku - escort in Colombo
    • Good afternoon. You sound amazing. What are your restrictions? Thank you!

      by prageeth_1 – 5 Oct 2022

      I don't do roleplay or fetishes.

  • Malki answered a question
    Malki - escort in Colombo
    Malki - escort in Colombo
    • Hi.. do you have a vaccination scar or a injection mark on your upper left arm? This turns me o.

      by Dhanushka_5 – 5 Oct 2022

      plsase whatsapp me

  • Nishadi answered a question
    Nishadi - escort in Colombo
    • R u available tomorrow

      by nisan26 – 5 Oct 2022

      I am available

  • 4 Oct
    Luiz answered a question
    Luiz - escort in Colombo
    Luiz - escort in ColomboLuiz - escort in Colombo
    • Hello - wanted to arrange massage. Can you please provide email address as I have company phone. Do you have massage center?

      by sirims – 4 Oct 2022

      plsase whatsapp me

    • Hi I called u yesterday evening it says switch off how can I contact u dear ?

      by prageethe29 – 4 Oct 2022

      Hi dear I'm available 9.30am To 6pm plz call me in between that time

  • Isja olive answered a question
    Isja olive - escort in Colombo
    Isja olive - escort in ColomboIsja olive - escort in Colombo
    • Hello, can you do golden/brown shower?

      by sirims – 4 Oct 2022

      Hi , sometime yes , I can 💋

    • Can we ask for custom videos if we join your telegram group

      by mtpc89 – 4 Oct 2022

      🌟Yes we start again.
      💋U guys can join
      👅 videos
      🔥 pictures
      ♨️live shows
      🙏 please come to whatsapp
      💋💋 my all the services available💋💋

  • Nathasha Dias (Cam & Incall) answered a question
    • you have vaccination scar on your left upper arm? Cz this turns me on

      by Dhanushka_5 – 4 Oct 2022

      Yes of course