Madrid Escort News

  • 27 Nov
    New escort Candy
    Candy - escort in Madrid
    Candy - escort in MadridCandy - escort in Madrid
    Candy is a young Spanish escort with an alternative look that leaves no one indifferent. She is looking for open-minded men to live new experiences. Very sensual videoclip in this profile.
  • 24 Nov
    New escort Paula
    Paula - escort in Madrid
    Paula - escort in MadridPaula - escort in Madrid
    Hello, my name is Paula, a young, discreet and educated Spanish university student, but also a sensual, passionate girl who loves pleasurable sensations as a couple. Do we know each other in Madrid?
  • 23 Nov
    New escort Liana
    Liana - escort in Madrid
    Liana - escort in MadridLiana - escort in Madrid
    I am a young Latin escort in Madrid, a blonde with a big smile and beautiful face. A smiling woman. I love to have encounters with strangers to enjoy a good company. I like to party, dance, a good romantic dinner and anything you can propose me. I am always available for a blind date, we can meet at any meeting place in Madrid, or I can come to your hotel if you prefer.
  • Hello, I am Sandra spanish masseuse, I am 30 years old, hot firm body, and passion for my work. My massage is a fusion of oriental technique (thai, balinese, lomi lomi) combined with a lot of erotism and sensuality. Tired day!!! Don’t worry, during your stay in Madrid, you will to receive a guaranteed and professional massage. For more information and rates by WhatsApp You will repeat for sure, completely discreet and exclusive.
  • New escort Ainhoa
    Ainhoa - escort in Madrid
    Ainhoa - escort in MadridAinhoa - escort in Madrid
    An elegant, daring, sexy woman and lover of fine lingerie. With her lush body she loves to seduce men and shows it whenever the occasion arises. She is sensual and passionate.
  • 20 Nov
    New escort Ashley Chloe
    Ashley Chloe - escort in Madrid
    Ashley Chloe - escort in MadridAshley Chloe - escort in Madrid
    Ashley and Chloe are the duo girls you are looking for Call or text us on WhatsApp and we ll make your dream come true
  • 19 Nov
    New escort Olivia
    With green eyes that sparkle with mystery and charm, Olivia, the young Colombian with red hair, captivates with a gaze that reveals uncharted depths. Her hair, like dancing flames, elegantly frames her face, complementing her refined features and a smile that lights up any space she occupies. The authenticity of her charm is heightened by her natural bust, adding a unique grace to her figure. Beyond her captivating appearance, Olivia is a remarkably accommodating young woman, always ready to go the extra mile. Her commitment to giving her all is evident in every service she offers, as she…
  • 14 Nov
    New escort Nour
    Young, slim and curvy girl, an Arab beauty, with natural breasts in just the right measure. Her perfect butt will not leave you indifferent. She has long dark hair and a face with intense eyes and full lips. Nour is a girl with a cheerful character who speaks several languages, cultured, intelligent and very sociable. She is an elegant and discreet young woman with whom you can enjoy an evening with the best GFE attitude. She is an ideal high-class companion for any type of appointment. She really likes to travel and see new places, she also loves to party at social events.
  • 13 Nov
    New escort Victoria
    Victoria - escort in Madrid
    Victoria - escort in MadridVictoria - escort in Madrid
    I’m Victoria, a Spanish masseuse and escort in Madrid eager to meet you. A young luxury girl, brunette with big breasts and beautiful face. I am Spanish and I am a very good great professional masseuse. I like to take care of my body and my mind as much as I can. With me you will have next to me a spectacular woman, with good conversation and offering the best massages in Madrid. Do you want to check it out?
  • New escort Maite
    Maite - escort in Madrid
    Maite - escort in MadridMaite - escort in Madrid
    I’m Maite, a 36 year old Venezuelan luxury escort in Madrid with a beautiful natural red hair, an elegant companion. I am Venezuelan. I would love to meet men in Madrid to have fun and be your luxury escort.
  • 27 Oct
    New escort Diana Tantra
    Diana is a young Spanish masseuse of exotic origin, seductive, sweet, affectionate, elegant and very attentive to the needs you want. You will soon understand that you have not made a mistake in your choice, but that does not make you less of an expert, a lover of erotic massages. You will be able to see that she has a beautiful natural breast when you receive the body-to-body massage that will move at the indicated pace over every corner of your body. Behind her sweet and docile appearance hides a complacent woman who likes to feel and make people feel even extreme pleasure... Diana has…
  • 26 Oct
    New escort Chloe
    Chloe, a vibrant young Latina who radiates an aura of energy and vitality. Her beauty is as dazzling as her lively personality. Her sparkling eyes reflect an innate curiosity about the world around her, and her contagious smile lights up any room she enters. Chloe is an adventurer at heart, always ready to explore new horizons and embrace life with passion. Her Latin heritage is evident in her passionate spirit and her love for music and dance. With her, every moment is an exciting journey filled with laughter, deep conversations, and a latent sensuality that leaves you yearning for more…
  • New escort Ashley
    Ashley is someone who awakens the senses with her presence. Her silky, dark hair gracefully falls over her shoulders, framing an angelic face with deep, captivating eyes that ensnare you in an instant. Her smile is like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day, warm and charming. Her soft, delicate skin invites caresses, and her elegantly sculpted figure arouses desire with every move. Her voice, as gentle as a summer breeze, whispers words that make the heart beat faster. When Ashley enters a room, her presence fills the space with a sensual and magnetic energy that is impossible to ignore.…
  • 25 Oct
    New escort Monik
    Monik - escort in Madrid
    Monik - escort in MadridMonik - escort in Madrid
    Hello everyone, my name is Monik. I am a luxury escort, a VIP woman, a beautiful blonde with an explosive body. I am friendly and involved in all my encounters. With big breasts. I am looking forward to meeting all the men in Madrid who want to have fun and have a good time.
  • New escort Noelia Española
    Noelia Española - escort in Madrid
    Noelia Española - escort in MadridNoelia Española - escort in Madrid
    Enter a world of luxury and passion in the company of Noelia, a high-class companion who personifies the fiery essence of Spain. Her name resonates as a promise of intense experiences and unforgettable moments. With a Spanish nationality that gives her a vibrant character, Noelia captivates with her brown hair that frames a face with suggestive features and blue eyes that flash sparks of curiosity and desire. Despite her height of 1.60 meters, her presence is magnetic and enveloping, drawing all eyes to her. At 21 years old, Noelia embodies unbridled passion for life. Her energy is…
  • New escort Belen española
    This spectacular Spanish escort is a true treasure in the high-class modeling industry. With her perfectly proportioned height of 1.60 meters and her captivating gaze of brown eyes, Belén exudes an innate charm and sophistication that makes her stand out from the crowd. But what really sets her apart are her catwalk measurements that meet the most demanding standards. Her figure is a perfect canvas for creating couture designs and her unique features add a special touch to every photo session. Belén is not only a pretty face, but also a consummate professional. Her versatility and…
  • 24 Oct
    New escort Luana
    Luana - escort in Madrid
    A DREAM BEAUTY Luana is a beautiful woman, with a delicate face and a sensual figure. Her skin is brown, her eyes are green and her hair is long and black. AN ELEGANT PERSONALITY Luana is a very sophisticated and elegant person. She is always dressed stylishly and knows how to behave in any situation. A PERFECT COMPANION Luana is the ideal companion for any event. Whether it's a business dinner, party or special occasion, Luana can help you make a good impression and enjoy the night. AT A BUSINESS DINNER Luana can help you break the ice at a business dinner, making you…
  • 18 Oct
    New escort Brenda
    Brenda is a 21-year-old Argentinian girl who has brought a touch of the passion and warmth of her homeland to Madrid. Her dark, wavy hair cascades over her shoulders, framing a face with charming features and a vivacious look that reflects her youthful energy. Her skin has a natural glow reminiscent of warm sunny days in Argentina, and her smile is contagious, radiating joy and positivity. Brenda dresses in a style that combines modern fashion with a touch of her Argentine culture, which makes her stand out in the varied Madrid scene. Her enthusiasm and charisma are evident, and her friendly…
  • New escort Ivana
    Ivana is a 24-year-old Colombian girl who lives in Madrid. Her dark hair falls in soft waves over her shoulders, framing a face with delicate features and expressive eyes that reflect a mix of determination and curiosity. Her skin has a warm tone, reminiscent of her Latin roots, and her smile is warm and welcoming, making her easy to get along with. With a style that combines elegance with a touch of fashion, Ivana adapts perfectly to the vibrant atmosphere of the Spanish capital. She always displays an air of confidence and energy, which makes her stand out wherever she goes in Madrid.
  • 13 Oct
    New escort Susana
    Hello! My name is Susana. I am a young Spanish escort, sweet and affectionate. A luxury university companion with a body that you will love. My face is also beautiful, so you have the opportunity to meet me and enjoy the company of a true Spanish escort. I am discreet, educated, but also passionate and willing to make you very happy.