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  • 20 Aug 2021
    Aiisha answered a question
    Aiisha - escort in Ottawa
    Aiisha - escort in OttawaAiisha - escort in Ottawa
    • Hi Aiisha,

      I am a fit senior with a foot fetish.
      I am looking for an attractive lady with nice feet to enjoy it with.
      I am hoping that is you.
      I would appreciate a reply.
      My phone number is: xxxxxxxxxxxx

      I await,

      by Footman1946 – 20 Aug 2021


  • 11 Dec 2019
    Kimoraxox answered a question
    Kimoraxox - masseuse in Ottawa
    Kimoraxox - masseuse in OttawaKimoraxox - masseuse in Ottawa
    • Hi , My name is Ralph Lopez and I live in Chicago. I'd like to know if you tour Chicago at all. If so can you please let me know when you might be visiting? I'd really Love to meet you. Muahhhhhhh

      by Ciello – 11 Dec 2019

      So sorry, unfortunately I do not tour 😞 if you are ever in the Ottawa area dont be shy!