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  • 10 May
    Layla From Iran answered a question
    • When are you visiting to Mumbai again ?

      by slave3390 – 10 May 2022

      Yes after

  • 5 May
    Catty_cute answered a question
    Catty_cute - escort in Pattaya
    Catty_cute - escort in PattayaCatty_cute - escort in Pattaya
    • 20,000?? Seriously? 🤔 Do you also provide bareback creampie sex if the person is STD free and has medical certificate?

      by Oggy1994 – 5 May 2022

      Just my mistake dont be serious. Im apologize

  • 11 Mar
    Layla From Iran answered 16 questions
    • hi layal, i saw you have answered to one of the questions that you are coming to bangalore after some time.. can you please tell me when? n if you are not coming, can i know till when are you going to be staying in mumbai?

      by adickni – 11 Mar 2022

      Sorry I have no plan now

    • Hi, thanks for your reply. I already sent you messages on whatsapp, but got no reply from you yet.

      by Passionate_Lover – 10 Feb 2022

      Sorry was busy will
      Answer when got free 😌

    • Hi Layla.... Are you planning to come to Bangalore??

      by RR_4 – 4 Feb 2022

      Yes after

    • Hey Hi Layla,
      Can I meet you today afternoon. Please confirm time. I sent you many messages on whatsapp but no reply.
      At 3 pm today. For one hour. We can finalize at rate i have sent you on IG.

      by Escaped_Nativity – 14 Jan 2022

      Hi sorry babe little busy. Please msg in my WhatsApp again

    • You do anal?

      by ki_pat – 5 Jan 2022


    • Hi darling when r u arriving at mumbai??

      by milindthakkar44 – 28 Dec 2021

      Today babe

    • Hi Layla, are you available in Delhi ?

      by rahulb0086 – 24 Dec 2021


    • Hi Layla, are you still in Bangkok? Can you provide bdsm and mistress experience?

      by michel_kingston – 3 Dec 2021

      Still 16 December

    • Hello Layla, Are you still in Bangkok?

      by bob_wkot – 28 Nov 2021

      Yes still 16

    • Hi Layla, are you still available in Bangkok?

      by Abhijit_1 – 30 Oct 2021

      Yes only this month 💋

    • Are you available in the morning?

      by fog9888 – 9 Aug 2021

      Yes babe. Contact me on WhatsApp

    • Are you back in Dubai?

      by praneet55 – 26 Jul 2021

      Yes babe. I am in Dubai now

    • You look amazing honey. Do you offer deep french kissing ? you like that ?

      by Adventurer_dxb – 26 Jul 2021

      Yes I do love😘

    • When are you coming back to dubai?

      by Gspot – 26 May 2021

      Next month

    • hello,
      do you provide apartment out call service and how much for 2hrs?

      by Tigerdxb – 1 Apr 2021

      Whatapp me please

    • Hello baby, will you be on Dubai 26 and 27 of March and tell when you planning to stay I want to visit you

      by Shama – 18 Mar 2021

      Yes I be back my country on 11 April 😘

  • 15 Sep 2018
    Bae answered 2 questions
    • Hi Bea do you swo

      by tommysagvik – 15 Sep 2018

      I recommend everyone click the link to go to my personal site. On my Services page it will list everything I do and also everything I don't do in another list so you can be clear about both.

    • u do level A ? u accept domination and submissive?? look for week

      by real_4_u2003 – 4 Sep 2017

      I use to do anal but don't anymore. I have several friends that do. See my site and look on my Friends page. You can sort by sexual fetish like anal and other things to find someone that will do what you want and they are real friends of mine so if you like me then you will probably like them also.