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  • 16 Apr 2020
    Mistress Jessica in Austria answered 12 questions
    • Jessy is it possible that you can arrange one more mistress for threesome or you work as individual.thanks

      by Reus959 – 16 Apr 2020

      Hi, i work as an independent Mistress, but i almost always have some of my slavegirls with me on tour, they do what i order them, so they also could switch if is it what you want, see all details here: https://www.dubaimistressjessica.com/my-slavegirls-meine-sklavinnen/
      Regards Lady Jessica

    • Are you going to visit Dubai soon?

      by AA33 – 2 Aug 2019

      see my schedule on http://www.irelandescort.im
      As an independent international fetish escort i travel worldwide and you can also book my services for few days.
      Kinky regards Lady jessica

    • How much 2 h with anal sex

      by mossa433_1 – 5 Feb 2015

      contact me by email: mistress@sexyjesica.eu or call me, see my current number on my websites: www.irelandescort.im & www.dubaimistressjessica.com

    • When will you be back in the middle east? I miss you a lot, you are the BEST lady what i have been with.

      by Ahmed_Dubai – 4 Feb 2015

      i just came from Qatar, were booked by 1client for 3days in Doha, if you want to see me in the middle east, feel free to book me for 48h or longer. Lets discuss on: mistress@sexyjessica.eu
      All other details on my websites:

    • Hi Honey

      I'll visit Dubai BTW 14-17 october , Are U gonna be their at this time?

      Do u like Doing GFE ? do u like anal-sex as passive (male on fmale) ?

      by mub2001 – 4 Oct 2014

      nice to hear about you, see my schedule on www.dubaimistressjessica.com and get in touch by email.
      Just avoid fake escorts in Dubai, check more details here: http://mydiaryasalover.blogspot.com

    • hi dear
      r u still in dubai ?
      and u do lift & carry in many ways ?

      by dragonh83 – 9 Sep 2014

      i just left Dubai, i am now on european tour in Ireland, Spain and UK, see my schedule here: http://www.irelandescort.im/irelandescort_contactgb.php
      I do lift&carry, i am very fit and i train kata-karate too, i also provide semicompetitive wrestling fights.

    • in which link(which is not blocked in UAE) i can see your scat movies? Pls tell them and I also want to meet u

      by vijisuru – 9 Sep 2014

      You can see my scat movies on my fetish clips website here: http://www.affiliate-cash.de/kunden.php?nummer=909901679&progid=28856
      You will need proxy, all scat movies clips are blocked in Dubai :-(
      Regarding meeting get in touch with me by email: mistress@sexyjessica.eu

    • Who can you recommend in Dubai? I know you just left :-(

      by Ahmed_Dubai – 13 Aug 2014

      Hi, send me email on: mistress@sexyjessica.eu and i send you some recommendation of genuine independent and verified Mistresses. Just stay away of this profile: https://massagerepublic.com/female-escorts-in-dubai/dubai-mistress This is fake profile, prostitutuion ring from Ukraine pretending to be german, many fake pics, every day changed, more details here: http://mydiaryasalover.blogspot.com/2014/07/this-is-me-real-german-crystal-or-is-it.html & http://mydiaryasalover.blogspot.com/2014/07/i-think-first-picture-is-of-rea-but-it.html & http://mydiaryasalover.blogspot.com/2014/07/i-think-that-old-granny-crystal-doesnt.html
      Stay safe!

    • Filmslaves wanted!

      by Mistress_Jessica – 9 Aug 2014

      I´m looking for Filmslaves for my fetish clips made by the famous FemDom-Austria movie production in Vienna/Austria 20 - 24 August 2014. Get in touch by e-mail: mistress@sexyjessica.eu

    • am sreejith from india ,
      mistress when u ill reached in dubai ?
      u ill reached in dubai i can get u r scat service?
      mistress i can eat u r shit full?
      mistress u r shit is very tastily?
      can u give me u r shitt direct from u r ass to my through t?
      how much u can give my mouth?
      wouls u like to indians ?

      am waiting for u r replay ,
      thanks and best regards ,
      your sweet scat eating slave
      sreejith.......... sweet kiss for u r asshole

      by sreemon – 3 Aug 2014

      i just left Dubai, i´m on my european tour now full august, i will be in Vienna 20 - 26 august 2014, i am looking for Film slaves for the famous FemDom-Austria production, you can apply on: mistress@sexyjessica.eu
      WARNING: This is fake escort: https://massagerepublic.com/female-escorts-in-dubai/mistress-rea be careful, this is prostitution ring from Ukraine pretending to be german and using FAKE pics and with many different girls with pimp called Alex, i got many complaints by unsatisfied clients. Send me email and i will recommend you some propper escort/Mistress in Dubai

    • Happy ramadam!

      by Mistress_Jessica – 4 Jul 2014

      I just left UAE but i am still offering online-, phone- & WebCam sessions, contact me on: webcam@sexyjessica.eu
      For those, who are getting bored over the ramadan time in the middle east, feel free to come to see me to Europe (i´m mostly in Ireland or Spain) for live kinky session. I also offer long-term sessions.
      Check my newest pics taken in the desert near Dubai with my female and male slaves last month: http://www.dubaimistressjessica.com/galleries/dubai-gallery/

    • Hello are u in Dubai hun ?

      by huss_1 – 15 Jun 2014

      I just left Dubai. But I am offering online-, phone- & WebCam sessions. Contact me on: mistress@sexyjessica.eu

  • 27 May 2014
    Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    The best mistress in dubai

    Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had a great time with Mistress Jessica today. I am on a business trip to Dubai. I've been feeling kinky and ready to worship a true Mistress. I saw her sexyjessica.eu website and was interested. Her movies show how good a Mistress she is:-) She is young and strict. She will tell you what to do. And you better do it!. A real blonde! Very good personality. She was born to be a Domina. She likes her customers. When she is not inflicting pain she is nice to you when you are with her. Her body is nice and curvy. She also has nice breasts and ass. She does Domination expertly and with real meaning.…

  • 14 May 2014
    Mistress Jessica in Austria answered 3 questions
    • Are you still in Dubai?

      by Ahmed_Dubai – 14 May 2014

      Yes i stay in Dubai until 31 may, just call to book: +971 56 771 4905

    • Just arrived to Dubai

      by Mistress_Jessica – 12 May 2014

      call me +971 567 714 905

    • What time tomorrow 7th may do you start to work? I would like to be your first client.

      by sub – 6 May 2014

      I will be available in Abu dhabi later afternoon, call me after4pm. I stay until 10th may then i go to Dubai.

  • 5 May 2014
    Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    I had lots of sessions in  Dubai with different mistresses in the last 5 years. Finally I found one great Mistress based in Canary islands/Spain but travelling to UAE 3x/year. Yes she is MISTRESS DOMINA JESSICA. Now I am not looking for any mistress in UAE anymore as she made all my dreams true. If you had a session with Mistress Jessica, you know the difference. If your are still looking for a Mistress, no doubt to book a session with her and make your own experience. I want to tell all slaves I was really fedup before for having sessions with other mistress's and after were dissapointed, I…

  • Mistress Jessica in Austria answered 2 questions
    • Only 2 more days...

      by Mistress_Jessica – 5 May 2014

      ...and i come to UAE.
      Get ready!

    • Only few days till i come to UAE

      by Mistress_Jessica – 2 May 2014

      7 - 10 may Abu dhabi
      11 - 31 may Dubai
      until 5th may i am available on +34 662 476 036