Tour Dates
Bahrain 6-8th September
Beirut 9- 15th September
Dubai 16-22nd September

I’m now better than ever! Having reached 40 years old I made the decision to step back from professional domination and re-think my lifestyle. I announced my retirement and it was the best thing I have ever done. I removed toxic people from my life and have embraced new projects, am wearing an engagement ring, bought a villa, indulged with toy boys and much, much more. Can I ever stop? NO!

I live and breathe this lifestyle. I adore being surrounded by strong males who offer me the gift of their submission. I am and I will always be a true Female Supremacist. Last year I allowed a bouquet of wonderful gentlemen to serve me, and in 2018 I will be even more exclusive.

I’m not interested in one hour sessions, this would be a waste of my time and my passion. This is NOT a game for me! I will only take part in longer liaisons, from 3 hours to full weekends of debauchery. You may want to take me away for the weekend or on a business trip – do contact me and let me know your plans.

I have a beautiful, very private apartment in Dubai, a fully equipped BDSM suite in London and a BDSM villa in Portugal currently being renovated which will be open (all going well) in April 2018. I also have a wonderful collection of BDSM toys and devices, but my most precious gift is my brain!

If you have never met me – I’m all woman! Let me tell you a little about me. There is something about me, a magical aura, and this is transferred to people around me. So when you give yourself to me, I will also elevate you and allow you to be who you truly are.

NO more games – if you want a quick release then there are plenty of qualified professionals, ladies that I respect who can give you that. I’m only interested in Real Experiences. If you are really looking to be owned, controlled, used and led by a genuine, charismatic, knowledgeable old-school dominatrix then I’m the one!

I cater to almost all fetishes and fantasies, so email and tell me all about you. The more I know, the better. I have created 3 types of experiences that I can offer you in 2018, but of course we can always talk, be flexible and discuss things.

3 Hours Afternoon/Evening Delight

The experience can be very sensuous, erotic or intense and cruel – or why not all? We can discuss areas of interest in advance, but I just adore rubber enclosure full of teasing, denial, probing and much much more.

Overnight 5 to 9 Hours

I want to be wined, dined and seduced by you. Yes, you heard me, even as a dominatrix I love to be seduced! You will be teased discreetly, perhaps even locked in chastity beforehand, made to perform little tasks in the toilet to arouse me and make you suffer for my pleasure.. then led into my lair for an evening of debauchery

Libertinage Weekend

To wake up next to me is such a privilege, to bathe me, massage me, to experience art, music and food with me is indeed something that most desire. I truly experience the full essence of myself and what I truly enjoy, plus my constant need to be aroused and to use you is just a delightful bonus!


Please be upfront with what you can afford and I will make my decision to accept or not. Haggling is not a turn on. So I can be able to truly relax and enjoy our experience, I need to make sure that I’m well taken care of, and that to take 3 days out of my life does not interfere with my financial situation. Being with me is stress free – you will be relaxed and have a wonderful time with me. Your privacy is assured and guaranteed.

I will take 50% of my session fee as I do not wish to have my time wasted


Please make initial contact by email only. Be very polite, and clearly state your name, age and nationality. Although I prefer to see people with references, I’m very willing to see new people who present themselves to me very well. I’m old school, I love a charming man, common people have no place in my life. I adore mature, charming, well educated and of course submissive gentlemen.

You will always find me well dressed, and I take great pride in my appearance. I’m a BBW voluptuous black goddess, I adore my curves and I will never lose them! I’m very comfortable in my own skin and I command any room with my presence – only a chosen few can do this.

If you are curious about me, let’s talk. Email me to discuss . Please only use my number on the day of the meeting, and only when absolutely necessary. It is always best to use email for first contact, then when we establish a connection we can move on to the phone.

Incalls per hour from
BHD 250 (US$ 663)
Outcalls per hour from
BHD 300 (US$ 795)
English (Fluent)
165 cm / 5′5″
Extra Large
Hair color
Al Manama

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  • my whatsapp +1 xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    by ggkhjlhj – 24 Mar 2016


  • after finesh can im fuck you

    by titotitoo97 – 3 Jan 2015

    No. Dominatrices arent escorts.

  • my mistress caramel
    im waiting 4 u I cant wait 2 be ur best slave dee tme that I can't never forget .....let me know ....when ur in Bahrain

    by smokeyg – 3 Mar 2014

    You know already know when I'm in Bahrain be a good boy and report to mistress on the agreed day. Don't forget to email a day before to confirm . MC

  • mistress caramel Im so much waiting 4 u ... u will never regret ur best foot slave I jst love been humiliated jst by u I hope u will give me da tme of my lfe that I cud never forget 4 ever nd I don't knw whts toilet training bt I really need it from u my mistress mam...

    by smokeyg – 2 Feb 2014

    All in due time. Looking forward for our session. MC

  • hi dear ... sweet caramel hw u doing
    u wont believe me im so mch waiting 4 u ... I wont 2 hv dee bst night 2 remember that I ever will not forget its my first ever mistress dear mistress plzz don't let me down im ur little bitchy boy hee .... mke me cry I hope u will wit da pain u give me im soo ready 4 it my dear misteress...... tc nd hv nce dy... send me ur nuber when u come 2 Bahrain

    by smokeyg – 18 Jan 2014

    Looking forward to teach you are lesson or two naughty boy . MC

  • hi... darling caramel im soo waiting 2 be wit u I hope u will hv a room and by da way I hope u hv strap one's be my first mistress nd let be da first 1 in Bahrain im waiting 4 u my darling mistress....

    by smokeyg – 10 Jan 2014

    Good morning . That is great. I have a full apartment not just a room and yes my strap ons with me . See you soon. Mistress Caramel

  • caramel let me knw when u come 2 Bahrain tc

    by smokeyg – 7 Jan 2014

    Hi there I will be in Bahrain on 14th to 16th March . Thank you MC

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