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My name is Zhi Li. In my language my name sounds like ‘Chee lee’ similar to ‘Chilli’ so my friends call me 'Chilli'. Chillis are hot and spicy and when you have had one in spicy food you always want more.
That is very accurate, it describes me well. I am hot and spicy and when you have had me once you will always want more.

I am a nurse. In my Asian culture, it is important for girls to be happy and to make other people happy. I always wanted a job that made people happy, so I became a nurse. When I was trained as a nurse, I learned all about the human body and how to touch people. Now I use the same skills in another way. I make people very, very happy.

I am from a mixed Malaysian family with Chinese and Korean ancestors. Maybe I get my mysteriously pretty eyes and big tits from my Chinese lineage and my shapely, sexy, legs and soft sensual touch from my Korean background.
I was born in Kuala Lumpur and was a schoolgirl there until I went to the Medical School of the Asian Metropolitan University (AMU) in Ceras to study nursing.

I've always been very sensual and physical. When I was a 16 / 17 year-old schoolgirl, I used to touch myself and get excited, I cold make myself cum easily. When the boys tried to touch me and lift my skirt it was thrilling and I always like sex. But when I arrived at medical school everything changed, and there were so many handsome, educated, sexy and horny doctors. Oooooh I had a wonderful time.

Nurses don't have good salaries in Malaysia, we don't make much money. It's a very good and interesting job, but not good money.

When I was working in Malaysia, I had a nurse friend who used to go to Thailand, sometimes Hong Kong, to meet wealthy foreigners when she wasn't on duty at the hospital. I knew she was a prostitute, but she seemed happy and always had lots of money.

So, I decided to try it, too. I asked my friend to take me on a trip to Hong Kong, which was very successful. We had a good time, I had some good cum and I made a lot of money. I did it for a year whenever I had 3 or 4 days not working, I liked it very much. Lots of good sex, fun and good money.

So I decided to change my career and I came Bahrain for the same reason, lots of sex, fun and good money. Now I'm in Bahrain, I have a part-time nursing job at the clinic and the rest of the time... I do my 'other work' to make people happy.

You won't find me in the usual bars and nightclubs where other girls go. Those places don't suit my personality, I don't feel like I fit in there.

If you're lucky, you'll sometimes find me at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in 'Trader Vics' or the 'Cigar Bar'.
I also find a lot of guys in shopping malls and sophisticated coffee shops. But the best way to contact me is to call me, send a WhatsApp message, or email me, the details are here on my profile. Tell me when and where you want to meet, what you want me to wear and whether you have any erotic dreams you want me to make come true.

We can meet anywhere you like so long as it is a safe place.

If you have ever been to a private medical clinic in Bahrain you might already have met me, and you don’t know it.
Was there a pretty Asian nurse there? It might have been me. You don’t know.

Did you see an Asian nurse at the clinic and think “Oh, I want to fuck her”? Well, if I was the nurse, maybe you can fuck me. Do you want me to wear my uniform when we meet? There are some pictures here on this profile of me in my uniform, at work, showing my legs. It was naughty but fun.

We can meet at your home, your hotel, a nice restaurant, a café, a shopping mall or perhaps even my apartment if we are careful. Or, if you want to be adventurous I could come to your office and we can have quick and naughty sex there, on your desk.

But, our meeting place must be safe. Nobody from my clinic work must know that I am also an enthusiastic and horny prostitute…….. sometimes.

As a nurse there are expectations of me. I am expected to behave in a conservative and professional way. Please do not make problems for me.

And, I have my own car and Bahraini driver's license so I can drive anywhere. Wherever you want to meet, don't worry about picking me up or arranging a taxi, I can arrive in my own car. No Problem.

Obviously I like sex and money. I like sex very much, I like money and beautiful gifts. For these two reasons, I am a happy part-time prostitute.

I like to put these two things together. Getting paid to have sex is "naughty" and exciting. I like this way of life.
I like delicious, good wine and men who are gentlemen.

I like orgasms, I love to cum. And I like to feel men cum (and sometimes girls too). I like the feeling of a hard cock twitching and beating, I like to see cum spurt out and I like to eat and suck cocks, and the feeling of a guy cumming in my mouth makes me very excited.

My favourite way to cum is when a man licks and sucks my clit and moves his finger in my pussy at the same time. It's wonderful, and I hope you'll do it for me.

But, most importantly, I like to be with good people who want to be happy and don't create problems.

Incalls per hour from
BHD 80 (US$ 212)
Outcalls per hour from
BHD 70 (US$ 185)
170 cm / 5′7″
Hair color
Al Manama

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  • Do you offer a threesome for a double penetration? , one guy from your side and me

    by Cobra86 – 3 May 2021

    Hi Cobra, Yes we can do this, 100% certainly. Great ida.

    When and where?

    Please, please call me, WhatsApp to me or send an E-mail to make an arrangement.


  • Hi.. do you provide soft domination and golden shower?

    by paco344 – 3 Apr 2021

    Oh yes I do, often. Is that what interests you? Get in touch and lets arrange something.

  • Anal ok with u? And is it possible to cum inside??

    by Cobra86 – 26 Mar 2021

    Ho, ho, you sound excited. I think you had better call me on WhatsApp to talk about this question.

  • You number not working??

    by Mohd86 – 25 Mar 2021


    Yes it is, my number is working OK and people are calling me.

    When I am at work in my real job at the hotel we are not allowed to have mobile phones switched on, and so mine is switched off.

    So if you call when I am on duty there will be no answer but please do try again later. And, if you send me a message or E-mail I will see it as soon as I switch on again.

    To be sure you have the right number, it is; +973 3805 8106 and my E-mail address is ' .

    Kisses from Jenny.

  • Hi
    Are you still in Bahrain?

    by Mohd86 – 24 Mar 2021


    Yes I am still in Bahrain. Where are you?

    And what do you have in mind? Something exciting?


    Zhi Li

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