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Hello Gentlemen!

We are married couple Margo & Lado from Georgia (Tbilisi) visiting Baku, and as you can see from our pictures , we are handsome young, hot & open minded couple, like a volcano that explodes in the intimacy.
According to your desires and your desires, we can be your full of love and tenderness, but also a passionate lover familiar things that will give you maximum pleasure. There is no program preset with us,every encounter is unique, but you'll be always filled,we can assure you. And as you can see, our body is really carved to satisfy you. we are always fresh and available.
We can receive you in our nice apartment for Kings and Queen in Nasimi area Islam Seferli street,in safety place at least two intense hours.
We also own a large collection of lingerie that will be perfectly highlighted on our appalling curves.
Now you know a little more about us but I ensures that there is still much to discover, so do not delay to come meet us in our nice apartment ?: Snapchat: margo69margo69 ?

Incalls per hour from
English (Good)
Russian (Good)
170 cm / 5′7″
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    I had never ever such experience in my life. I was kind of nervous because it was my first time to have a sex in front of her husband. Both are super sexy. The music and disco lights were amazing. Specially the girl ohh waoo so beautiful clean and curvy. I wish the time could stop. I love you girl. I will visit them soon.
    Hey take care of this beautiful queen.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    There should a 10 Star ratings also in massage republic. Couldn’t get satisfied giving only 5 stars. The best in town and every time it is heavenly experience. My third visit and many more to go....... 10 ⭐ and nothing less than that....... Erotic experience to the core! Will be visiting again and again and again.....

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    Honestly there is no words to describe this Coupes. I met them two days ago and for me its still feels like a heavenly dearm that I’m so regret to woke up of it. Super Erotic , super sexy ,polite and humble but when the times come they will turns to a super naughty. The way they talk and the way they walk,
    the way they dance will make anyone go mad. Margo is a friendly guy and make you comfortable

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Lovely Romantic Date.....! Wow Margo and Lado. 5 Star ratings for beyond the imagination experience. The room was so well decorated and the lightings will light up the mood. Superb environment for a sexy encounter. Will be back soon.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Met these lovely couples again for 2 hot hour session. This time with new games and new scenes. Margo and Lado are as usual so damn hot. Unique and different experience. Had the best moment again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I contacted Lado and Margo a few days back, was really hesitant at first glance, eventually took the courage and made an appointment. They were very helpful in regards to the location and I pretty quickly felt at ease as stays stays in a Decent location.
    As lado opened the door both were dressed up in a very classy and sexy way. I was a bit shocked by Margo’s beauty, she is stunning and just a perfect woman in every sense. We laughed, had some drinks, joked and went down to pleasure.
    It's been a while since I felt this wiped out by a girl, she pleases in every aspect and let me tell you she can be wild in bed in all the feminitic ways. The moans and the eye contact were magical. Wow what an experience. As it’s being My first time with a couple and Lado made me feel relaxed from the time I entered.Margo is a super sexy lady and I still taste her pussy in my tongue. The setup is really nice and they both enjoy what they do. No drama, no time watching business, a perfect endeavour with both of them. Certainly I’ll repeat for longer time as they have magical offerings..luv you guys, your Indian Canadian friend

    Hello dear friend, we was happy to see your review and read such a nice words saying about us,its nice to know that you really had good time with us and enjoyed,you are very gentle and positive man with good energy, we will wait our next meeting, hope soon. thanks and wish you all the best ...

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Guys I have to put this review, after one month of apprehension I finally today decided to meet this couple, I had a lots of doubts till I reached their door step and I seen lado, entered I seen the most gorgeous hot I have no words to describe the lady, I was at ease yeah the lights and music put me at ease guys these are the best people I mean so sweet down to earth and the biggest not a clock watcher they did not ever say it’s time up but keeping their hospitality and warmth as a gentleman I said good bye to them. Their truth and date game was awesome, they offered me drinks chocolates, generous people , but Lado I wanna admit one thing ur lady is hottttttt , I m in love with her. Guys I assure you go and see them ull not feel the pinch of your money but one important thing be positive when you approach them and be warm towArds them they will place you in heaven thanks a lot Margo and lado love you’ll guys.

    Hey, thank you amigo,you was also amazing,real macho 😉 hope to see you soon again 😄

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Guys this is the first time ever in my life I’ve been so much satisfied. I just can’t describe how sexy and beautiful Margo looks like. We had a truth and dare game and it was really awesome. They love what they are doing and they love each other. It’s never about the time... they are not the people who looks at the clock. You will have an amazing time and a different experience. All the people out there... I can’t see a person who is dumb than you if you don’t try Margo Lado. Thank you so much guys I’ll definitely come again soon

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had a lovely evening with Margo & Lado. Texted thru whatsapp and got connected easily. It was not diffucult to locate their place. Started with a relaxed shower and slowly the game of love started with live music and mood lighting brightening the room! Awesome will be an understatement..... Guys, rock on...... Don’t miss them! Absolute unique experience. Never had such a relaxed sexual feel..... They make you relax and then start the game! An amazing experience...... what makes them unique is how they handle you in a friendly way thereby making you feel comfortable before getting into the action. I would rate them the best in Dubai and give the highest level of satisfaction. I recalled the whole experience for hours even after Leaving their place......👍. An experience to remember forever!

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    Met these unique and lovely couple last evening and the experience was awesome. The music, the lightings and the room arrangements really heightened the mood. If you are looking for a unique experience, it’s a must visit. Will visit again soon. Thanks.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had an opportunity to meet these lovely couples. What a lovely atmosphere. The ambience was too romantic and the background music was completing the mood. Very friendly couples. Amazing experience. Must visit for a unique experience.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Visted them for 2hour season , it was really very nice time to spend with them, we play nice sexual game and after we start amazing season, they are really hot and proffationals, i had one of the best 2hours and for sure will meet them agane. highly recomended. Thanks Lado & Margo.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    This is my second time to meet them.
    I had the best experience of my life. They both make you very comfortable in a friendly environment.
    They will made sure that I was completely satisfied.even when I left the apartment I still wanted to go back. Will definitely keep on meeting in regular bases.

    Thanks Man, its really interesting to spend time with you, unbelievable energetic you are 😄

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    They both are lovely and erotic they gave immense plesure that i had in my life time

    Thank you,you was also amazing and now days its hard to meet such a brave and smart man like you.thanks

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Very nice cpl I spent time with I enjoy fucking his wife while he is sucking my dick.

    Yes it was really nice and hope we will repeat it soon.Thanks

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    a nice and professional couple I had phenomenal time with them I recommend it.

    thanks, our most handsome,tall and sexy friend


  • Hi guys. When are you back in Dubai again?

    by crazy4massage – 12 Feb 2020

    hello, not soon

  • Still in dubai? If yes you have incall?

    by Marki_1 – 9 Jan 2020

    no we left Dubai

  • Hello beautifuls, wondering if you are still in Dubai??

    by Zuria – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, we left Dubai

  • r u available ?

    by Jonny69boy – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, Depends where

  • Hi
    is double penetration allowed ?

    by henri_72 – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, no we do not offer this service

  • Hi there,
    Are you guys in Dubai these days ?

    by Dxb2020 – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, we left Dubai

  • Can i lick her with whip cream or Nutella choc ? Can i ?

    by British_paki_Couple_escort – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, yes sure

  • Dear:

    I try to contact with you these few days , but the WhatsApp No, xxxxxxxxxxxx can not work, I also try xxxxxxxxxxxx, also face the same problem, so can you tell me how I can contact with you? Thank you and look forward the reply.

    by askjsjj39 – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, we left Dubai and now we use this number +995557255551

  • Hey are you still in Dubai ?

    by Keven180 – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, we left Dubai

  • is the number in your advert correct??? or do you prefer another way to contact?

    by jimmiehat – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, our number is +995557255551 WhatsApp or call

  • Are u available in country
    Am trying to contact

    by Don007 – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, we left Dubai

  • Hi, are you still in Dubai? And do you provide couple domination session please

    by slavemoe – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, no we left already

  • Hi guys this might be my first time trying MFM. What area are u guys in and till when?

    by crazy4massage – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello, we left Dubai

  • Hello, do you provide domination session please. Either the lady dominate both of us or the couple dominate me as their slave?

    by slavemoe – 6 Jan 2020

    hello, yes sure we do 😄

  • Hello, My name is Ralph Lopez and I live in Chicago Illinois. and I'd like to know if you tour Chicago at all. If so, could you please let me know when you might be visiting? I would love so much to meet you. Muahhhhh

    by Ciello – 6 Jan 2020

    Hello Ralph,you can contact us on this number +995557255551 by WhatsApp or by call thanks.

  • threesome sounds good, what about foursome you have extra lady?

    by henri_72 – 24 Apr 2019


  • Hi There! Can I fuck the wife while the husband watches? And if so is she OK with seeing Black men?

    by kevint – 24 Apr 2019

    you can add us in whatsapp +971561561277

  • I wanna meet u but Sorry to ask Are u a transgender ?

    by mysterious_1 – 24 Apr 2019

    hello,you are most welcome , no i am not

  • can we have cuckold scenario, where I'm alone with the lady and husband is in next room listening to us ?

    by henri_72 – 24 Apr 2019

    Dear you have problem with 3some?

  • Can your husbans fuck while im watching you?

    by Bandar_1 – 16 Apr 2019


  • Hello couples.
    Can your husband fuck you while i'm watching for 1 hour session?

    by Bandar_1 – 16 Apr 2019

    Hello,yes sure

  • Hello, do you both enjoy intimacy with both males and females for a couples visit? Looking for possible visit in mid March, would you be in Dubai?

    by Firefighter197884 – 23 Feb 2019

    hello,yes we will be in Dubai, add us in whatsapp we can discuss about detaeles. thanks

  • hello i try contact you by whatsapp and it says you not joined whatsapp can you tell me what is your whatsapp mumber please

    by twana – 19 Feb 2019

    hello, our whatsapp number +971561561277 , for call +971566101487

  • You guys got whatsapp?

    by HelloWorldd – 27 Jan 2019

    Sure +971 56 1561277 (whatsapp)

  • HI there. How much do u charge to meet a couple and where is ur place?

    by Devils_Advocate – 27 Jan 2019

    you can get all information by whatsapp. thanks

  • your wife will join us and see this ?

    by Khaledamira2019 – 27 Jan 2019

    Sure she will

  • Are guys available in dubai at 29th of this month?

    by HelloWorldd – 13 Jan 2019

    Hello,yes we will be in Dubai

  • I understand from previous questions that you’re doing special service, but what if I request the normal one.. I want to meet with her only!

    by johnnytinum – 6 Dec 2018

    Hello, She don't want alone with you 😞

  • Do you Do Out calls? How much for a out call?

    by Mr_Stewood – 5 Dec 2018

    Hello, yes we do outcall no less than 2 hours AED 4k thanks.

  • Can you dress up as the way you dresses up completely in black hijabi? Will he fuck you while you suck my cock ?

    by dheerajchandrat – 3 Dec 2018

    hello, yes sure

  • Hey ... when you can bring your wife to me ?

    by greatmoments4 – 21 Nov 2018

    Hey, ... when you can show your self and will not hide your self that time 😄

  • Does husband watch only? First time with escort and maybe with man...very nervous.

    by DennisK – 13 Nov 2018

    Hello, husband can watch,play or join, depends what wife will order to him and how she likes enjoy with her bull man and husband,no need to worry and nervous,we do everything for that to enjoy and let you spend with us unforgettable time. thanks

  • do u accept sex without condom?

    by alberei – 13 Nov 2018

    Hello, we present our unique service only safety with condom.Thanks

  • can i meet the girl only ??

    by henri_72 – 13 Nov 2018

    Hello,we are husband and wife and we meet only together for enjoy our unique service and give you too much pleasure.thanks

  • Do u swallow cum? The girl I mean

    by Joeblack – 6 Nov 2018

    OMG do i look so hungry?

  • hey can u receive golden shower??

    by johnsisk – 3 Nov 2018

    We are not ambitious,the usual water shower is enough for us 😄

  • Can u pl give your whatsapp no

    by manishdhakan – 3 Nov 2018

    hello, +971561561277 our whatsapp no.Thanks

  • Does he accept to suck cock and anal sex?

    by luffemadsen – 26 Oct 2018

    hello,sometimes depends on sizes

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