Hi dears, welcome to my profile
I’m Disha💅
And I'm from South
👉Before texting me pls give here sometime to read my page after you can save ur and my time as well ,i have my own do's and dont's that we can discuss through chat if u are interested u can ping me on my WhatsApp for more details.

👉I’m 5’4 height ,52 weight, My vitals 32, 28, 34.

👉A big request to Time passers Please stay away. I’m a working girl ,do respect my time as well as urs .i can ping back to yours msgs only if I'm free .

👉And pls stop asking my more pictures, those pics that I’m putting here is recent and verified

👉Pls remind one thing those who are interested to meet me u must share your recent pic , and I meet only if both people will get comfortable. Video call verification is must ,Before fixing meeting

👉I do both incall and outcall , I have room 1bhk safe and secure but incall will be only available on day time from 12 pm to 6pm.( No incalls if my friends are there in my place on that time only outcall )

👉If there is no reply to ur msgs frm my side that's means I am not available that moment .U can wait for my reply otherwise u can move to someothers, choice is purely urs 😄

👉My rate and services depend on hours
And it’s starts from 6k to 21k ( FIXED PRICE NO NEED NEGOTIATIONS)
If u looking for outcall cab charge will be added extra
Outcall will be only max 15k radium frm my place

👉Do’s and don’t will share through WhatsApp only

👉 Iam happy to clear everything regarding services and cash through chat ,I'm not interested to discuss regarding these at the time of meeting , (Not Interested In Sex Chat ,feels like that will block the number)

✍️I’m purely doing this as INDEPENDENT
✍️ONLY real meet
✍️NO middle man
✍️NO advance
✍️ONLY Direct Cash no online payments
✍️NO. cam /video session
✍️NO phone calls accepted untill the meeting got fixed.

👉One last thing, If I feel that you are not genuine or just texting for time pass, or if I say no im not interested, pls move back urself, pls don't keep on texting or calling and irritating like anything, you will be blocked, Try to respect a women.

🤳Now it’s ur turn , hope u read those above hope will meet soon . Have a good time 😊

Incalls per hour from
₹6,000 (US$ 72)
Outcalls per hour from
₹7,000 (US$ 84)
English (Good)
163 cm / 5′4″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Hey Disha , was trying to put a review for you , this is my 4th attempt, Don’t know whether it will get post . I had a great time with her . Met her last week mid day . Decent approach, very hygienic, looking good , for me she is worth . I enjoyed my time . Keep smiling always disha . Hope will see you soon.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    When I discussed with her via WhatsApp I thought she is very tough person just made an attempt but she is exactly opposite and very friendly at the time of meeting , made me comfortable in her place , she gave me what she promised, had a great time ,
    One of the best thing is she is genuine, thanks Disha.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Had a great time with Disha 5th of October. She is honest and open about her expectations, no false promises. She is lovable as person, and makes you feel at ease if you want to have a normal live making experience. She is not here to fulfill fetishes one might have but if you want a few hours of companionship and physical intimacy, she is highly recommended. Would meet soon again Disha, please take care and stay happy always!

  • Rating: 2 / 5by

    Yeah completely agree with some of the comment above. Very mechanical in nature, she says she doesn't enjoy the sex and hence mechanical. Doesn't like foreplay but just sex. Doesn't allow to bring the protection but insists to use the one she has outside the opened box, kind of scary. In terms of her figure, the photos here are with makeup and lighting and she is on a bit of darker side, average boobs and the act is not something you would enjoy unless you are mechanical too, visit her with caution. On the positive side, yes she hosts in a decent apartment.

    Before that I want to ask u one thing , have u met me ??? First meet me ,then put a genuine review.
    Not interested to spoil my time by arguing these kind of fake things . I have only met one new guy recently,and he is very happy , i will clear all the things in chats before meeting , abt services also . And ONE MORE THING before replying for this I have checked with him that I met recently whether he put any review for me , and he said NO he dont have account at all , Have a wonderful day 😌

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    This lady is genuine. I have visited her apartment some time ago. she is not a time watcher and very very clean. you have send your photo for confirmation first.

    Thankyou 😌

  • Rating: 2 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Time pass profile …. Won’t allow lip kiss and no GFE but has to be comfortable with you … once you share you pic won’t be comfortable… don’t know whom she expecting May be a prince… first let her go to a dental doctor… boobs are flatron

    See dr, Iam not forcing anyone to meet me ,
    In my profile i have clearly mentioned that I have my own dos and donts ,and I'm clearing things through WhatsApp,if u are not ok with what I'm providing u can move on to next !!
    I'm a normal human being ,i have my own likes and dislikes , so if I'm not comfortable frm my side ofcourse i will reject frm my side , And i can understand ur situation because of why u put this review might i rejected u frm my side . And Yes I'm not providing lip kiss and and I'm not into GFE , But want to add one thing iam not interested to give false promises like I'm doing this all and after ,while meeting if I'm telling something different what you feel???? So I'm trying to avoid that situation, bt those are guys who are ok with that and i met good and decent guys and they are meeting me again 😊, And it's my personal things to decide what should I provide or not to provide because Body is Mine ,🙂 Have a good day

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Hi, Met this beautiful girl today. Hosts at a safe and clean place. I like the way she set the expectations before she proceeds. Gives a good company and gets into action only once you are comfortable. Would definetly meet her again

    Happy to host u again, 🤗

  • Hi! Disha I wish to meet you.

    May I know are you available for full night (Outcall meet in Hotel)?
    How much you charge for full night?

    by Lional_Sam – 4 Dec 2023

    Full night charge 21k ,Yes only outcall for full night bt depends on area and hotel .Pls do ping me on whatsapp for details

  • can we do bareback?

    by captainobvioushuman – 30 Nov 2023

    Not interested

  • Hi Disha , please respond on my WhatsApp when you are available.

    by mysterymann789 – 28 Nov 2023

    Yeah sure. Just check it now

  • Hey! Disha are you available for Full Night meets?

    by Lional_Sam – 10 Nov 2023

    Ys , ping me on WhatsApp

  • Hello disha are u free from stds like hpv etc . Also are what are services for 6k

    by Xyzuser – 7 Nov 2023

    Ys I'm ,
    We can discuss through WhatsApp

  • are you available next week?

    by nitk32 – 4 Nov 2023

    Yes I'm

  • Hi dear. Where area do you stay in Bangalore? and do you have a place to Host for incalls?

    by vinaypatil185 – 2 Nov 2023

    Ys I have , u can ping me on WhatsApp if u looking for details and meet

  • How to contact with you through telegram?

    by Sirish – 31 Oct 2023

    I'm only using WhatsApp

  • Hey! Iam trying out to your number, called you ,why not responding ? All good ? Hope you saved my number .we have met once,planning to meet , if available reply back to my number .

    by mysterymann789 – 28 Oct 2023

    Hi , yeah all good , was not active last week , I'm available, will ping u back , 😊

  • First Shall we meet for a coffe?

    by mysterymann789 – 18 Oct 2023

    Don't mind , not comfortable 🙂

  • Hi Disha I really like ur profile do u have in call?

    by blakelyyy69 – 12 Oct 2023

    Ys I have , pls do ping me on WhatsApp for details

  • Hi Disha are u available this weekend?

    by gopakumargopi789 – 6 Oct 2023

    Ys , I'm

  • Hi Disha , I’m in bglr now I have texted you , respond back when you free

    by hunterbee789 – 2 Oct 2023

    Yeah sure .

  • Why are u asking for pictures if u are seeing face in video call ?

    by Kalingi – 27 Sep 2023

    I need to see the pic first ,after seeing seeing if I'm feeling comfortable only i will go for video a quick video call.

  • are you still in Bangalore next week?

    by nitk32 – 25 Sep 2023


  • Hi Disha are u available tomorrow

    by hunterbee789 – 21 Sep 2023

    Yeah, ping me on WhatsApp

  • Are you available today?

    by amit9042 – 14 Sep 2023

    Yeah ,ping me on WhatsApp

  • What do you usually do in the video call confirmation?
    And how long does the video call go?
    Do you show you face in the video call?
    Can I wear a face mask in the video call?

    by nitk32 – 18 Aug 2023

    After seeing that opposite persons pic , if I'm comfortable frm my end , I will do quick video call ,just for few secs just to see face each other , without mask , if u want to know more ,ping me on WhatsApp

  • Hi Disha is possible to discuss through call?

    by gopakumargopi789 – 8 Aug 2023

    Hi, we can discuss through WhatsApp chat , i wont attend calls untill the meeting got fixed

  • You are gorgeous, are you available sometime this week. I have hotel booked in Bellandur

    by rakshitc – 27 Jul 2023

    Pls do ping me on WhatsApp

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