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Hi dears, welcome to my profile
I’m Disha💅
And I'm from South
👉Before texting me pls give here sometime to read my page after you can save ur and my time as well ,i have my own do's and dont's that we can discuss through chat if u are interested u can ping me on my WhatsApp for more details.

👉I’m 5’4 height ,52 weight, My vitals 32, 28, 34.

👉A big request to Time passers Please stay away. I’m a working girl ,do respect my time as well as urs .i can ping back to yours msgs only if I'm free .

👉And pls stop asking my more pictures, those pics that I’m putting here is recent and verified

👉Pls remind one thing those who are interested to meet me u must share your recent pic , and I meet only if both people will get comfortable. Video call verification is must ,Before fixing meeting

👉I do both incall and outcall , I have room 1bhk safe and secure but incall will be only available on day time from 12 pm to 6pm.( No incalls if my friends are there in my place on that time only outcall )

👉If there is no reply to ur msgs frm my side that's means I am not available that moment .U can wait for my reply otherwise u can move to someothers, choice is purely urs 😄

👉My rate and services depend on hours
And it’s starts from 6k to 21k ( FIXED PRICE NO NEED NEGOTIATIONS)
If u looking for outcall cab charge will be added extra
Outcall will be only max 15k radium frm my place

👉Do’s and don’t will share through WhatsApp only

👉 Iam happy to clear everything regarding services and cash through chat ,I'm not interested to discuss regarding these at the time of meeting , (Not Interested In Sex Chat ,feels like that will block the number)

✍️I’m purely doing this as INDEPENDENT
✍️ONLY real meet
✍️NO middle man
✍️NO advance
✍️ONLY Direct Cash no online payments
✍️NO. cam /video session
✍️NO phone calls accepted untill the meeting got fixed.

👉One last thing, If I feel that you are not genuine or just texting for time pass, or if I say no im not interested, pls move back urself, pls don't keep on texting or calling and irritating like anything, you will be blocked, Try to respect a women.

🤳Now it’s ur turn , hope u read those above hope will meet soon . Have a good time 😊

Incalls per hour from
₹6,000 (US$ 72)
Outcalls per hour from
₹7,000 (US$ 84)
English (Good)
163 cm / 5′4″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    , I met you last month we were together for two days hope you remember me 😊 ,I must tell this it was one of my unforgettable days with you in my life ,Thankyou so much for being with me for those days and you made me feel happy 🥰 and relaxed
    I saw one review to you i was getting irritated after reading that . that's why I thought to give you review in this way ,,,
    Guys she is perfect and very genuine girl in this MR . I contacted some many all are agents ,some of them asking advance Iam not believeing in that .I send my picture and she done Video call confirmation also . She is same as in this pictures, She will discuss everything thing through chat , that make us clear what she is allowing and not allowing. while chatting you might feel that she is rude ,but trust me while meeting she make us comfortable very much as much as she can. She is a natural beauty she won't use too much of cosmetics that I loved on her . When we met For an hr she was little tensed then while she got comfortable we me oh woww she was very cool she is very friendly, She got very cute hot body that I loved it most 🥰 she got a very good smile and sexy eyes ,She give u a homely feel and she talks too much like how we talk with our friends 😌 and in bed she is very cooperative and i love that way she deal me in bed because we both became very close 😍 Loved her smell ,she is very clean and hygiene, I went for my vacation in bglr i was there only for a week . I love to meet her again that much loved her presence.
    And Disha smile always and be happy ,My prayers are with you , Hope I will Be there On March will meet for sure , Have a good days

    Hey haii, hope u are fine . yeah it was very nic to be with u ,and thanks for this genuine review ,sure will meet you can ping me on the same number.take care☺️

  • Rating: 2 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Time pass profile …. Won’t allow lip kiss and no GFE but has to be comfortable with you … once you share you pic won’t be comfortable… don’t know whom she expecting May be a prince… first let her go to a dental doctor… boobs are flatron

    See dr, Iam not forcing anyone to meet me ,
    In my profile i have clearly mentioned that I have my own dos and donts ,and I'm clearing things through WhatsApp,if u are not ok with what I'm providing u can move on to next !!
    I'm a normal human being ,i have my own likes and dislikes , so if I'm not comfortable frm my side ofcourse i will reject frm my side , And i can understand ur situation because of why u put this review might i rejected u frm my side . And Yes I'm not providing lip kiss and and I'm not into GFE , But want to add one thing iam not interested to give false promises like I'm doing this all and after ,while meeting if I'm telling something different what you feel???? So I'm trying to avoid that situation, bt those are guys who are ok with that and i met good and decent guys and they are meeting me again 😊, And it's my personal things to decide what should I provide or not to provide because Body is Mine ,🙂 Have a good day

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Hi, Met this beautiful girl today. Hosts at a safe and clean place. I like the way she set the expectations before she proceeds. Gives a good company and gets into action only once you are comfortable. Would definetly meet her again

    Happy to host u again, 🤗

  • Do you allow DFK?

    by Maddy0602 – 1 Jun 2023

    Ping me on WhatsApp

  • Hi Disha are u available ?

    by hunterbee789 – 27 May 2023

    Ys,ping me on WhatsApp

  • Which locality in Bangalore do you host? Shall ping on WhatsApp if it's feasible for me.

    by beebom – 25 May 2023

    We can discuss via WhatsApp

  • which area do you host in bangalore?

    by AZS2023 – 18 May 2023

    U already asked this to me before , and i had give u the reply also , repeating once again ping me on WhatsApp

  • Do you do DFK and bbbj?

    by Umer_23 – 15 May 2023

    Ping me on WhatsApp

  • Hey I texted you in what's app n called you twice as well...
    I dint get any response.
    I'm ready to offer your price n terms n conditions
    Don't no why your not replying

    by Blackwhite – 12 May 2023

    Since I'm getting msgs frm different numbers,i dont know which one is urs , if I got it ofcourse will reply when I get my free time ,if I'm not getting means may be i have blocked ur number for some reasons ,if you are in Block list I'm not interested,if not will discuss,let me know your number

  • When u will be free to meet ?

    by gopakumargopi789 – 9 May 2023

    Ping me on WhatsApp

  • Hi, Disha . Are you available on this weekend? Possible to discuss through email ?

    by gopakumargopi789 – 17 Apr 2023

    Hi, possible to ping me on WhatsApp,I'm not available in email

  • R u interested to travel with me

    by rrajesh721990 – 15 Apr 2023

    Where?? When ?? For how many days ??
    Ping me on WhatsApp will discuss

  • Hi, Iam trying you for last 2 days in WhatsApp but no response from your side are u available or not ?

    by ownstory95_1 – 13 Apr 2023

    I was in native ,just came back to bglr a day before,I'm available.

  • Hi Disha, Hope you are good. And I hope you remember me? I met you last month and iam in bangalore now. I was trying you through WhatsApp but not getting in contact. Possible to text me back? Planning to meet you.

    by secretsouls234 – 20 Mar 2023

    Hey hai , yeah how can I forget u .i was busy with some emergencies, now all fine ,i will ping u back .

  • Her current pics are not genuine before pics were different Nd seems real but this pics are absolutely fake and not genuine one ....

    by dannyjain1983 – 2 Mar 2023

    This is very funny actually, should I smile or cry ,,i don't know , Without meeting me how u can put like these type of comments . And it's very difficult to prove this untill u meet me .pls keep in ur mind that ,we are humans and changes will happen to our body, im putting my most recent pics here,those pics that I put before are old once that took 4 months back, and those pics are not full ,only frm half of my face till my knee, and i have changes so took new pics and updated, because everyone is asking for full pics .These pics are verified by MR . And one more things if these are not my pics then why should I cover my face ??? I'm not telling u to meet me, just thought to give a reply to u and those guys who are thinking the same , and the guys who met me if they came to read this ofcourse they will start smiling, ☺️,have a good day

  • Which area u host in all and what type of services u provide?

    by ownstory95_1 – 28 Feb 2023

    For details better ping me on WhatsApp,will discuss have a good day

  • Hi Disha,

    I've been trying to reach out to you on WhatsApp but you seem to have blocked me. Can you please unlock? This is my number- xxxxxxxxxx

    by Venkattata – 23 Feb 2023

    If ur number is blocked that's means I'm not comfortable or not interested to meet frm my side ,so no need to waste ur time ,have a good day 🙂

  • How much u charge for 2hr meet? U host incall? And u available this week?

    by jimitalyy1991 – 20 Feb 2023

    Better ping me on WhatsApp

  • Hi disha,I have plan to meet u soon. What is the best way to get connect with you?

    by Mac007_1 – 8 Feb 2023

    Hi, will be more active in WhatsApp only ,so pls do ping me for details,

  • Iam coming to Bangalore for my vacation . I will be there for a month, looking forward to meet you , because your add give me a good and genuine impression, planning for next week ?

    by hunterbee789 – 2 Feb 2023

    Yeah, pls do ping me on WhatsApp

  • Hi Disha - In continuation to my previous question, I have a girl partner for an FFM session with you. As she is bisexual, will you be comfortable having lesbian stuff also with her while 3 of us having fun together??


    by Hotice84 – 25 Jan 2023

    Yeah sure, pls do ping me on WhatsApp, we cab discuss, then if all OK we can proceed. Have a good day

  • hi, Disha. Do you give rimjob?

    by Ashu_97 – 12 Jan 2023


  • Hello Disha, I would like to have an FFM session with you. Do have a girl partner or you prefer me to bring the girl partner along?

    by Hotice84 – 3 Jan 2023

    U should bring a girl partner, because I'm independent,

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