Hello guy, I'm Alita independent in Bangkok sukhumvit area. 🦋ONLY English conversion.

💃🏽💋 Outcalls your place rate. 💦
1 hr 4000 (1 shot )
2 hrs 5000 (2 shots)
3 hrs 6000 (2 shots)
Overnights 10,000 ( unlimited shots)
24 hrs 15,000 ( unlimited shots)
👉🏼 couple 👫 Husband and Wife or Gf 2 hrs 7000

** Blood test every monday.
** I have vaccinated Modena 3 doses already.

💃🏽 🌺 REAL person on pictures. Photos was verified.
** IF you are not sure please skip my profile.
🌺 Please don't just say Hello, Hey, how are you ? And when I reply you dead after 1 minute. Then it's better not waste my time chatting. This is an Escort, please be specific what you are looking for. It's not a greeting for 1 minute and then dead.

About me.
I like to exercise, travel, learn new things. I can be either short time or long time GFE if you can afford it timing is not a problem. I no had kid or never marry, so no worry about spending overnight or long stay. I want to treat you likea girlfriend experience, massage and make you relax like a real girlfriend that spending time with you. Are you ready to spend time with me? If you are confident and ready to meet, please do not wait. I'm working no rush about the time so don't worry about I will cheating your time. I'm honest enough.

🌼welcome for lesbianism but i not do for bar or hooker girl. Because they've never had a blood test. Only fuck but I do weekly blood and covid tests. Because i have a real office job working. So make sure lesbian that you want I having fun with should be your girlfriend or wife.

👉🏼 PLEASE CALL ME NOW or add me on WhatsApp 🌺
📌 “ I will be there in 30-40 mins if you in Bkk area”

** No sex cam
** No Video calls. Will block when someone break my roles.
** Sex only with condom.
** No Anal.
** No rimming.
🙏🏽🙏🏽My photos has already been verified before the website approves.Thanks for your visiting !!

Outcalls per hour from
฿4,000 (US$ 111)
English (Fluent)
165 cm / 5′5″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had the pleasure to meet Alita the day before I was about to leave Bangkok. I was immediately floored by her beauty. Her personality made the experience all the better. She is kind, warm, beautiful, kind, sexy, funny. She is very skillful and made my body shake , which I've never had happen. She made me so comfortable that I literally laughed out loud from her bubbly personality. She made me feel like a teenager again with a first love. If I would have seen her the first day, I would have booked her for every day. Out of 5 hearts, she's easily 50. She made my last couple of days very memorable 💖

    Thank you very much for the great time together.💋

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    She is worth every penny. Very social, clean and fun loving.This lady is amazing and great at what she does and as a newby to this,
    I was very well taken care of and guided.
    I will definitely be a repeat visitor to this beautiful Lady.Very nice ass with a body to match.

    Thank you so much darling for a great time together, wish you a safe trip and sincerely hope to see you again soon ☺

  • Rating: 2 / 5by (1 other review)

    I hate to leave a negative review, but too many things went wrong with Alita to turn a blind eye and not inform future customers of these issues.

    First, the positive. I contacted her for a 2 hour session and she was very responsive. Said she was available that night and could be at my condo in 40 minutes. She was there in less than an hour. She was also sweet to talk with.

    Unfortunately there were several negative aspects of our encounter. First, the person who showed up was definitely not the person in the photos. She was attractive but not the same person. After we showered separately, she asked me to turn off all the lights except one, which does not bother me. However, she admitted she was shy and was reluctant to be nude the entire evening except for when we...consummated the transaction. She was concerned about my size, not bragging just providing information, but we went slowly at first and she was ok after a while. After being with me for 35 minutes and right after shot #1 she asked if she could go home. I politely stated that I thought I paid for 2 hours 2 shots to which she replied, you want to F*&$ me again? I found this humorous and joked with her about it, but she was serious. I asked her to stay and talk for at least the first hour during which time she made a half hearted effort at a massage and left.

    Regardless of the downside, I thought she was sweet so tonight I wanted to give her a second chance and asked if we could meet again. I said that if she was not interested, I would not be offended; however, she said yes she was available and could meet so we confirmed my condo address again, agreed upon a time and duration, and she was a complete no show. I texted and called to see what had happened and received no reply.

    I wish her the best, but I would not recommend her.

    All the reviews you write are ridiculous and it wasn’t not all true, which me for me, You are dramatic and looks like someone who is offended from Mom. I don't care if anyone believes you or not. Everyone has their own thoughts. And for me who has used my service earlier, those customers will get the answer and they always back. When I agree through booking with you and of course if you change the hours from 1 be 2 or overnight, Sometimes I have another continuous reservations before you, I had to decline the offer you if I have another booking in advance.
    💦 You said that I look different from the photos. BUT you called the service 2 times. And number 3 time you asked your friend to contact me to make a reservation, which after I blocked and knocked you out of my condom stock earlier. I don't understand if I don't look like the picture, why are you continuing stupid to pay 3 times to sleep with me? If I'm not the girl in the picture, you shouldn't be fooled 3 times? And if I'm not like the girl in the picture, why didn't you reject it from the first meeting? I didn't put a duct tape or used condom over your mouth. You don't have to blackmail me for the reason that I rejected you the third time because you're an idiot, talking so much that it's annoying, Crazy drunk with weed and pussy and taking advantage of the time is wanting to pay 90 minutes $50. Other escort women may agree but I have to say that's fine, PLEASE Save your $50 bucks for sperm renewal with other women. I don't want your money. Guys like you are annoying, waste my time. Only men like you can understand and sympathize with each other.
    🌺🌺 🙏🏽 The person who will booking me please check the price is correct and also my picture and information are verified and has been confirmed by the website already. Don’t be dramatic later.
    💦 When you first chat on WhatsApp, You said 1 hour $80 (7:00-8:00 pm ) which I agree. You said you wanted one more hour. But I declined because I have a reservation (9:00 pm) and what are you dramatizing on the review to detract from the truth?
    💦 You said your size was big, I'd have to say (*Are you narcissistic or dreaming?*) (or my pussy is too big to say that your bigger size?) for escort everyone knows the size of condoms to wear for customers, Which every woman has to prepare 4 sizes of condoms, that is 49, 52, 54, 56, but your size is 52” classified as short and not hard enough to F**k. "Please smoke less marijuana. Your brain will be working at full power🙏🏽🤣🤣🤣

  • can we have sex without condom?

    by anonabc123 – 28 Jan 2023

    Go fuck your mom baby

  • Can you share your WhatsApp

    by kgs1052 – 14 Nov 2022

    Can you checking on the details posted

  • Do you have line id ?

    by hell_360degrees – 3 Oct 2022

    Contact on WhatsApp, then why do you need line ID ?

  • do you do BBBJ and CIM?

    by looboonlong – 1 Nov 2022

    Yes I do !!

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