Xin Chào !! (♡ ゚ ▽ ゚ ♡)

I’m Mai from Ho Chi Minh City. (IMBI : INFP)
I'm a mixed vietnam and thai. I'm Independent.
Now I trying to save money for study in master's degree abroad. (My goal I want to move country cause I don’t like government.)
I’m a tattoo cosplayer and have 25 years old.
I have 233k followers in twitter and 58K followers in instagram.
I’m influencer, streamer, cosplay model, onlyfans content creator and have plan to do ASMR soon. 🤭
I’m a skinny and romantic girl. I love skinship. (// ▽ //)
I’m the best way of the boys who loved them self to have sex without condom with 100% clean girl. (have blood test results for guaranteed.)

♬ About me.
I’m superfan of One Piece if you’re One Piece fan we can talk all day and all night. Hehe ☠️
I’m cat lover. I love natural and don’t like to go night club if drink maybe often to drunk.😵‍💫
I usually go to bed before midnight if you message after 00:00 I will hurry reply in early morning.
I’m introvert and not talk a tive girl but If you are book worm we can talk more cause I love to read about self help book, fantasy, positive thinking and comic.
I love to listen podcast for self-improvement, practice language, war history, mystery story.
I’m gamer. I love to play league of legends, ragnarok online, realm of valor, dota2, overwatch, valorant.
I’m anime fans. I love to watch spy family, cyber punk, record of ragnarok. It’s will better if we stay watch netflix together. Hehe (‘• ω • `) ♡

I’m Emi Fukuda’s Fan. I love to exercise in my free time .. I’m often to go gym for boxing but I will polite with you not punch you when I’m angry. hahahaha I’mkidding. I’m pansexual cause I had lesbian gf before when I’m in university. I thought I can make love with out gender who can make me comfortable.
I love to fucking in cosplay outfit.
It's not easy to find the cosplay girl and love sex together. I have onlyfans’s agency for check my health you can see my last blood test results in my picture.
You can message in my line for book the time. (You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.)

✔️ Shower Together
✔️ Shower Sex
✔️ Massage
✔️ Sex (Condom)
⭐ Sex (Without Condom) ON Prep + Birth Control Pills
✱ last STD test results 21/03/24 pic in website ✱
✔️ Sex Toy
⭐ Creampie
✔️ Swallow
✔️ Cum on Body
⭐ Cum on Face
✔️ Bareback Sucking/ Blowjob (Deepthroat)
✔️ Romantic Kiss
✔️ Rimming
✔️ Role play
✔️ Romantic Sex
⭐ Cosplay Sex
✔️ Lick your Balls
⭐ Threesome
⭐ Lesbian
⭐ Anal
⭐ Double Penetration
⭐ Take Video
⭐ Collabration (Onlyfans)
✔️ Dinner, Date
⭐ All Night

📲 Line : boa.hammock
📸 Instagram : boahammock.jpg
🔞twitter @boahandcock363

Thanks you for interested and read all about me.♥
May this world be kind to you and hope we can meet. o o (> ω <)

🗓️🇹🇭 Arrived Bangkok (Songkran Festival) : 13/04 ~ 18/04 only. ❗🔥

Outcalls per hour from
฿12,000 (US$ 330)
Vietnamese (Fluent)
English (Good)
Japanese (Basic)
161 cm / 5′3″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met her first week of March in Bangkok. good communication and time together. Every wish from the list that she offers was fulfilled and also wonderful cosplay. I hope to meet again later this year in Japan.

    hehe Thanks you so much. I hope so .. wanna meet you next time in Japan and with special cosplay.🫣

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Spent a few hours with her and had a great time. She 100% delivers on everything advertised and even let me record a short video to keep for my memories. Only thing I wish was my schedule was more flexible to spend overnight with her instead of only a few hours to truly enjoy her company to the fullest. Recommend to anyone looking for a “no holes barred” true GFE/PSE experience.

    Thanks you so much ~ I can remember yours cause I’m not often to do short time. hahahaha but I understand your schedule. I hope next time we can stay longer more than last time. I’m so happy to talk with you and join with you too. Sleep tight and take care. Can message me anytime. 🫶🏻😳

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She's such a wonderful slut and a sex machine, she knows all the tricks and spending time with her is amazing. I can't wait to meet her again.

    OMG !!! Thanks you so much ~ this sex machine always open 24 hours. hahahahahaha Hope we can meet again. I had fantastic time with you. Thanks you for come in my fantasy world. 🌏🦄💜

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with Mai recently. She is so cute and fun and is so sexy in all the ways I was hoping for. As a bonus she can speak English and so we could talk and get to know each other too.

    Definitely take the opportunity to see her, you will not be disappointed.

    Thanks you so much too. I’m so lucky to meet the person like you. You are so funny, polite, always respect to me. I think it’s law of attraction that make we meet, talk and spend fantastic night together. You have great attitude and so smart too. <3 😉

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I saw Boa several times in Bangkok and each time was an incredible experience! She is very beautoful and fun, a real GFE. I highly recommend her!

    OMG !! you make me feel embarrassed. 😳 I want to say Thanks you so much. I always be yours. hahahaha Hope we can meet next time if you want something else can message me every time. Take care ☺️✌🏻

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Boa is very attentive and has a wonderful personality. Time seem to fly by when you are with her. Highly recommend for anyone that wants to have a great time 👍

    I had the nice time when stay with you in Osaka. I can remember .. We eat a lot of Sushi together. hahahaha next time I will go to Singapore for meet you! See you in March. My good boy. 😎🫶🏻

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I’ve been meeting her several times, it makes me want to meet more as our engagement gets better and better every time. She will fulfill your kink with pleasure, I’m pretty sure everyone will get satisfied with the service!!

    Thanks you so much ~ We met every time when I travel in Tokyo. Next time I promise .. I will make you tired more. 💦 See you in February. 🤭🫢

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I give boa 100 points, I have been on many dates with boa and she is worth every penny. If you want to spend a good time, I can recommend not to hesitate to contact this beautiful and interesting girl.

    Thanks you so much my dog. hahahaha next time I will bring some japan snack or thai snack to give you in Taiwan. you always be my slave. 😈

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    I meet her 3 times in August.
    Boa is a cute and horny girl. Almost can do what ever u want.ever penny so worthy.i most like her wear Lolita style cloth, hahaha.

    Thanks you so much ~ Jimmy sama! Hehe I hope we can meet next time in Taipei. I will prepare cosplay’s outfits and some sex toy to play with you again. Take care and have a nice day. 🤭♥️

  • Rating: 1 / 5by (1 other review)

    Make appointment. No answer. Fake account to get only fans subs.

    Sorry .. I don’t have the reason to do that cause I had official twitter’s account for promote my work in onlyfans too. I’m real and verify account ~ if you have urgent appointment case can video call to me in my line cause I wrote in my line urgent case is call only. I do like the part time job and I can’t to reply all people in the fast time cause many customers message in my line or sometimes I’m working so sorry if I make you feel angry. I promised in the next time I will try to manage my time and reply faster than this. 🥹🥲

  • Hi mai, will you be in bangkok this month and can you come to phuket with me for 2 days? and how much ?

    by Bankai – 5 Apr 2024

    I stay in Bangkok 12 ~ 17 April and 27 ~ 30 April only. You can direct message to me for more information. Hope we can meet soon. Have a nice trip. 😎

  • When are you coming to Singapore?

    by castleice101 – 31 Mar 2024

    2~ 12 April. I hope we can meet.☺️

  • Hi
    Is your onlyfans all ppv?

    by mrpain95 – 29 Mar 2024

    No, You subscribed and can watch all but I’m upload my sex video 1~2 video per a month .. the video is full more than 15 minutes. 😄

  • Will u go yo taiwan again?

    by skidyaya1 – 25 Mar 2024

    Maybe after July .. Sorry this time so busy too. 🥹

  • Do you accept online payment?

    by ethanxtz – 2 Apr 2024

    No, I don’t. Sorry .. 🥹

  • Are you still in Bangkok in April and May?

    by TrN_Frank – 10 Mar 2024

    Yes but 19 April ~ 26 I will go to travel in Japan with friends after that will back to Bangkok for help my family business here. Hope we can meet. ✌🏻🙂

  • Hello, are you available tonight?

    by choijimmy1990 – 7 Mar 2024

    Maybe, You can direct to me from information for make appointment first. Thanks you for interested. 😳🫶🏻

  • Any plans to visit Tokyo again?

    by Sitonmyface – 2 Mar 2024

    Maybe April but 50/50 not sure .. now stay in Bangkok for help family’s business. I will flight again after June. 🥹

  • Hello, did you have plans to visit South Korea?

    by Cristy_5 – 25 Feb 2024

    Yes but maybe in this August or September for 2 month. it will be my first time in South Korea. 🥰😍🇰🇷

  • Hi Mai, wow, you look amazing, I'm in Bangkok, would it be ok for me to contact you by LINE?

    by fncint586 – 29 Feb 2024

    Yes, Sure !! Hope we can meet and Have a nice day. 😉

  • Hi, is it possible to contact and book via email?

    by josef_7 – 20 Feb 2024

    Yes, Sure .. but I’m not often to check my email or you should add me line, whatsapp ? sorry .. if you can’t I will check my email too. 🥹

  • Hi! Will you be in Bangkok 26-27 March ?

    by Man38 – 11 Feb 2024

    Yes, Hope we can meet if you wanna meet can message for confirm to me before 3 days cause my booking always fully. 🫡

  • Your whatsapp and telegrams are unresponsive, how to contact u?

    by CWasian21 – 6 Feb 2024

    Now I just to tested. it can use. Can you tell me what’s the message to show you ? let’s me check. 🫶🏻🥹

  • Are you back in japan?

    by evilsilver – 1 Feb 2024

    Yes, I will arrived on 5 February until 11 February. just for 1 week. 🫶🏻🇯🇵

  • Are you coming back to Japan? I really hope so. Nagoya, especially.

    by johnsonmj – 24 Jan 2024

    OMG !! you know so fast maybe from my instagram’s story ? Yes, I will back to Tokyo on 5 February for 1 week and then after that will go to snow festival in Sapporo. ❄️☃️⛷️

  • Hi BoA
    If we do lesbian can we do without condom with both, if all of us are STD tested? And do you have any lesbian friends?
    Will you take the dick in your mouth after putting it in your pussy or Ass?

    by Bankai – 20 Jan 2024

    Sure !! if we have STD tested and HIV tested .. we can do everything without condom. You can confirm and then me and my friend will go to test before meet. I have lesbian girl friend in Bangkok too. Let’s me ask her first. And the last question .. I think you can wash first after fucking before put in my mouth. 😅😂🤣

  • You have the opportunity to go to other places in Taiwan, such as Taichung and Kaohsiung

    by Hihopiim – 2 Jan 2024

    Not yet maybe next time. Sorry 🥲🇹🇼

  • Would you be coming to the US or Mexico anytime soon?

    by Victorhugo – 24 Dec 2023

    Not have plan yet .. Sorry! Hope we can meet in Bangkok or another country. 😥😓

  • Where in the world will you be around the end of January?

    by Victorhugo – 27 Dec 2023

    In Bangkok but I have plan to travel in Sapporo in the February. 🤭

  • Hi
    Where are you going after December 19?

    by johnsonmj – 18 Dec 2023

    Taiwan cause I have plan to countdown here.🇹🇼

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