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Hello there!

I am an ambiguous and ferocious erotic presence. In the realm of physicality, I'm a blend of athleticism and softness, with skin like moonlight on snow. My short blond hair frames a face where green eyes sparkle mischief and lips beguile with their plumpness. While I often skip makeup, when I feel like it a dab of lip tint adds a touch of allure. With a penchant for humor, I navigate the world with an acute awareness, a quiet yet joyful spirit that dances in the spaces between laughter and tranquility, offering both mirth and respite in equal measure.

During our encounters I want you to surprise yourself with the vastness of your emotional and physical worlds and have them expand even more during our adventures together.
Each moment with you is approached with meticulous attention, recognizing that which may seem mundane to a preoccupied mind often transforms into the extraordinary under the auspices of fervent engagement. My aspiration is to orchestrate a symphony that resonates within your heart.

Recognizing the discourse surrounding desire as inherently complex, I offer a girlfriend experience characterized by the co-creation of intimate and beautiful moments, wherein we feel safe to feel happy, safe to feel excited, safe to believe in a genuine connection.

Moreover, I am eager to explore the delicate interplay of exhibitionism, voyeurism, and fetishism. I love to observe the captivation provoked by my every move, the excited gaze on my body hair, and the adoration for my androgynous essence. With a lover who enjoys it, I like to indulge in impact play (light), objectification, dress up, pegging, edging and worshipping, possibly as a switch but mostly as a top. Please share your fantasies, kinks and fetishes with me. I simply have a passion for other people's pleasure which gives me the ability to follow your desires with ease.

I love collaborating with clients to create seductive scenarios, where we can let our imaginations run wild and have a great time.

Please join in!

Ash xx


If you wish to arrange a booking with me then please feel free to drop me a telegram or a whatsapp message, you can also send me an email (my favourite).

Please be ready to provide screening informations such as your full legal name and your phone number or/and a reference from another provider.

Suggestion for your first message:

~ Your name
~ Your mobile phone number (note: I will not use this to contact you unless previously agreed upon)
~ How you found me
~ What you'd like to get up to during our time together
~ Suggested date(s) and time(s) for our meeting
~ The location of the booking

I will not respond to messages that only contain a simple Hi or to calls, this will get you blocked. Thank you for understanding ♡

Incalls per hour from
€250 (US$ 270)
164 cm / 5′5″
Hair color

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