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Once i get you in my hands you'll be falling at my feet...
prepare yourself to be on the receiving end of my sharpened strokes, my most severe punishments and cruellest commands.

Morgan, genderqueer femdom
i choose my pronouns as i like, I'm into playing with gender, with you and with the entire world. I'm sadistic, very sadistic, and all you can do is obey...
I'm built my life in the queer community. Porn and BDSM are part of my imagination, my education and my daily life. As a queer person i reject all heteronormativity. I am whatever i want to be, but to be clear, I don't have a dick. I've got my strap-on, alot of dildos and a powerful pussy...

Mrs Dora: cruel, i love humiliating you, i love that you love me. A mental lunatique, i love to watch you swim in a pit of pain, alternating with soft caresses. Going from care to sadism, from softness to agony, from serenity to fear.
Creative and sadistic, i love watching you collapse pathetically at my feet.
I love to dominate. I make you submit, and i teach. Authority is my soul, domination is my art form et humiliation is my oxygen. The only thing you're allowed to do? Obey. You'll give in to me or you'll suprise yourself, but you won't be left indifferent.

2 dominatrixes = 4 eyes, 4 hands,  4 heels and a lot of imagination...

We will not be held to a rigid standard of what a femdom should and shouldn't do.

Come bow down before Dora and Morgan. Crushed beneath our heels, we'll give you the honour to finally make yourself useful.
We'll take you on a ride between a world of pleasures and perversions until you give in and let go entirely.
Come try out this complicit and complimentary deadly duo, this indecent and unique deadly duo.
We like to be in control of the situation and to have you following our every order, to do with you whatever tickles our fancy and use you anyway we feel like it. We like to see lose all notions of yourself.

Beginners welcome! We'll revel in your pain beneath our soft touch, and observe with mischief your desires during an initiation session...Soft or hard, we're here to turn your fantasies into reality.

No taboos, be direct and straight to the point, read our profiles and our practices, imagine each of us on your skin, imagine yourself beneath our fingernails, in the depths of your guts, obeying our orders, or up against my hips...

Decide what you're into, pick up your phone and get in line, contact us to set up an appointment and prepare a session. We'll negotiate the session over the phone, so that everything is based on your fantasies, our plaisir and our consent.

We are goddesses, so don't go wasting our time. Read the ad in its entirety. Ask our conditions. Be polite and maybe you'll manage to keep our attention.

Humiliation, foot/nylon/high heel fetishes
pet play, feminisation, objectification, restraints, plastic wrap bondage.
Impact play of all kinds (feet/hands/whip/cane).
Trampling, ballbusting, footgagging.
Prostate massage, strap-on dildo, fisting .
All you can drink champagne (piss play)
cock and ball torture, electricity, ruined orgasm.
Face sitting, face fucking, forced cunnilingus.
Food play.
Wax, needles, piercings...
Role play, fantasies...

If you don't speak french we can offer you a bilingual session, that will help you learn french manners... we're very imaginative and our sadism more often pushes our subs to their limits rather than our own...

only serious proposals.


Incalls per hour from
€300 (US$ 327)
Outcalls per hour from
English (Fluent)
French (Fluent)
Portuguese (Fluent)
Spanish (Fluent)

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