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Book a therapeutic, erotic sexual massage cuddle session with a certified professional cuddler in Dubai.

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Location: UAE, Dubai

Timings: 12:30 PM till 2 AM.

Brief: 32y, 5'8, chatty or quiet, and flexible to the energy around me.

I am taking bookings by email only. Mention your Name, Age, Nationality, Exact Time, Incall or Outcall ( If it's outcall please provide your hotel name, room # and complete reservation name ) I reply all emails within 10 mins.

I LOVE cuddling. I LOVE bodies, and I LOVE the soft happy sighs of a fellow human who’s been transported to the mesmerizing “cuddle zone,” the magical place where touch-based oxytocin hormones bring us healing and contentment. I experience the benefits firsthand, in myself, my friends, and my clients. I am amazed that I get to make this valuable offering.

Session Types Offered: Inbound, Outbound
Inbound Session Location: 4 Star Hotel in Al Barsha, Dubai
Travel Options: Happy to travel anywhere around Dubai. When I am occasionally already in NY, I'm happy to book sessions there at the regular rates!
Timings: 2 Afternoon till 2 MidNight
Session Length Available: 1-6 hours
Cost: AED 1500/hour If you will come to me. AED 1500/hr + 200 for CAB If will come to you plus travel fee for outbound sessions
Payment Options: Cash and online

My Rules:

* All touch is given and received will be done with non-sexual intent. We are not here to push the boundaries of what is considered sexual and platonic, so if there is a question about whether something is appropriate, ask first or simply don’t do it.

* If you do have a physical reaction to the cuddle session, it’s ok. Please ensure you move so that it may dissipate on its own. Any part of your anatomy that is in a state of physical arousal should not be in physical contact with me. Think baseball, cold showers, Grandpa naked….whatever you need to ensure this does not become a focus of the session.

* A minimum of a tank top and workout shorts are required for all meetings. No undergarments/lingerie may be visible. Dress comfortably. Cuddling can get warm, so most people will feel comfortable on top of the covers with shorts/leggings and a t-shirt or tank top.

* Touch with hands is only allowed outside of swimsuit areas.

* Hands are to remain outside of clothing at all times. This includes not going undershirt sleeves or moving clothing out of the way to find the skin underneath. If clothing moves out of place, allow the person to move it back themselves; this is not an opportunity to push boundaries.

* No kissing of any kind, anywhere is allowed. Yes, even pecks on top of the head or cheek need to be avoided when with me.

* Tickling is not appropriate in this situation, and if it happens accidentally it needs to stop immediately.

* We both agree to verbalize any unwanted actions, but if you don’t feel comfortable speaking up, either party can “tap out” with 2 quick taps to any appropriate area to indicate all actions should be stopped immediately. We will then reset and discuss any actions that need to be avoided if appropriate.

* At the time of a session, I am free of colds, open wounds, or anything else that may be contagious through the skin to skin contact or through bodily fluids. If I have a paper cut or a small wound that is covered by a band-aid, I will discuss this before the session begins.

* I will ensure adequate hygiene is obtained to ensure the comfort of both parties including not wearing any scents (including perfume, cologne, essential oils or the smell of smoke on your clothes or skin), teeth brushed prior to appointment, all clothing (and bedding used) will be freshly laundered, and I will be freshly showered.

* Prepayment is required when you enter the door. If additional time is requested during a session, payment must be made

* I do reserves the right to refuse service to anyone and will decline any session requests at their discretion.

* If you are comfortable agreeing to all the rules above, please email me to set up and appointment Date and Time. I usually take 10 to 15 minutes to respond to the email.

My Add-ons: Nuru Massage, Tantra Massage, and Erotic Massage. Services I do as add-ons are mentioned in my services area.

Incalls per hour from
1,500 AED (US$ 408)
Outcalls per hour from
1,700 AED (US$ 462)
English (Fluent)
Italian (Fluent)
Latvian (Fluent)
German (Good)
French (Good)
170 cm / 5′7″
Hair color

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  • Hello, Anna
    Tried to get in touch with you through massage republic message as couldn't find your email. Could you please .mention your email address
    Thank you

    by sajjadi – 7 Mar 2021 - I am working Until 2 AM.

  • Hello , are u in Dubai ? i sent u an email

    by goorhe17 – 23 Jan 2020

    Hello Goorhe17,
    I haven't received any email from your side, yes I am in Dubai nowadays. I urge visitors to my profile to read and then email me for a session. Regards, Yours Anna Joy.

  • HI Anna, are you still in Dubai

    by sam_tall – 25 Jan 2020

    Hi Sam,
    Yes, I am in Dubai and hosting in a hotel in Tecom area. My services are Professional cuddling, Authentic Nuru Massage, Red Tantra Massage, Complete B2B Erotic Massage with add-ons like OWO, CIM, 69 and SEX. Email me for booking your session asap!

  • Hello Anna,

    I tried contacting you through email an hour ago but I did not receive a reply.

    I wanted to ask you a couple of questions, can you provide and email or Whatsapp contact for communication?


    by JackTR – 12 Nov 2017

    please check your email i only prefer email instead of any other way of communication.

  • Well...!!! my Gorgeous lady, I wonder what kind of service is this. With all due respect, Do you think while such an interaction... cuddle or what ever kind of touching you do.. A normal human with blood n flesh will not have errection. And you want us to Think of a Naked Grandpa... Oh Come on.. Ehow cruel is that... Either you give a service including a proper Massage with a common Happy ending at least. You not even Having amy listed service in your profile. I am pretty sure All the guyz will agree with me. Please consider the Demand and re-design your service. I am pretty much sure that you are gorgeous.. Beautiful Angel lady. I will br the first one to Book your service I PROMISE!!!. So let us both enjoy and find our eternity. This is purely my. Opinion as saw this wiered and unmatched profile in MR. Not at all intended to disrespect or hurt. Just expressed myself. As well respect the services we offered here by Amazing girls.



    by m3h1977 – 11 Nov 2017

    My Dear, Please check about Cuddling services first that is all i can say.

  • do you fuck?

    by vichris – 11 Nov 2017

    Not at all please read my profile carefully

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