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Hi I am in dubai but I removed my number and it's not active in my name anymore.. So once I buy a new number and I am available to meet, i will upload it here, otherwise you can always email me if anything.. Stay safe .. xx

Hi, it's Dana here. I am 100% Lebanese living in Dubai. I speak Arabic and all my pictures are Me.

I am looking for a good company so a smart conversation is always welcome. I am fun to be around and like to have a good time. I like to talk and laugh, and enjoy the fun.

I am selective as you are 😄

• I'm NOT a mistress 😊

• I am discreet so I appreciate you NOT asking for my Face Picture or Videos.

• I DON'T do Anal and I Only do in-Calls.

• No Calls. Only WhatsApp.

I hope you respect my time and would only chat if you are willing to meet. I don't accommodate lengthy chats that account to nothing.

Let's meet and have a grand time together! 😄

Incalls per hour from
2,500 AED (US$ 680)
Arabic (Fluent)
English (Fluent)
French (Good)
157 cm / 5′2″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by (16 other reviews)

    What can I say of this amazing a beautiful woman, Met her again after a long time and she is just outstanding and to be honest she keeps getting better every time I have met her, can't wait to see her again Dana.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Dana is an absolute FIRECRACKER and one of the classiest ladies you'll meet!
    More than anything else, it is her conversation, her soul and her presence that will captivate you.
    And then there are her looks and the perkiest boobs you will find.
    4 Stars instead of 5 only because of the price.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (16 other reviews)

    It's a long overdue review again to be given to one of the best and most accomplished I can see friends, that I have met, Awesome in every service that this lovely girl offers and somehow cannot get satisfied, enough. Already miss this beautiful chick, and can't wait to see her again. Take care your friend Raj

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (16 other reviews)

    Welcome back Dana after your break and indeed what an awesome time spent together. Can't imagine meeting another woman, one of the most sexiest and super escorts you cant miss. She is so gorgeous and sexy in all that she does. The most addictive woman I have met. Can't wait to meet her again. See you soon Dana

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    The hottest escort I ever met. Super professional made me feel comfortable, and the way she took charge was amazing. She is so passionate about sex. Her talk and act during the relation is top notch. I was feeling horny the whole day next day. Highly recommended for sure.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Dana is a very welcoming and accommodating companion; there's not a moment she left me without wanting more. She is professional and mature with plenty to talk about; she was nothing short of mesmerizing. Beauty and excitement sealed in the perfect petite package. My only regret is having to leave her presence after our tryst. A definite personality to revisit over and over again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met Dana last month after long chat and many attempts cancelled from my side. This was so terrible decision as she is a lovely lady very clever and makes you feel so nice to be with her. Book for 2 hours, was at her cozy apartment on time. When opens the door I realize that I lost so long time to meet her. She’s very good to talk with and spend a lot of time like your girlfriend to feel nice and calm to stop being nervous. Social time inside was fantastic and she’s amazing kisser and she wants to take control of everything and she’s the best on that but at the same time easily understand your needs and change to satisfy you. This is her first priority. Being with her I feel her to cum many times and seems to like so much that. Left her apartment knowing that I’d like to see her again and again....

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    So I'd contacted Dana sometime in Sept last year, booked multiple appointments and finally met her on the 3rd try (no fault of hers, just mother nature). As you can imagine, the expected standard had compounded over 6 months. This standard was matched, and how. She's petite, gorgeous porcelain skin and a magic tongue. She did things, very naughty things that left me wanting more the next day.. Her place is a lovely (a maze to get to, and that's how she weeds out the bad apples) Will i repeat : sure. Is she worth it : hell yes. Thanks Dana, i'll remember to contact you before the end of the month 😉

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Dana Dana Dana 😍 😍 😍 If Elegance, Classy, Mindblowing Would Have Any Synonyms Then It Has to Be "DANA"
    This Review Was Pending Long Time Due & I Couldn't Resist Myself from Posting One Hell of A Time I Spend With This UK-Lebanese Beauty
    Got Digits - Deal Cracked - Place Guided - No Hesitations Whatsoever - Chit-Chat As If I Knew Her from Ages - - - - She Exactly Knows Where Your Erogenous Spots Are & She Like to Take The Command Which Is Were Rare to Find These Days (Not Even With Your Soulmates :P)

    Well On A Scale of 1-10 I Think She Can Be Easily Rated 3000 - Love You Babe (If Khalessi's Monther of Dragons Then She's Surely Mother of BJs)

    Hope You Remembered Me? If Not, Hint :- I Scared You When You Were Riding ME 😛
    Highly Recommended - Just Waiting for 2 More Weeks & Will Surely Visit Her Again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (20 other reviews)

    Dana is absolutely stunning! From the moment we met I was awestruck by her beauty. Her looks, voice, movement, and presence is Venus herself. She is warm, welcoming, and extremely easy to talk with. Dana is also as intelligent as she is beautiful. We chatted casually as friends for over an hour and it was very refreshing and relaxing to have such a pleasant conversation. Our private time was also exceptionally outstanding. The details are for our pleasure but she is every bit the woman I wish I had at home. The mutual pleasure was sublime and I can not wait to see her again. You are absolutely perfect Dana, I will see you again as soon as I come back.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (16 other reviews)

    I had the pleasure of meeting Dana again and what an experience, truly an awesome chick who knows how to keep up a lively conversation and knows how to satisfy a man. In my view one of the best escorts I have ever met. Can’t wait to meet her again next week.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    met this stunning lady and what an amazing time, she was full of energy and nice personality to talk with, had a very professional sex experience, she was going mad and hot with the bj which blow my mind and made me going crazy with her on bed, definitely there will be round 2 very soon

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Time spent with Dana is a memorable experiences. It's not the as usual she is different. She is well spoken, elegant and tries to get to know you. In the bed she makes an attempt to know what you like and does her best to fulfil your desires. I was very satisfied with my time with Dana.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Ive been looking at Danas profile for a while, but couldnt get in touch due to travel.
    I can confidently say that, although ive had my fare share of paid and unpaid sexual encounters in the past 14 years, my time with Dana is definetely something to remember and do again. she managed to break the ice, make me ultra comfortable and blew my mind with her unrivalled skills in bed. she truly performs from the heart and has a gorgeous soul. ill certainly give u a buzz when i'm back! kisses #mindblown

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    There is a difference between hearing about a wonderful time and living it. The wonderful time I spent last night with the gorgeous Dana was unimaginable. She didn’t just make my day, she made my life. She is gorgeous, attractive and very kind women. There is a lot to say about that evening and specially her but it wouldn’t fit in here. My only regret is that I couldn’t spend more time with her because I had other engagements but definitely I will met her again and spend more lovely time with her.

    Dana. It was really a pleasure knowing and meeting you. I hope we meet again soon.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    It was an amazing experience, first when I texted her she replied quickly and we agreed to meet. She lives in a good area. Her body is soooooo much hot she got it all full package not forget to mention she's very funny and knows how to hold a coversation. She has so much energy in bed so be careful guys she might eat you a life lol .at the end very good experience sure I will return.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    After a couple of days delay, I finally managed to find some time to meet with the exquisite Dana. Honestly, she welcomes you in and makes you feel truly relaxed and comfortable, spending some time to get to know a little about you.

    Once in the bedroom, she is a little dynamite package, willing to be submissive or dominating. An excellent experience, one I will be returning to.

    Sahtain Dana, xxx Giant Guy

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (16 other reviews)

    As usual an awesome time to spend with the ever refreshing Dana who knows exactly and which buttons to press for a man
    Truly an awesome experience to spend time with her at any time.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    One of the most amazing experiences with a girl who knows how to please a man in ways only known to a few. This beautiful bundle of joy is truly a breath of fresh air. Fixing a date with her was a joy in it self, very humorous, funny and witty. The location I was called to was a luxurious five star apartment, very safe and easily accessible. The moment you ring the bell you are greeted warmly and its almost like meeting an old friend who knows you inside out. The flirtations are so high class and the mannerism in which this amazing girl presents herself are all just mind blowing. 
    Its very easy to feel relaxed around Dana and you do not feel like there is any business involved in this meeting as she is very subtle about it. 
    As soon as the fun part starts you just think to yourself OMG how am I feeling all these emotions that I never knew existed. She takes her time and isnt a mechanical machine, she has genuine feelings and boy is she erotic. A complete gfe experience and she loves what she does and she knows how to please in all the right ways. I left extremely happy and satisfied, can not wait to be back to my Dream land again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met Dana on several occasions, was always pleased by the level of service that was provided. I have previously called her the sex goddess and she still holds the title.
    She is as always a very courteous, smart and discreet.
    She makes sure that satisfaction is what we get. I have had some mind blowing sessions and never had a desire that wasn't taken care of.
    Treat her with respect as she deserves it. A wonderful person in and out. Can drive any man crazy with her skills and enchanting hotness.
    Thank you Dana

  • Hey Dana are you still around? I emailed you a while ago and didnt get a reply. Any other way to get in touch?

    by riploidmegaman – 24 Apr 2022

    Yes I'm in Dubai. And only by email x

  • Will you update your phone number ?

    by Jay_72 – 16 May 2022

    Please send an email x

  • Hello how can we contact you?

    by ae4820 – 12 Apr 2022

    By email x

  • Hey Dana, tried contacting you but I saw that your number isn't up here anymore. Are you planning on coming back anytime soon? Take care

    by FaisBar – 26 Jul 2020

    I am in dubai but not meeting at the moment. Once I buy a new number will upload it here x

  • Hello, I'm an Indian and I've been looking at visiting an escort for some time now but I'm nervous since I'm still a virgin and I have a small penis. Would you be able to help me with it?

    by zakk – 13 Jun 2020

    Sure we can play hide and seek x

  • Any plan to coming Delhi india

    by rahulkhanna981981 – 13 Jun 2020

    I thought India is already here 😁

  • Hi dana been trying to contact you for a while on WhatsApp , are you still in Dubai ?

    by silver_guy911 – 13 Jun 2020

    Email me x

  • Hello Dana when will you be back to Dubai?

    by riploidmegaman – 27 Jan 2020

    I'm back in dubai x took my accumulated annual leave 😊

  • Can i fuk With my timbs on?

    by Maxso – 18 Oct 2019

    Yes you can keep your timbs (boots) on lol if that's what you meant..

  • Hi Dana, you look amazing ! Do you offer deep french kissing with tongue ?

    by Adventurer_dxb – 14 Oct 2019

    Yes french kissing means using the tongue..

  • Can i lick 👅 u with wipe cream or Nutella choc ?

    by British_paki_Couple_escort – 1 Aug 2019

    The sun went down and the night began..
    Let's all sing the song called the 'Wipeout'..
    Wipin' out wipe out
    Wipin' out wipe out
    Wah wah wah
    Hey watch out
    Wah wah wah
    Stay go stay go stay go..
    That's it, that that that's it dit dit dit
    Wipin' out wipe out
    Wah wah wah 🤣

  • Do you swallow?

    by explorer9876 – 5 May 2019


  • do not worry, btw i'm not old like 40-50
    im 21 and im virgin guy 😉
    im ready to pay your rate i searched a lot british old woman has nice boobs like you

    by arunkumr102 – 21 Mar 2019

    Are you talking to me? It looks like you are answering someone.. And btw I'm lebanese..

  • Hi
    Can u di sex with black man ?

    by Emoj – 22 Feb 2019

    You are Egyptian.. I could see from your replies to other girls .. not sure why u r asking about another race..

  • Can I come in your eye?

    by Joeblack – 9 Jan 2019

    Why not in my ear? 🤣

    Not sure why the admin keep these kind of spammers around

  • Hello, do you provide role play?

    by denishkumar – 28 Dec 2018


  • Baby is your ass clean? Is it ok if i lick deep inside your ass?

    by jamesbummerman – 20 Oct 2018

    No it's very dirty ?

  • do you get irritated by facial hair?

    by flux – 4 Oct 2018

    Nope i dont ?

  • I have a small noodle, can we do anal?

    by qwerty007 – 30 Jul 2018

    Skidaddle Skidoodle Your D*** Is Now a Noodle ?

  • Hi Dana, your tits my gosh, i would like to gently stretch and pull your nipples long with my lips while sucking. Can i bring some milk-whipped cream? Applying on your nipples for me to suck? I promise to be gentle. And also, licking your armpit? Followed by tongue-kissing and fucking of course. Sorry if you find this weird, i just want to be sure. i’ve been fancy on you and wanted to taste you like the mentioned above.

    by Tits_sucker – 30 Jul 2018

    How explicit!
    If this is an attempt to sexting then you failed miserably.
    Keep fantasizing..

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