Hey guys
I’m Lina, beautiful tall girl, well educated and friendly. as u can see from my profile and all reviews that I’m not fake .
Meeting only classy gentleman, if it’s about you feel free to contact me (night time can not meet😘 so please contact me only during the day)

Incalls per hour from
1,500 AED (US$ 408)
English (Fluent)
Russian (Fluent)
178 cm / 5′10″
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Lina is definitely one of the best girls in Dubai.
    Met her yesterday, If you meet Lina you will definitely meet her again.
    Her apartment is so cosy, discrete and easy to access and parking.
    Very good experience, Thank you so much.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (6 other reviews)

    I met up with Lina a couple of days ago in her nice and safe Al Barsha Apartment. The set up was super easy and her responsiveness was perfect. I had been looking at her profile for a while and decided to give her a try. I don't regret it for a second. She is as good or better than her pics. Beautiful, tall, slim and very sexy. Excellent English as well. After some short chit chat and a quick shower, we got down to business. She was perfect in every way. I spent a fair amount of time licking her to get her to cum and the effort was worth it. Definitely no fake orgasm there. Haha. I loved watching you get turned on. Lina. Then it was my turn and I was well taken care of. She has a very sensuous and loving character. So beautiful and sexy! I will definitely come back again. Thank you babe, you're so much fun. Боже ты мой!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    So pretty, so sexy so real girl. Always having great time. Love ya hon

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    addicted to her!
    she knows how to treat men, never rush. such a beautiful, smart, sexy girl.
    thank you a lot Lina

    thank you)

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    What a sweet, sexy and chilled out woman. She is really tall and sexy but makes you feel so comfortable. You can sit and talk to her and enjoy without being in a rush. Totally loved my time with her.

    thank you)

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Intense DFK and everything else. Very sexy and nice attitude.

    Thank you:)

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    my favorite girl!
    first time we had 1 hour , this time i spent 2 hours and even this time not enough.i like try a new girls, but Lina..with her you will feel that you want see her again n again. full of energy, just great person, enjoyed every second with her.
    thank you n see you soon babe

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Met Lina yesterday at her place. She is looks more beautiful in real than on photos. Excellent body, beautiful smile, great services
    thank you babe

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Spent a magical time with Lina yesterday. Lina is not like any other escort. She has a heart made of gold. 
    When you meet her you will feel that you have known her since long time and she will make you comfortable right away. Go visit this wonderful lady guys, you will never regret. Thank you Lina and see you again soon 

    Thank you)

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    met Lina twice in her apartment
    she is awesome!!!
    not just beautiful girl, also beautiful person.
    speak fluent English, so we had nice chat
    no rush. great service!
    thanks dear
    see you soon

    thank you!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met Lina yesterday. Elegant lady, beautiful with a good sense of humor.
    We spent 2 hours in her apartment
    Great time
    See you soon dear

    Thank you ?

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    My first experience with escort lady.
    I choose Lina because she was very nice and friendly when i asked million questions about services. Apologise one more time dear:)
    I went for 1 hour to her place, nice clean apartment
    We had nice chat. She did everythink about what we agreed
    It was amaizing time
    Her beautiful green eyes..cant forget...
    Thank you a lot baby
    See you soon:)

    Thank you?

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Beautiful.. Sexy.. Very passionate girl
    Thank you Lina for unforgettable time!
    See you soon^

    Thank you?

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (7 other reviews)

    Hands down, one of the best ladies in Dubai. She's exactly like the pics if not better in person and is very sweet. Tall and has a great tan, slim figure and a sexy behind. She will do her best to please you. Coming back for more soon!!

    Thank you Nick_82☺️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    highly recommended!!!
    i visited Lina some time back, she is very polite and very professional.
    super sexy lady. nice apartment
    it was great experience
    looking forward for next meeting

    Thank you ?

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Well since my last review, no one contacted me and tried to claim the lifetime free supply of pizza, so I guess I was right. I'm moving away from Dubai in a couple of days and I made sure to visit my favorite girl for one last time. And she did things to me that will make me want to come back to Dubai, the first chance I get. It was her way of sending me off into the wilderness with a present. This girl... My goodness. I'm speechless, and as you already know, i'm very talkative. My offer of a lifetime supply of free pizza still stands. Come and get it. Wait, no you won't, because she won't allow that to happen

    Hhh) it's really cute)

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met Lina today. She is 10 times better in person than on pictures. Nice and clean apartment. Friendly and cozy atmosphere. She provides all services as promised. Super sexy girl that smells, tastes and feels great. Sex was great with her and she is worth trying. Will for sure meet with her again.

    Thank you???

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    i love Lina
    i know her long time
    she is real. her service always 100%!
    take care habibty, see you soon

    Thank you???

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    i apologize for late review
    met Lina few weeks ago, she is fantastic girl!!! always smiling. we spent 3 hours together and i really felt like i am with my girlfriend. she is very friendly and nice person. much beautiful than on pictures. her skin very soft and have wonderful smell. for sure looking forward for our next meeting
    (your friend from Switzerland)K

    Thank you???

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (6 other reviews)

    This is a late review. Apologies for the same.

    I met this girl last week. OMG! She is a really chilled person and has this real classy, noire-style to her. She knows how to carry herself well. She is pretty intellectual and can have a good conversation.

    There was no rush from her side. She let me into her clean apartment sat me down offered me some water. We spoke a bit, then proceeded to the bed room. She was a sight to behold really hot & sexy. Her kisses are amazing that you feel an instant connection and are turned on. She tasted yum. We had some good "fun" :-D moments in the bedroom. Definitely looking forward to our next meeting.

    Thank you ????

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    She is class personified. She is the definition of whatever turns you on. And on top of that she stimulates your mind too. Not just a hot body, but a fantastic person and a great conversationalist. I met her a few days ago, and it feels like i've known her forever. For those short minutes that you're with her, it truly feels like YOU are the most important, the only, thing that exists in the world. I wish i was exaggerating, but that's the truth. Don't believe me? Try her. And if you're not blown away, come find me, i'll give you a lifetime supply of free pizza.

    Conversation: 10/10
    Service: 10/10
    Sexiness: 10/10
    Location: Good part of town. Nice apartment

    Thank you pizzaboy ????

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (8 other reviews)

    i met with lina several times and i can only say that this women is one of the best one of the mos gorgeous and one of the most amazing women i have met on here she always gives 100% in her services and her body is amazing

    Thank you???

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (7 other reviews)

    Met with Lina some time back but came bsck go write her a review finally. I simply love her...she has a great character..and a naughty side. She is not greedy ...she doesn't try to get ur money and run..she actually try to please u to ensure u come back for another ride.

    Thank you???

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Another great meeting
    I like her skin and smell
    Thank you dear
    See you soon

    Welcome anytime ???

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met her last weekend.
    Agree with all the previous reviews!!
    She is awesome girl
    Nice, friendly, welcoming!!!
    Thank you babe
    See you soon

    Thank you???

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Met her several times
    Beautiful girl
    Lovely personality
    Always spent great time
    Thank you

    Thank you???

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    What can I say... She is one of the beautiful girl I haven't seen... She is fantastic... Everything was perfect. Great social, good music and amazing hot time. Be careful...you may fall in love!!! See you soon honey... Kisses from your Italian friend

    Thank you???

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Very somrt body very sexi see you again next week beby thanks Lina

    Your welcome ???

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is very pretty girl... Beautiful, friendly and she treat me in very nice way ...she have good GFE ... Sexy tall girl slim body???guys if you wanna have great time do not miss her...thnx Lina hope see you soon

    Thanks babe ?????

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (1 other review)

    i love tall slim thats why i chose her
    great body and great job!! thank u

    Thank you babe???


  • Hi, when will you be in Dubai?

    by Fred34582 – 7 Jul 2021

    Now in Dubai
    Till the end of the month

  • Are you currently available?

    by said3983 – 17 Dec 2020

    Text me in what’s app

  • Roses are red, violents are blue but no flower in this world is as beautiful as you. Hi miss Linda. I hope you're having a spectacular day. I was wondering, do you provide all services or there's few limited "favours". And how long are you?

    by Siniestro_99 – 3 Dec 2020

    Text me in what’s app for details

  • which area incall ?

    by Jonny69boy – 24 Nov 2020

    Text me in what’s app pls, for details

  • Are you still in Dubai?

    by cofirel – 13 Nov 2020

    Yes, I’m in town

  • Hi Lina, why you’re not answering your phone? Are you in Dubai?

    by johnnytinum – 17 Nov 2020

    Maybe was busy
    I’m in town

  • Are you still in Dubai august 2020 ?

    by The_ad_cleaner – 30 Aug 2020

    Text me in what’s app:)

  • When you are available?

    by fcarl891 – 4 Jul 2020

    What’s app pls

  • Hey babe, are you back to Dubai?

    by fcarl891 – 1 Jul 2020

    Hi, I’m here! Text me in what’s app

  • Hi are you still available for 1 hour?

    by Jhan – 22 Jun 2020

    Text me in WhatsApp

  • Server for girls
    Faec sting Farting Spitting face to Piss drink femdom
    Scat femdom mistress
    You do these things together

    If you are in Kiev, you can to get it.

    by Gay_Server_for_girls – 4 Dec 2019

    I don’t do this services.. and I’m not in Kiev!

  • u available ?

    by Jonny69boy – 3 Dec 2019

    Yes, text me in my what’s app

  • You still in dubai?

    by Ali_96 – 3 Sep 2019

    Just back to Dubai week ago

  • U available ??

    by Jonny69boy – 20 May 2019

    Text me in WhatsApp

  • Hello, My name is Ralph Lopez and I live in Chicago Illinois. and I'd like to know if you tour Chicago at all. If so, could you please let me know when you might be visiting? I would love so much to meet you. Muahhhhh

    by Ciello – 1 May 2019

    No I’m not planning)
    Come to Dubai :))

  • Hello do u accept in call?

    by Michael60 – 30 Apr 2019

    Hello.. yes

  • Hi
    How are you
    I want to meet you today
    If you available in Dubai.

    by ahmed_36 – 15 Mar 2019

    Yes, available.. text me in WhatsApp pls

  • Hello beauty , are you back to UAE? Available tonight?

    by darrenm808088 – 14 Mar 2019

    Hello, yes I’m in Dubai
    Text me in WhatsApp pls

  • 4 Oct 2018
    Hi I’m somewhat shy as I have a small penis, can you accommodate me? Looking for DFK, OWO and rimming, maybe classic sex too. Which area are you located in?

    by SmallGuy_B – 17 Oct 2018

    Text me in my whatsapp

  • Hi, so I’m kind of a shy person as I have a small penis, would you be able to accommodate me? I’m interested in DFK, OWO, and possibly classic sex. Do you have experience with guys on the smaller side? I’m interested in learning how to please with what I have

    by SmallGuy_B – 13 Oct 2018

    Text me in whats app

  • Why don't you post new pictures of yourself? I noticed your profile a while ago and still same pictures. Thanks.

    by AkaiAAA – 23 Sep 2018

    First, I don’t like take too much pictures ??‍♀️
    Second, I don’t think I change a lot to change pictures ?
    And last I have WhatsApp.. if have more questions text me there?

  • Hi baby! Are u available? How much 1h 2 shots and where r u located?

    by albagata – 22 Sep 2018

    Yes available, all details in what’s app

  • hello
    do you provide light domination?

    by wolfsah – 23 Aug 2018

    no, I'm not provide domination

  • Will you do OWC

    by Hard_lover – 21 Aug 2018

    all details on whats app

  • Dear did you come back to Dubai
    available tonight?

    by adi4288 – 8 Aug 2018

    yes in Dubai now
    text me in my whats app

  • will you be in town in first week of August dear?

    by adi4288 – 26 Jul 2018


  • you looks so beautiful dear
    where is your incall? and do u do outcalls as well?

    by adi4288 – 25 Jul 2018

    thank you
    only incall
    text me in my whats app for details

  • I have tried to reach you for appointment but you never pick up the phone or simply reject the call and never call back!!!!

    by Alborz – 21 Jun 2018

    hmm.. text me in my whats app
    so i will understand who are you
    will talk

  • You never have answered my phone call!!!!

    by Alborz – 20 Jun 2018

    who are you?

  • dear
    my review was not published
    thank you for a great time, hope to see you before you leave.

    by oboud83 – 19 Jun 2018

    thank you))

  • R u accepting to be my slave like slapping hard spitting on face and mouth and give u goldenshower on ur body and face and no sex??? And how much for 2 hours 2 shot

    by keveink4 – 12 Jun 2018

    no, i don't do this service!!!

  • How many shot per hour?

    by Messiah_69 – 6 Jun 2018

    call me or text me in whats app

  • Any plans of coming to Doha dear?

    by zach15 – 5 Jun 2018

    no, not planning to go there)
    come to Dubai)

  • dear are u available on 25-26 of november in town?

    by khal1faburj – 19 Nov 2017

    Yes available
    text me in whats app

  • dear are you available in dubai?

    by koreashon – 14 Aug 2017

    yes i m available text me in WhatsApp

  • Hi lina
    Are you in Dubai? I want to meet you tomorrow and are you doing deep French kissing?

    by ahmed_77 – 10 Aug 2017

    yes i m in town

  • babe you provide light domination?

    by blackrobi – 18 Jul 2017

    i dont do domination at all

  • dear still in town?

    by fadleban2017 – 11 Jul 2017

    till end of july in Dubai

  • hi
    available this afternoon?

    by fadleban2017 – 3 Jul 2017

    yes, available
    text me in my whats app

  • dear you offer short session?

    by danfranky – 25 Jun 2017

    yes i do

  • Are you still in dubai?

    by haveilear – 16 Jun 2017

    Hi.. yes in town

  • Hey baby how much do you take for 2-hours sex without condom?

    by Vance91 – 10 May 2017

    I don't do sex without condom!!!

  • Hi
    How are you lina
    are you in Dubai now

    by ahahmed1977ss – 10 Apr 2017

    Yes I m in Dubai

  • Hi
    How are you Lina
    Are you in town
    I want to meet you tomorrow

    by ahmed_36 – 1 Feb 2017

    Yes in town

  • Are you in Dubai in Feb?

    by rocketman63 – 30 Jan 2017

    Till 6 February in Dubai

  • Hi Lina , do you have strapon ?

    by anazoro2016 – 20 Jan 2017

    No, I don't have

  • Привет территориально в каком районе дубаи?

    by ogli22222 – 15 Jan 2017

    Аль Барша!

  • Do you speak Arabic?

    by greyman2020_1 – 6 Jan 2017

    I don't know arabic

  • Hi babe
    Are you in dubai on January

    by Halwazankw – 6 Dec 2016

    Yes I will be in Dubai!

  • Hello baby,you didnt answer my questiin,do u do smoke fetish and smoking blowjob?

    by Whiskey – 19 Nov 2016

    Hello dear.
    Sorry, I don't know what is this, smoke fetish??

  • Dear do you give smoking blowjob and smoking fetish?

    by Whiskey – 22 Nov 2016

    No, I don't do

  • you are beautiful!!!
    in your services no anal
    but if for extra money? what do u think

    by temurhametov – 16 Nov 2016

    Sorry, I don't do anal even for extra money?

  • Hi
    How are you
    Are you in town

    by ahmed_36 – 17 Nov 2016

    Yes in Dubai

  • Are you still in Dubai?

    by Maz2 – 24 Oct 2016


  • Hi sweety

    looking for a role play. Where I am master and your my pretty whore.

    I want to do:
    1. kiss you,
    2. Spank you
    3. Slap your face
    4. Spit on your body and face
    5. play with your ass
    6. you rim me

    All clean and safe at my 5 star hotel. message me privately if you prefer.


    by buzy – 18 Oct 2016

    I not providing this service

  • Hi there

    do you offer CIM?

    by Michaelsv94 – 22 Sep 2016

    No I don't do CIM

  • Hi
    Do you a plan to Kuwait in nearby future ??

    by MiddleEasternDUDE – 19 Sep 2016

    No plans go to Kuwait
    Come to Dubai?

  • Hi
    How are you
    U available tonight

    by ahmed_36 – 14 Sep 2016

    Great thx

  • Hey baby,how much do you take for one hour sex without condom ?

    by Vance91 – 14 Sep 2016

    I don't do sex without condom

  • Hi, are you available now?

    by sabaarthur – 15 Sep 2016

    Text me in whatsapp or call me

  • Hi Baby .are you still in Dubai .
    Are you available tonight for incall ?

    by vectborn – 25 Aug 2016

    Yes in town
    Call me?

  • Hi lina
    are you in dubai now?

    by f13233343 – 13 Aug 2016

    Yes, just come back

  • Dear tryed to call you but ur phone is off???

    by steve_cord77 – 13 Aug 2016

    I was out of UAE
    Now i m here;)

  • Hi Lina!how are you?do u do threesome ?☺️

    by george7bellow – 2 Aug 2016

    I am fine thanks
    Sorry, I m not providing this service ?

  • Which area you are?how much for 3 hours ?

    by vectborn – 28 Jul 2016

    Al Barsha
    Call or text me in what's app?

  • Hi baby
    Till when you available in Dubai ?

    by Jaymarch555 – 20 Jul 2016

    Till 6 of August

  • You do anal?
    How much?

    by aadama1978 – 13 Jul 2016

    I don't do anal!!!!

  • hi. anal possible? if yes, how much for 2 hours anal only?

    by Amaze64 – 13 Jul 2016

    don't do anal

  • Hi
    Are you back to dubai

    by ahmed_36 – 10 Jul 2016

    Yes I am in Dubai
    Till 5 August

  • Dear
    Do you have strap on?

    by brayanbras – 28 May 2016

    I have not!

  • Hi Lina
    I will be in Dubai next weekend
    Can we meet? How much 2 hour incall?

    by mohasabri85 – 27 May 2016

    Hi! Next weekend i will be out of UAE!
    Till 1 June in Dubai!
    Maybe next time, I will come back in July ?

  • Bby still in town?

    by salgnini – 22 May 2016

    Till 2 June in Dubai

  • Hi
    Haw are you
    U have group sex

    by Ahmed_39 – 22 May 2016

    I m good thanks
    No, I don't do group sex!

  • Hi babe
    Are you in town?

    by bropol – 17 May 2016

    Yes, in Dubai till Ramadan!?

  • Hi
    Haw are you
    Are u are available today

    by Al_shmmri – 11 May 2016

    I m great thx
    Tomorrow I will work!!!

  • Hi
    Are you in town

    by Al_shmmri – 28 Apr 2016

    Yes I'm in Dubai!

  • Hello sexy
    Where is your incall?

    by salim_6 – 27 Apr 2016

    Hi Salim
    Discovery gardens!!!

  • Hello Lina,

    Thanks for the reply. I will definitely call you and book an appointment when I arrive in Dubai.

    by givemedapuzzy – 18 Apr 2016

    Ok.. Wait u dear?

  • Hi
    Haw are u alina
    Are you in town

    by ahmed_36 – 14 Apr 2016

    I m fine thx

  • Hi,

    R u presently in Dubai?


    by Sam_35 – 21 Mar 2016

    Yes, in Dubai!

  • Hi lina
    I want to see you tomorrow what time u free

    by ahmed_36 – 22 Mar 2016

    Call me dear;)

  • Hi
    Haw are u
    I want to see you

    by ahmed_36 – 20 Mar 2016

    I m great thx
    Let me know before 1 hour when will ready to come?

  • Hi Lina
    Where is your location?

    by bropol – 15 Mar 2016

    My place in discovery gardens!?

  • You're back to Dubai??

    by Omar_dxb – 11 Mar 2016

    Yes.. In town!!!

  • Are you available in Dubai till end of March?

    by nehal1987 – 21 Feb 2016

    I will leave Dubai 1 March and will come back after 1-2 weeks

  • Hi baby where is ur incall place??

    by Jabaz8241 – 5 Feb 2016

    Discovery gardens

  • Do u have a strap on

    by trip43 – 26 Jan 2016


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