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Hey everyone,

I am part time model and freelancer, orignally from Portugal and living in Dxb now. I am a fitness freak so I do take care of myself as I am sure my pictures can show.

I enjoy meeting men who are mature and know what they want as it makes things easier for both of us. Personal hygiene is a must, a nice message on watsapp to introduce yourself would be nice.

I am happy to meet for a good time spent together with great company. Looking forward to meeting a select few individuals who would like to have a splendid evening or possibly breakfast in bed 😄

Pietra xoxo

Incalls per hour from
1,500 AED (US$ 408)
Outcalls per hour from
2,000 AED (US$ 544)
173 cm / 5′8″
Hair color
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    I haven’t ever done this before but I think it was necessary this time to post a review of my very “Excellent encounter” with Pietra. I am a older man so I have had my fair share of hook-ups but this specific one was worthy of being put down in words.
    Pietra is like a vivid dream, sweet and elegant, yet with distinct features it’s hard to not notice her. Beautiful isn’t a word I would use to describe her because it just wouldn’t do her justice. She is exquisite, electrifying and has that unique womanly beauty that I have missed in my time.
    Attitude wise she is a sweetheart, soft spoken and mild mannered but very lady like in her posture and mannerisms.
    Looks, well she is got it all is what I would say mildly. A 10 out of 10.
    The naughty bits was the best love making I have had in over a decade, the sheer passion ignited by her touch was just insane. I would have happily over stayed my welcome but didn’t want to impose as she truly deserves the class that comes being her.
    Extremely overjoyed at having had this very memorable, authentic and excellent date with Pietra. Thank you so much for being so astonishingly wonderful my dear.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (12 other reviews)

    I will be as detailed as I can be. First off a dynamic experience is one way to describe the whole meeting. Every now an then there is a gem that comes out and what an insane pleasure it was to meet Pietra. She was really nice over the initial chats, seemed very sweet and honest. Met her last week and then again yesterday so all this is still fresh, anyways so her location is very central and easily accessible (don’t want to mention it here in case she didn’t want it to be known).
    So first impression upon seeing her, I was floored lol. She is stunning, like absolutely gorgeously stunning with a hint of Mediterranean mix somehow. A perfectly gorgeous body, and just insanely good looking.
    She is very nice personality wise, very sweet and a good host. Wasn’t in any rush or anything and tried her best to make sure I was comfortable an even offered me a coffee. Services I won’t get into out of respect and just to feel like she is the kind of woman I would want to be describing what I did with lol but man oh man it was something else. One word “Amazing”.
    Extremely over joyed to have met her and definitely my favorite from now on I would say.
    I do hope she stays in town for long

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    A very pretty face with a playboy models body is a deadly combination, mix it with a nice attitude, politeness and charm can be pretty outstanding. This is what I would say about her. Got to her apartment without a hitch, easy and private. Loved a good decent conversation about her travels and my own. Had a fulfilling girl friend experience with her, very pleasing in all regards. A top 10!!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (9 other reviews)

    Met up with Pietra in the afternoon today, she is mesmerizingly beautiful, stunning and seductive. My lunch break turned into a heat exchange which lasted a good hour and a few pounds less. She is ravishingly pretty and has the most pristine body I have ever seen, at least in a very long time. Perfection is what I would call her and it was my absolute pleasure to have met her

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