I am a right blend of dusky looks and a body that any man would die for. I am a woman in her 30’s from the corporate world who loves to have fun on the side, I can meet you at your hotel or apartment for a discreet encounter or host you at a convenient place. I am from the land of beautiful women India and currently reside in Dubai.
I am a well-spoken woman who has travelled extensively and have been working in the corporate world for many years so I know all too well how a gentleman likes to be treated. I have perfect command over English so if you’re someone who likes being with a woman who you can pour your heart out to, then I am the one for you. Meeting gentlemen of any background is not a problem for me as I have lived and worked with people from various backgrounds all my life during my travels and work.
As I said, I am from the corporate world so I don’t usually entertain calls on my “naughty” phone number but I will respond to your text messages on WhatsApp as quickly as I can, I will call you once our meeting is confirmed and we both know that we are meeting. I like to keep our conversations short on the phone but I can talk endlessly while we are together. I avoid the type of men who ask irrelevant questions over and over so please do not mind if I sound rude sometimes but trust me, I am very friendly and talkative in person.
A little bit about what I offer in bed, there’s very little I say no to as long as we both feel comfortable but anal, rimming, scat and golden shower is always a big no.
I have been told that I have luscious big lips that are made to suck and boy, I suck. Giving blow jobs till you’re satisfied to your last drop is my absolute pleasure but I do not swallow at any cost.
I like men who play with my nipples when I am sucking them off as it turns me on beyond your imagination. I have big firm breasts who I like being suckled, and by big I mean really BIG. My breasts are natural with no implants so if you’re someone who likes big melons, then you got to look no further. You have to meet me to see them as I do not send any nudes over the phone for my own privacy and safety so I hope all you men out there won’t ask me to share my nudes.
Kissing is my passion, I like long, wet, slow, sloppy kisses with a lot of tongue play. I get turned on by men who like foreplay and kiss me as they mean it.
I am very hygienic and expect to meet similar men, I will play with you as much as you want so long you’re as hygienic as I am, I like and respect men who take a shower before we get under the sheets.
I do not indulge in unprotected sex so please do not disrespect me asking for sex without a condom as I will reject your proposal no matter how much money is on the table although sucking you off without a condom is my absolute pleasure.
My rates are fixed, however, I do provide reasonable discount to my regulars, I do not count the number of shots you would do during our agreed time together and I am not a clock watcher either.
You can even bring your own wife or girlfriend as long as she’s comfortable with other women as I am bisexual and treat both men and women with equal passion. So if you’re looking for MFF fun, hit me up and we will have unforgettable time together.
I do not like to cheat and deliver what I always promise, most of my regulars go back years which is a testament to my credibility. I have explained everything in detail in my listing, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me on my WhatsApp, I may not respond immediately as I am a working professional so I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Per hour from
1,500 AED (US$ 408)
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
166 cm / 5′5″
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    After going thru MR several times and reading the reviews, I had the perfect opportunity to meet Preeti recently at her place. The first impression is the best impression they say and so it was including her reception, greeting and a clean place as I’m very finicky about these aspects.

    The initial conversation we had got me at ease and then we could continue from there on. The expectations and fantasy I had were fulfilled completely by her, it was heavenly, to be precise. She knew the person she is entertaining and treated me so well like I was very special. She is worth every penny and needless to say extremely trust worthy. I would certainly recommend her to each one who wants to be treated special and most importantly should treat the lady with dignity.

    The entire time of my stay, I was the focus and never did I feel like going away though I had booked for a specific time and had to make my way. In a city like Dubai, getting a trust worthy companion is extremely important especially after reading about various scams. I recommend Preeti to each one of you, you can visit her with utmost confidence and she will be discreet to the core. Do not miss this golden girl when she is available 😍😍😍

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Hey guys met this beautiful girl few days back and she is amazing with neat place and her BJ is amazing and she is gem person. She will fulfill your desire.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Met this beautiful girl few days back and she is mesmerizing . She is friendly so you don't feel bored in her company. Amazing time spent with her. Worth visiting her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (6 other reviews)

    It's a late review on our meeting which happened march. I had a meeting with a client which got rescheduled unfortunately.i had to stay in Dubai that day. I called Preeti. She came to me wearing a churidhar. I just had a shower and was in my towel. Al unexpected as always she went on her knees and put her head beneath my towel and gobled my cock. It was really surprising and very very good.she was eating my cock as she was starving.she obeyed me as per my instructions.her boobs where so big and soft and she massaged my body with it. At the end she allowed me to finish it on her face like we see in the porn. Then we had lot of naughty chats. Over all it was the best experience in my life.

    I enjoy the comfort level we share..have never forgotten our talks about your stressful work..
    Being wild on you comes easy to me especially because of our foreplay..
    I enjoy giving you head..because of the way your body responds to me. Your body is very communicative in its own way..
    Love how sloppy i make your thick long rod, love to see it get so hot for me and how it moves in excitement when I swirl my tongue on you. Love to just accelerate and edge you and cool it only to start over again!
    Love making your balls wet and sloppy and playing with them individually with my tongue!
    it makes me wetter and powerful to know what I can do with my tongue..to see u pound and surrender is a pleasure for me too!!
    Your words mean a lot to me..
    Hoping to see u this week again!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (7 other reviews)

    I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful indian woman who knows how to please a man in all ways. She is too good and really enjoys being pleasured as well. She is one hell of a woman you should not miss to meet and she is very genuine and down to earth. Hope to see her again soon for a great time

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (6 other reviews)

    Very communicative and pleasant though she atleast has 5 plus profiles in different names.Her blow job is one of the best if not the very best. But she smokes and room smells smoke and that's a put off for a non smoker. Overall a positive experience but not the best one..


  • Rating: 5 / 5by (11 other reviews)

    I don’t even remember how many times we’ve met since the turn of 2021 and each has definitely been better than before, i met her again on 8th June for the second time after she moved places, a very nice, cosy apartment in JLT, very easy to locate with no security hassles to ensure the encounter stays as discreet as possible. I won’t say much about what she offers in bed as i have no adjectives to describe her. She’s one of the best I have ever had and certainly amongst the top 3 women i have had the luxury to be with.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Another attempt at the review, I met her day before yesterday at her apartment which is very conveniently located near Marina, conversation leading up to the meeting was very polite and she seemed quite educated, all my questions were answered, i made a couple of requests for the dressing that she obliged. I showed at her place about 20 minutes late than we had agreed but she was gracious enough to accommodate me, the view from the balcony was amazing, we sat down, had a couple of drink and then kept talking for a while, that conversation put me at ease. She slowly got closer to me & initiated the touches that lead to a very passionate and steamy session that I will not go into the details of, only thing i would mention here that her kissing and Blowjob was out of this world, I didn’t have my hopes too high but it was all better than what i had imagined. She’s a completely natural girl, beautiful looks, she looks exactly the same as in the photos. I recommend her and i will definitely be seeing her again soon.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Where do I even begin.... sigh. First of all Indian woman are the most gorgeous and no other women get even close to them and she is a queen amongst them. First I have to thank her incredible patience since I always text her alot and made her wait alot till we finally met! And a big warning! This goddess will make you want to forget everything in life and just make love to her for life. You may think there might be women more prettier or with better bodies, but this queen will dominate all your senses once you push yourself inside her. She will absolutely overwhelm you with her hunger and the heat and smell of her body during sex oh my God. Also what I love about her is she isn't just sexual hunger without passion, she will keep kissing you like a lover of a 100 years. I honestly felt like I met my long lost lover while kissing her , it was mind blowing and made the sex feel genuine and true with so much emotions. Till this day I struggle to meet her again for my own stupid reasons, but let me tell you gentlemen.... no woman will take you to absolute heaven the way this goddess can. She is an absolute gem and a wonderful human being and an absolute enchanting beauty.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    I met her on valentine's night, really valentine's night I got . After a tiring week I had searched in massage republic for just checking, when I read the reviews got intrested in her and called ,phone conversation didn't go that well ,might be considered one of many random calls I guessed and I reached her apartment at first look not impressed ,reached room started conversation -went for hours .gave me energy and confidence .kissed her in couch getting stimulated just with general conversation ,then no looking back we both had fun I can say ,and that is what that matters .it really was love making .that is why I called it valentine's night. Thankyou for being nice to me ❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Spent a lovely overnight with Pretti. Great conversation in english. She is fine being dominant or passive. Really sets the stage of her flat. If your into a real gfe with someone that is really into kissing and being pleased she is tops.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (48 other reviews)

    Trying to get this review for Preeti published more finally it can go thru as it’s a genuine experience and would want to share this awesome babe with others also.
    Had the pleasure of meeting Preeti recently and I can say that it was an amazing experience. As a regular on the site of MR and a connoisseur of escort experiences, I have seen that there are many listing for Indian escorts who either turn out to be click-bait-switch or Pali or don’t end up offering all services advertised. So I was sceptical with Preethi also initially but she clarified all my doubts and was happy to put me at ease even before we met.
    On that day itself, she teased me before our meeting with what she could wear and how it would play out making the upcoming meeting itself so exciting and anticipatory for me.
    And when we met, sparks flew and passion was ignited. What I loved about Preeti was that she is so capable of having deep stimulating Intelligent conversations on one side and in the other moment stimulating your sexual desires till the point you can not hold on. She is an expert in love making and is one of the best ever BJ artists that I have had the pleasure of being with. And the icing on the cake is that she also gets so much into the mood and enjoys the sex so much getting so hot and wet it’s a further turn on.
    She lives in a nice clean location and has a private room which is tastefully done also.
    I would surely recommend her and give her a 10* - look forward to seeing you soon my baby!

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    She is just amazing.
    Very friendly and great personality.
    She absolutely loves what she does and not a clock watcher

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Met a few days ago. Easy to find. Excellent blowjob. Inhales your cock. Right, wet pussy that sucks you in. Lovely time spent

    I cant be grateful enough for your kind words.. Though i try to do my best everytime i meet a stranger but its still magic and rainbows the way my body reacts when i am treated the way you touched me...The best comes out because of our emotional. And thus physical connection.. I am lucky to meet someone as genuine and good at holding my main power switches as you.. You know i cant lie about how I feel when you touch me.. My body leaks in agreement😍😜..hope to see you soon looking forward to it... Ill be waiting to inhale and then smoking that pole again soon😘😍 loads of love preeti❤️💋

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met her few days ago, beautiful lady with a hot sexy body.I had my most romantic experience with her.she is horse on bed . Her most hottest assets is her lips and tongue . Looking forward to meet her again soon. If you are looking for a memorable day . Go to her she will take you to heaven 🥰

    Hello darling! I am glad that you take your time out to leave such beautiful words for me, i highly appreciate your gesture, i am glad that you liked me, i always try to be at my best so as to not disappoint anyone, thanks again for your beautiful, here's to hoping for another passionate meeting soon.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by

    Contacted her this afternoon and arranged to meet her at my hotel for 1 hour, chatting on the phone was easy and to the point. She promised to meet me in 1 hour after we agreed but she was a little late but I can understand and was not angry about it. Only reason I had decided to see her was for her large breasts she had mentioned in her ad and she was not lying about it, they really are massive and in a good way, she provided all the services she has listed, I politely asked for anal which she refused and understandably so but she allowed me to deep rim her that she seemed to have enjoyed. She even agreed to extend our encounter from 1 to 2 hours after my request. I would be seeing her often as I wasn’t disappointed at all, my only complaint to her is that during our initial conversation on WhatsApp she seemed a little disconnected but was more open after I proved myself to be a legit client and shared with her my hotel booking information. I would rate her 4 out of 5 stars for a wonderful time spent with me. Until next time “keep the fire burning” 😉

    Thank you for your kind words, these mean a lot to me. I hope to see you again soon and I will sure “keep the fire burning”. Until next time 😘


  • did you allow tityfuck?

    by kasunwick99 – 29 Sep 2022

    Hey yes I do ..
    Please wssup me on 0562776952

  • do you offer domination sessions?

    by sunshine_13 – 30 Aug 2022

    Hey I do offer domination services, kindly wssup me on 0562776952

  • Hi dear plaese unblock my nukber serios to meet it ends with 2739

    by alijahani104 – 16 Aug 2022

    I re read our conversation,
    My decision was final, though I receive 15k messages a month, I try to handle with a lot of patience and grace, I respect gentlemen that are considerate of my time, my information is sent to you in wassup instantly, you have been asking irrelevant questions since 2019,
    I apologize I am not able to provide service to you.
    Hope you enjoy yourself with other service providers nonetheless.
    Thank you

  • I'm from Korea will u meet me?

    by yping – 11 Sep 2022

    I am not biased or racist enough to cut out any nationality..as long as your not Kim Jong yourself...I am ready to meet you.
    Kindly whastapp to schedule a meeting

  • U have hotel room or private apartment

    by jumakhanx09 – 21 Feb 2023

    Hey I have a private apartment in JLT
    Pls wssup me for further details on 0562776953

  • Aee you available 2am

    by deepakdxb – 4 Jul 2022

    Hey yes I usually stay up till then..kindly wassup me 0562776952

  • Hi Babe
    Are you ok to receive rimming? I would like to to finger and lick your ass and pussy? Is that ok?
    How much for 1 shot / 30 minutes? 😘🥰

    by georgeeasy7 – 25 May 2022

    Hi i certainly would enjoy you rimming me.. And i enjoy oral on me .. I would appreciate if you could wassup me for a discreet discussion on 0562776952

  • Unable to find you on WhatsApp. Can you please share numbers

    by bradley1239 – 28 Jun 2022

    Hey how are u Bradley,
    Wassup me on 0562776952
    I'm sure this number is on wssup
    +971562776952 for international numbers

  • Hi Preeti,
    How are you? Can you please share your unblurred photos to jalalamal90@gmaildotcom

    by jalalamal90 – 13 Nov 2021

    Hi Jamal, I cud wassups u my pics discreetly. Kindly wssup on 0562776952

  • Do you offer taboo roleplay scenarios? What are your special one’s?

    by ali_khan1982 – 29 Aug 2021

    Hi there, yes, i do offer role play scenarios with taboo role plays being my specialty as they bring out the best in me, however, i always discuss the scenario in person only as i do not encourage sexual conversation on WhatsApp, I’ll be down to offer any role play of your choice, let’s connect on WhatsApp and we can discuss further.

  • Hello sweetness! Are you available tonight for an overnight session?

    by ali_khan1982 – 1 Sep 2021

    Hi yes i am available to meet tonight, my overnight sessions are from 10 pm - 8 am and i can visit any hotel of your choice, all i would ask for is a hotel booking confirmation at least 2-3 hrs in advance for me to arrange everything at my end, pls WhatsApp me to discuss further.

  • Amazing profile! I understand you offer overnights but I am someone who values his privacy more than anything, I want to stay with you for a longer duration but arrangement has to be early morning till afternoon, would it work for you?

    by adamjohnmarcus – 7 Sep 2021

    I can understand the privacy concerns, i host in my own home where i stay alone and have no security issues here. I am open to the idea if you’d like to stay for a longer duration during the day, however, i prefer overnights only in hotels as i am not comfortable hosting for overnights in my home. Let’s connect on my WhatsApp if you’d want to discuss this further.

  • Baby can u come over to my apartment i love ur write up.. Also if u wudnt mind please can u wear normal dresses and no make up.. Discretion is important to me i live in a residential building in marina please let me knw if u can!

    by Tieups – 13 Aug 2021

    Hello darling! I do offer out calls at private apartments too, so, yes, I would love to visit you, point noted, I'll ensure to be dressed in a way so as to not draw any attention, let's connect on WhatsApp.

  • Hi,
    Do you provide lesbian service?

    by aditi98 – 15 Jul 2021

    Hello Aditi, yes, I am bisexual and do cater to the needs of women too, I usually prefer meeting in hotels so as to ensure maximum safety & privacy for myself and my clients, I can help with the hotel booking if you'd like me to do that, please connect with me on 058 9960795 and we can discuss our arrangement more discreetly. Hopefully we can get to spend some part of the weekend together.

  • Are you not in Dubai anymore? Can’t seem to connect to your number.

    by motwaniritesh11 – 16 Jul 2021

    Hi, I am in Dubai, I am a resident here and haven't been out of here for a while thanks to this pandemic, I may have missed out on replying to you, please write to me again with your name and I will ensure to respond to you as soon as I can.

  • We are an Indian couple who have recently opened up to each other and want to try swinging lifestyle, any suggestions?

    by anjaliverma1989 – 8 Jul 2021

    Hello Anjali, my WhatsApp is listed in my profile, please WhatsApp me and we can probably discuss this more discreetly, i would like to know what exactly are you looking for in lifestyle, do you want to another couple or do you intend to meet me with another girl? I can arrange both, I can meet you as a couple with another man of my choosing or my girlfriend, I am bi as is my girlfriend but my boyfriend who works with me is straight and generally doesn’t engage with other men which is why i want to discuss the arrangement more privately to understand what you require. Please text me.

  • I have a fantasy of seeing a woman fuck another man while i am sitting and watching, can you do that? Off course I will fuck too but I want to watch others fucking.

    by pussyeating69 – 4 Jul 2021

    Hello, yes I can be with 2 men simultaneously, however, it has to be only in a hotel and I would require a confirmed booking plus 2-3 hours advance notice before I see you. I can discuss the charges privately on WhatsApp if you’d like to take this arrangement forward.

  • Your tits look amazing, would you allow me to jizz all over them and spread it over your hard nipples?

    by inlovewithmilfs – 6 Jul 2021

    Thank you for complimenting my tits, yes, I do allow COB and CIM though I don’t swallow. You can cum over my body for sure. Hit me up on my WhatsApp and discuss this further more privately.

  • Can i put my tongue inside your pussy?

    by pussyeating69 – 4 Jul 2021

    Yes I do allow oral on me and I love it, i get soaking wet when i feel a tongue anywhere near my pu***. So to answer your question, yes, you can put your tongue inside me and make me love it. Talk to me on WhatsApp.

  • Hi dear, you can do nuru massage?

    by Rahul07 – 30 Jun 2021

    Hey I do nuru massage and love to do it.. Please wassup me so we can meet

  • Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have no words, still shivering in my legs and taking cold showers, never seen someone like you before, thanks for an awesome time.

    by rajukumar797 – 19 Jun 2021


  • Texted you but your number appears unavailable, are you not available in Dubai anymore?

    by rmohan15 – 14 Jun 2021

    Hello, I was unavailable last week but I am available for meetings now. Please WhatsApp me at 058 9960795.

  • Can you blindfold me to make love to me?

    by chutkapyasaaa7 – 9 Jun 2021

    Yes I sure can do that but you would need to bring a blindfold / cuffs if that’s what you’re into as i do not have any special toys. I am also not into hardcore BDSM id that’s something you’re interested in. Talk to me at 0589960795 if you’d like to discuss any further.

  • We are Katherine & Marcus from UK, do you mind meeting couples? We would love you to spend the night with us, Kathy is into women whereas I am straight, do you mind carrying any traditional Indian dresses?

    by indecentukcouple – 6 Jun 2021

    Thanks for getting in touch with me, yes, I love to meet couples as I am bisexual and into women too, I can meet you all for an overnight at a place of your choice or a hotel, I can help you with the booking too, please connect with me on my 058 9960795.

  • If i bring another girl with me (another escort) will you be ok with doing her too if you are bi?

    by richardharr1972 – 3 Jun 2021

    Hiya, yes, I am bisexual and treat men and women with equal passion so long as your girl is comfortable being in company of other girls. please write to me on my WhatsApp and we can discuss the arrangement further more privately.

  • 600 is ok?

    by mohadahd1 – 2 Jun 2021

    Sorry darling, my rates are given in my listing, please WhatsApp me whenever you feel like meeting me and you're able to pay my gifting as stated in my profile.

  • Hi Preeti, I’m 25yrs old boy can I eat your Pusssy 🐱 ❤️….

    by Rahul07 – 14 May 2021

    Hi Rahul, off course you can, I love men who go down on me and who know what they have to do *wink wink*. Let's connect on my WhatsApp and see if we can take this forward. Hugs!

  • Hi Preeti, are you available for tonight? Overnight in DT

    by Joseph_Lu – 12 May 2021

    Hello Joseph, yes, I am available, please connect with me on my WhatsApp to discuss further.

  • Dear your boobs seem so sexy, I would love to suck them, do you offer in calls?

    by chutkapyasaaa7 – 11 Apr 2021

    First of all, let me give you 10 marks for your creativity, this unique user name that you’ve come up with made me burst out with laughter, only Hindi speakers would actually understand what it means, bravo!
    To answer your question, yes, I do offer in calls and I love to have my boobs sucked, let’s connect on WhatsApp to set up a meeting to see how “pyasa” you really are 😄

  • Is your bust size really large as you claim in your listing? I have a fascination for large breasts, what size are you and are you natural or do you have any implants too?

    by hassanmurtaza1989 – 5 Apr 2021

    Hello! Yes, i have a LARGE bust size as i have stated in my advert, I am glad that you have a liking for large breasts, I might be the one for you 😉
    I am size 44D and I am completely natural with no implants, I can share with you my un blurred photos if you’d connect with me on WhatsApp, I won’t be sharing nudes though just so we are clear 🤗

  • Hello babe! I was hoping to see you again, are you free anytime this week?

    by jawadahmad1989 – 5 Apr 2021

    Hello J! Nice to hear from you again, as you know I am always in town, so to reply to your question, yes I am available this week, text me whenever you’re comfortable and we will set up a date and time. Until then warm kisses for you darling 😘 😘 😘 😘

  • Are you independent? Are you okay with being handcuffed and made love to? No torture or extreme pain will be inflicted though.

    by richardharr1972 – 4 Apr 2021

    Hello Rich! Yes, I would love to be treated that way although I do not have any toys at the moment, as you said, I wouldn’t allow any torture on me, but I’d love to be tied up and made love to 😉 😉 let’s connect on my WhatsApp, shall we?

  • Are you into any taboo role plays? Any scenarios that you like or that are your specialty? Propose me some ideas and perhaps we can discuss those in detail privately if i like them.

    by pratiksaks4500 – 2 Apr 2021

    Hello Pratik, yes, I love to do role plays however, I am not fond of discussing the scenarios on WhatsApp and rather like to do that in person, if you’re looking specifically for a taboo role play then I can suggest, step sister, step mother, mother in law, hot teacher, sexy neighbor etc. Let’s connect on WhatsApp and discuss further 😘

  • An amazing girl, one of the finest experiences with an Indian woman, highly educated and a great conversationalist. A must try if you’re looking for a true Indian beauty.

    by pj73863 – 30 Mar 2021

    Thank you darling for these wonderful words, I can’t thank you enough. You’re truly a gem and thank you very much for the wonderful gift, I will for sure keep it close to my heart. Until we meet again 😘 😘 😘

  • Would you be okay in visiting a private apartment for overnight or does that need to be only in a hotel?

    by pj73863 – 28 Mar 2021

    Hi darling! pls WhatsApp me so we can discuss this arrangement privately, yes, I do private apartments as well as hotels for overnight.

  • Are you free for another meeting tomorrow afternoon??

    by jawadahmad1989 – 26 Mar 2021

    Please write to me on WhatsApp darling 💋 💋 💋

  • I have looked at various listings and have finally decided to spend the Thursday night with you (2 hours), are you free this evening from 5 - 7 pm? E-mail me at imranchangaiz1980@gmail.com as I'm a little uncomfortable sharing Whats app.

    by imranchangaiz1980 – 25 Mar 2021

    Hello darling! Thank you for connecting with me, I can understand why some people could be reluctant to use WhatsApp but that is the best way for me to connect, I do however have sent you an e-mail and tried to be as elaborate as I possibly could, I am free from 5 - 7 pm and can meet you, I will need you to confirm by 4 pm at least that we’re meeting so I can be ready on time. I’d prefer if you’d WhatsApp me 😘

    Ciao! I hope to see you soon.

  • You seem like quite an interesting character, for the threesomes that you offer, is that strictly at your place or do you mind visiting private apartments too? Where’s your girlfriend from and are you guys really bisexuals?

    by motwaniritesh11 – 22 Mar 2021

    Hi Ritesh, thanks for your question, I am glad that you found me interesting and worth your time to have posted a question, no i do not mind visiting private apartments, and to answer the second part, yes we are both bisexuals, we can discuss further details more privately over WhatsApp, how about you send me a quick text and we discuss this further? 😘

  • Best thing abt her is her kissing & BJ that I've become a fan of, oh & she has that baby faced innocence on her face to die for. Treat her well & she'll treat you like a king, I highly recommend her & will keep seeing her in the future.

    by rajukumar797 – 21 Mar 2021

    I hope you’ll give me me an opportunity to thank you again in my own way for being such a sweetheart! I am floored by your gesture 😘 😘 😘

  • Hi Preeti, this is Raju we had met couple of weeks back, are you available with your girlfriend? I would like to meet you both for a threesome session today is possible.

    by rajukumar797 – 18 Mar 2021

    Hey Raj! you seem to have lost my contact by the looks of it - lol

    My friend is available from tomorrow but we'll only see you in a hotel hun! How about you write me on WhatsApp and we discuss this privately? If you don't know, the phone option is right above the profile, you just need to click there - lol, see you soon babe

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