Tantra masseuse therapist DANIELA with more than 8years experience in tantra world is again available now in Dubai for short time for real tantra pleasure and qualification for body to body massage, nuru massage and special progress with Exclusive body to body and Royal tantra.

More information are published on my presentation www.tamaspirit.com

Special offer of relax rates till 90min duration:

Tantra massage with progress Intensive : 1600aed
Tantra massage with progress Body to body: 1900aed
Tantra massage with progress Exclusive body to body: 2400aed
Tantra massage with progress Royal: 2900aed

Please, let me remind you of few important information.

Touch is the silent gateway to the heart and i would like you to enjoy the touches of me to the fullest.

Therefore i would like to remind you about the real meaning of tantra sensual massage and ask you not to confused it with sexual services.
Such services i do not offer.

If you have ever spent time with an expert masseuse, you will know how much good it can do you. Those who have had a particularly tough week at work will find that all of their worries drift away as they treat themselves to a relaxing and sensual TaMa Spirit tantra massage.

Per hour from
2,900 AED (US$ 789)
English (Fluent)
German (Good)
175 cm / 5′9″
Hair color


  • Rating: 5 / 5by (7 other reviews)

    Daniella knows what she is talking about, she is a very accommodative individual. Her massage techniques are something I have never experienced before. She makes sure to create a very relaxed and soft atmosphere which helps in enjoying her masterful way of taking away all your stress. Treat her with respect as she is a pioneer in her field.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Daniela is a class apart from the others, her session was a pathway to bliss, she draws on various practices and techniques, including meditation and breathing techniques, to bring about a state of expanded consciousness or bliss using sensory touches and tantric massage. She expertly manages to identify your sensory pleasure points and stimulate them to achieve pure sensual bliss. She uses sophisticated breathing techniques and sensory touches to rejuvenate your chakras. She expertly controls the ambiance with her beautiful personality, soothing music, fragrance and sensory touches, understands what your body needs. I felt immensely calm,satisfied and had a rare feeling of re-energized and revitalizing after the session. If you are looking for an extraordinary healing session, she is a must-try in all aspects.

    Her treatment facility was easy to find, very clean and tidy with all modern facilities.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    The best tantra therapist here. Real tantra massage, she knows how to work with energies and open the chakras for the best experience. Will see her again for sure.
    Easy and nice place provided with all facilities for treatment.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (11 other reviews)

    Daniela is a pioneer in her field. Very professional and takes what she does seriously. My first ever experience in this area and I was glad being in her hands. She does what she does with an extreme flair and it shows, I was mystified by how her hands could move and the energy it created, loved the over all time with her.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    First of all where do I start! If you are confusing tantra massage with regular sexual services and escorts you are mistaken. I recommend reading Daniella’s presentation and going through her website before contacting her. The tantra session is more for someone who wants to feel a wholesome wellbeing experience combined with professional tantra techniques and sensual touch. I got my opportunity to meet her after a lot of delays. Daniella is an amazing, beautiful and warm person who takes her time to understand you and your body. She is absolutely un rushed in her approach and mind you she is a life coach as well. The music and the atmosphere along with her warm personality provide the perfect atmosphere for this kind of therapy. Trust me if you are looking for something different, refreshing and sensual you will not be disappointed! A must try if you are looking for real relaxation and a thorough professional experience!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met her few days ago and she is still in my mind. She is very attractive lady, a nice personality and very kind person. Had an wonderful time with her and her hands are magic. She creates relaxed unrushed atmosphere in my place with her style . Massage i rate 5/5 - very happy and satisfied. My body feels very relaxed. I hope im lucky enough to get to see her again. Thank you Daniela for everything

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Daniela is different standard. You cant simply compare her with all another girls here. She is very classy and elegant. She knows, how to relax you. I select Royal tantra from her menu, and she does something on my back, after i felt very warm- my tension was gone. It was special and something new to me. She has beautiful soft skin and smells amazing. I love her sensuality. One of my best massage. Location i rate 5*, place inside too.
    Will be back soon

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I was waiting for a apointment with Daniela 2 weeks, she had full sessions. Yesterday i finally was able to meet her. She is the same lady as on the pictures. Reality better. Stunning curvy body. She does the treatment in elegant proffesional way. I had already experiece with tantra massage befor, but here i felt different. Lot of positive energy, erotic vibe, i felt she enjoyed it. No time watcher. Will come back for another massage with her for sure.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    I have been seeing escorts for quite sometime and I was tired of mindless sex.Some of women who I will not mention only cared about money.I felt I needed to do something else. I was really fortunate to have stumbled upon a page that gives Nuru message.I did have some experience with escorts before but the only difference is Daniella only gives nuru.So I contacted her and she spoke to me with such compassion and excitement.She showed me what she offers through her website.I clicked her website and saw pictures of her amazing beauty which have made me really excited that I had to arrange a meeting with her as soon as possible.

    After a few days of waiting the day came and I had just finished work all exhausted but still prepared to go in.I was standing in her room took a deep breath then entered and there she was a beautiful European girl and a very sexy accent that matches her looks.We sat down and had a quick chat about my previous Trantra experience.I mentioned it all and she told me that they are not actual tantra and I will experience a real one.I could not so I took a shower then put one a special cloth that could have a my private part then I the bathroom and Daniella was standing in the cloth which covered till the end her breast.She told me to relax and let her take control.I rested facing down then she removed my towel and began the message by sliding her breast and vegina everywhere.The more she moved the more I felt relaxed it was like I was in heaven with an angel.Then she turned me around and started to message the front parts.This is where I got a hit nervous as I was about to climax which I thought that was it but I was wrong and that is when the really message starts.I felt that my body heating up to levels I thought possible then we both had an organism which was new for me.It lasted for nearly 10 minutes then stopped and the message was over.When I woke up I felt that everything is fine with my life and noticed everything around me.She asked me how it was and I told her that this is better then any sex I ever had.She was happy offered me a glass of water and drank and told her the feeling I had.Then we hugged and I left the hotel.Even now the experience is still in my head and I am really looking forward to take the more exclusive message which involves touching her breast.

    My dear gentleman, its my pleasure to read so nice words on our together spended time. Im looking forward on your new session, that we can explore more sensual parts of your body, that it feels more freedom and relaxation.

    With love


  • Are u still in dubai?

    by ahmadjagadev – 29 Apr 2022

    Good afternoon,
    Yes, i am.

  • Hi, can i book also longer time? 2hrs tonight? Or max.you can do 90min?

    by mehdisaifir – 20 Apr 2022

    Thank you for your question. Yes, on request im able to arrange also 2hrs session. Feel free to contact me via whatsapp to check my exactly details for tonight relaxation options.

  • Hi Daniela,
    Are u back in Dubai?
    Available these days also during day time?

    by reemshareif – 7 Apr 2022

    Good afternoon,
    Yes I am back and also during day time is possible for me to arrange the relaxation. Feel free to ask my availability via direct whatsapp chat.

  • Hi,
    Are you available tomorrow? The Royal tantra is the best massage what you have?

    by faisalibrhmsayeed – 30 Mar 2022

    Good morning.
    Feel free to contact me directly via my whatsapp nr. to check my availability.

    The Royal tantra treatment is relaxation for a gentleman, who wants to feel like a king. If is this the feeling you are looking for, after yes, the Royal tantra is the best massage for you.

  • Do u accept late night session?

    by sajmokhan – 12 Mar 2022

    Good evening,
    The best way how to check my availability is to send me direct request on my whatsapp.

  • Hi,
    Available tonight for a massage in my hotel palm jumeirah?

    by reemshareif – 25 Feb 2022

    Good evening,
    Yes, its still possible for me to arrange it. Please share the details directly on my whatsapp number.
    Thank you

  • Hi, I have gone through your website, the prices mentioned is flexible? then accordingly I contact you on whatsapp

    by iaakok8 – 19 Feb 2022

    Good afternoon, thank you for the question. My prices for my treatments published on my profile and my direct presentation www.tamaspirit.com are minimal. As a gentleman, u are welcome also to leave more😉

  • Massage tonight possible?

    by khaledsamir601 – 13 Feb 2022

    Good afternoon,
    will be my pleasure to guide you. Please send details directly on my whatsapp number.
    Thank you, Daniela

  • i would like to try trampling in heels and you put your heels in my belly button , ignore if i am in pain and keep standing with your heel in my belly button i have this fantasy and i wish to try it out Can we do it ?

    by Ricardo_de – 8 Feb 2022

    Good day,
    No, we cant do that. Please avoid this type of question on my profile. It is waisting of time. Thank you.
    Wish you all the best

  • Hi Daniela,
    Are you still in Dubai?

    by ahmadbuhabil – 2 Feb 2022

    Good morning,
    Yes, im in Dubai. U are welcome to contact me directly via my whats app number🍀

  • Thanks for reply.
    This is an escort website and it’s normal to ask such a question. I am sorry that I don’t understand then what you are doing in this site.
    All the best for you too.

    by atishamar33 – 12 Oct 2021

    My dear gentleman. Its absolutly fine to ask, but it will be also nice, if you read too😉 Dont get me wrong pls, but where else i can put my presentation when MassageRepublic isnt right place for me, when i offer services : massage, nuru massage and tantra massage ? 😊😉

    Thank you for your advice

  • Hi. Can I have Nuru with CIm. No intercourse

    by atishamar33 – 11 Oct 2021

    Good day. You arent looking for my qualification. For your "Nuru with CIm" you dont need to contact tantra therapist with more than 8years experience, reputation and education in this unique art.
    I wish you all the best🍀

  • Still in dubai?

    by praneet55 – 13 Sep 2021

    Nice day i wish you. Yes, im based in Dubai. You can contect me direclty via whatsapp on my number or you can visit my presentation www.tamaspirit.com


  • hi...i want to see you this saturday...if i buy lingerie for you...will you wear for me.
    what is you size.....i want to have 2 shots with you......pls let me know?!!!

    by milfboydavid – 9 Apr 2021

    Good day Mr. David Chikna.
    I believe, your message should be sent to some another advert.

    Anyway still from the point of my view of therapist, we can have a look together by the terapeutic session, why you have this feeling and how to find the way to understand yourself.

    All the best

  • How can I contact you?

    by Sam_Dubai – 20 Mar 2021

    You are welcome to visit my presentation www.tamaspirit.com via booking form or via whatsapp on my number.

  • Hi Daniela,
    Are you still in Dubai?

    by Sam_Dubai – 16 Mar 2021

    Nice day i wish you Sam.
    Yes, im based in Dubai. 🍀

  • Hi, just to be sure, can you do role play too? me sucking your nipples milk mommy? 🤱👶🥺

    by Tits_sucker – 10 Dec 2020

    Nice day i wish you.
    I recommend you to check some book with topic "how to grown up from child and be men". The Peter Pan Syndrome( men who have never grown up) its quite common. Just check some more information.
    All the best i wish you

  • You don’t provide sex !??

    by abualwafa1987 – 10 Dec 2020

    Thank you for your question. Even its clearly written in my profile and also my private presentation www.tamaspirit.com , NO one from my therapist included me provide sexual services.
    So, Yes, you are right. Well done.🍀

  • Hello, do you provide a real tantra massage? Is possible also servicies?

    by alimhdsayed – 27 Jul 2020

    Nice day i wish you.
    Real tantra massage is about high vibrations energies, which are possible apply via deeply touch inside to the body. As i am tantra therapist - low vibrations (offering sexual services) is out of question for me. More additional info is able to find on my presentation www.tamaspirit.com.


  • Hi... Are you going to be in Dubai on 29th Feb & 1st of March?

    by KJ – 23 Feb 2020

    Nice day i wish you. Yes, on 29th of February and also 1st of March, you can still have a relaxation with me in Dubai.


  • Hi Daniela.May I ask you where do you stay ?

    by jony007 – 19 Feb 2020

    Nice day i wish you. Im based next to the Financial metro station on SZR.
    With nice regards

  • Hi, how long you going to be in dubai

    by iaakok – 15 Nov 2019

    Nice evening. You can fixed up your tantra date in Dubai with me until 1week of december.🍀

  • Hi,
    Are you still in Dubai? if yes, which area you’re staying?

    by azimas – 6 Nov 2019

    Hello my dear.
    Yes im still in Dubai. Im always staying in downtown area or in 5*hotel on SZR. For exactly location and booking use my whatsapp number. Thank you🍀

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