Gentlemen, welcome to Tantra Spa Agency with updated programs and services! All our girls are professional therapists with at least 2 years of experience. Each one is individual and each one will envelop you in her own atmosphere! The program script is the same like mentioned, scheduled minute by minute - you know exactly what you will get. But with each therapist it will be a new experience! It’s mean when you come to the same program, you will orgasm differently! This is what makes our service absolutely special.

Each girl has her own author's techniques, each works on her development, maintains velvety skin and fitness body, dances. Each one travels and fills herself with beauty, they love men and sex very much - After all, this is the only way to enjoy what they do! They share this with their dear guests at the programs. Everyone is happy and satisfied and this is what our agency’s work is based on. Our men relax in body and soul, are inspired by beauty and tenderness, and reboot. And for sure in order to gain the necessary strength they always know where to come

Let me tell you now, dear ones, how the main programs work.

Your chosen therapist will always greet you with a smile, in a beautiful dress, luxury lingerie, heels and a fresh manicure/pedicure and makeup. She will undress you and bathe you with gentle, caring hands. Then she will put you on the bed and the erotic part of the program will begin:

Beauty will apply warm oil to you and herself. With very gentle movements she will caress you with her body and hot lips. She will tease and kiss you until you reach the peak of excitement! Her lips and hands will be everywhere, you can also do whatever you want with her, completely surrender to this moment and feel what she wants. Without any thoughts, just feel. and you will feel the highest degree of satisfaction! By the way we have an “orgasm control” option, with its help you can prolong the pleasure for as long as you want 💦 It will always be a very bright and unforgettable orgasm believe me

After such vivid emotions, you want to relax and this is the best time for a deep healing sports massage. All muscles are supple and intensively accept massage techniques.

She will very professionally and carefully massage every muscle and every centimeter of your body from head to feet. From such sensations you will fly away into bliss and when you return you will be full of strength and energy! This is why our guests love us. This complex was developed by a professional instructor and sexologists, tested by many years of experience. This is what we call High Level of Service. Once you've tried it, you won't settle for anything less. Welcome Dear Guests! 🙏🏻

If you want to know all the details just text me and I will explain and show everything

Per hour from
1,500 AED (US$ 408)
English (Fluent)
Russian (Fluent)

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  • I want to try trampling in heels and i want you to put your heel in my belly button and keep standing even if i am in pain perhaps press harder and put your hand on my mouth🔥..i would love to try this from you 😍 outcall today?

    by Rami_tawfiq – 25 Apr 2024

    Text me please on telegram 😉 I'll show you who provide this program

  • do you do prostate massage

    by Joyboy – 9 Apr 2024

    Yes sure, text me on telegram please, I’ll show you program

  • Hi, where is your location and price list?

    by alialmo_1 – 18 Apr 2024

    Hello, Text me on telegram please ☺️ I’ll explain you everything

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