Dear Gentlemen,
I am a Highly professional masseuse by the name of Valeria .Not only am I beautiful, sexy, young and juicy,As youd expect but i am an experienced and skillful too.
My service is a real tantric ritual!
As you may be aware,Erotic massage is not just a relaxation. It's a whole tantric ritual in which you get engaged from the first minute.
Every man is familiar with a pleasure of contemplating a woman's beauty. And how much it turns on to realize that you are going to spend the whole hour captured by this beauty and sensuality.
Your Privacy and comfort always come first. After you take off your shoes and coat you will already feel the warmth. Prior to the massage I will be given information on how the selected tantra massage will go and you get space to share your experience, expectations, wishes or needs. Also you can ask any questions or express your worries. For you to enjoy the best experience I incorporate your individual wishes within the tantra massage such as foot or ear massage 😄
At the room of your pleasure I look you In the eyes with sensual oriental music accompanying your purification, candles flickering, and seeing the world only through my eyes... i undress you carefully and tenderly while I erotically strip off my bottoms..

On my way to the shower, I offer to follow me so you see my dripping body at your front. You get a pleasant towel and a soft scarf (sarong) and come with me. There is a lot of essential oil smells which enhance your expectations. Beneath the tight jets of water, with the help of gentle foam i caress every centimetre of your body with my soft hands, paying more attention to the erogenous zones, tantalizing and tempting you. Sexual arousal increases, and I get aroused at your moans in my ear...

As soon as we are done showering you understand that the tenderness is not the only thing that these hands know. You feel their strength while having proper massage from top to toe. Not a single muscle of your body is forgotten.

How pleasant it is - to stop thinking about everything, not hurrying up and to relax profoundly, carelessly dissolving in skilled hands.

This is the moment of the deepest relaxation when your body is so sensitive and ready to the next stage... You needn't do anything at all,I will take care of everything. You simply follow awakening of your senses, your attention is sharpening and light waves are flowing through your body. At the moment you receive an embrace you find out that you stop thinking and only enjoy the feelings and touches.
You don't even notice and suddenly you are lying on a comfortable futon with your heart beating and feeling light as a feather. Then a massage relaxes you from tension and stress and through long moves and pleasant massage of head, feet and trapezes. Later with essential oils droppping on your body to take you to a deep relaxation and intense body sensations.

Now you are sensing a touch of juicy nipples which are moving along your body. My Hot breast, soft buttocks are moving along with fascinating music and sliding rhythmically all over your naked body, staying longer in the erogenous zones, skillfully playing with them and tempting you. A gentle touch of lips is growing into a passionate and wet kiss. I skillfully changing positions to let you enjoy every centimetre of my amazing body so you can see and feel how I aroused your moans made me.

Energy is flowing from your genitals up the spine to your head and you are starting to feel what tantra means. You begin to recall what you heard about breathing at the beginning and focus on using the awakened energy. My hands are all over you.i helps you breathe and get energy all through your body, and as you take another breath i lead you further on towards yourself. You are not thinking if you are completely devoted or open; the energy between os is almost material. There is no pressure or expectations. You slowly loose yourself in time and space and your body is full of energy that nurtures and heals you..
As the warmth is hitting up inside you, ready to erupt just like heating lava. The moment I feel that you are not able to hold yourself anymore so I squeez your lingam with my buttocks... Passionate, rhythmical moves, eye contact, groans, a greedy kiss and finally here it is - a fantastic culmination of your passion!!!

Lying down on the futon with your eyes fully open you let the whole experience sink in.i am here with you softly caressing you and leading the energy all over till it settles. You may need an embrace or hold your hand or talk about your experience. There is space for everything and everything is welcome. Then you can lie on your own to purify yourself. Hot water is flowing down your body and you are still wondering what really happened. But you feel fine
From now on you will never be the same again, because you have learned the supreme tantric pleasure!



Incalls per hour from
1,500 AED (US$ 408)
Outcalls per hour from
1,800 AED (US$ 490)
Polish (Fluent)
German (Good)
English (Good)
173 cm / 5′8″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    MR please post this as Valeria is absolutely lovely, she looks amazing and has an easy presence that is nice to chat with. As for her service they are great and the massage is very relaxing

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Valeria is absolutely amazing. I often visit Dubai and ever since I've met her, I've not felt the need to engage anyone else. She's very friendly, sensual and skillful - a real dreamgirl 😄

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Valeria is a goddess! Her seductive and playful mood is something extraordinary and i had a fantastic time with her. Her gorgeous looks and amazing skills made me feel like in heaven!

    Thanks my dear, i m every time happy to see you and hoope we will enjoy soon) kiss

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