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My name is Alessa,
I'm a 25 year old university graduate with quite some experience in the bedroom.

I am petite with long dark reddish-brown hair soft pale skin, and honey gold eyes. I have curves in all the right places, and firm, modestly sized natural C cup breasts. I'm a very natural, girl-next-door kind of beauty, who is not in the business of competing with the model-like other girls on this site.

Im shy, but confident in the bedroom with a submissiveness that translates well to an eagerness to please, and the ability to do so. I enjoy building a relationship of sorts with my clients, and our meeting will not be a passionless exchange.
Im well travelled, intelligent, affectionate, and an excellent conversationalist.

Per hour from
€300 (US$ 325)
English (Fluent)
French (Fluent)
155 cm / 5′1″
Hair color
Gold Coast
  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met her today for the first time. No doubt she is beautiful, intelligent as well. She is well traveled so she knows a lot of things that will make you talk to more n more. She is too good in bed. An expert in the art of sensual pleasures. Miss. Kamasutra is perfect word for her. I have never met someone as good as she is in the art of love making. Hope to see u again very soon. Thanks Alessa for making the time memorable.

    oh! i missed this review!
    thankyou for the kind words. 😄
    hope to see you again too, it's always lovely to remeet and touch base. 😘

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is by far the best experience i had so far..she can please u in many ways..I must say from a long time ago i was not blown away from a ladies ideas and how she speaks..she is very smart, very elegant & very sexy and seductive when it come to naughty stuff..i completely lost track of time with her as we almost spent 1.5 hrs chatting continuously..and when it came to try to have a different kind of fun she was really amazing

    I hope to see u soon again

    Apocolypse fan "hannibal" =P

    Oh, goodness!
    how did i miss this 😮
    The Joker has found a lovely home, and is just as feared 😘
    I'm sure we'll have some more fun soon ;D

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    spent quality time with this lovely girl last August. Very professional, friendly, and know how to please a man. Thanks Babe for the quality time that we spent together 😉.

    aww, thankyou 😘
    i appreciate the kind words, and the familiarity shared between those with a greek background 😘

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    What can I say about Alessa that hasn't been said? The other reviews are not an exaggeration! She made me feel at ease and so relaxed that I forgot I had just met this person! I don't normally do repeats, but will break my rules for her!

    Hehe, oh this is just far too sweet. 😉
    i hope to catch you on the way back through !
    I really enjoyed our time together, and our chemistry 😘

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had a session with Alessa the other day and she was great. I'm a bit shy but she instantly made me feel comfortable. She has a very girl next door feel and will make you feel at home. The incall location is safe and secure. She herself is even more beautiful than the pictures. Her personality is great. I don't leave reviews usually but had to for her.

    I'm glad that I helped put you at ease, baby!
    and thankyou for the compliments, and kind words!
    I appreciate you taking the time to make an exception for me, and leave me a review <3

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I generally avoid posting reviews and certainly don't feel like commenting pin details. However, Alessa was quite wonderful in just about every way imaginable. She was on time, discreetly but smartly dressed. Get occurs are accurate and apart very recent. Would certainly visit with her again.

    I really appreciate that you took the time to write this really sweet review.
    <3 I hope to see you again, too.
    and loved having a chat with you!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (6 other reviews)

    I tend to have a crazy schedule, so I tried to meet Alessa several times with no luck. Until I finally managed to see her for a quickie.

    What made me want to see her in the first place, besides her being pretty, is the way she interacts with people on this site. She seemed very friendly, down to earth, and generally the type of girl you want to hang out with all day. The instant we met in person, I knew she was all of that and more.

    As far as the skills in bed, she is a pleasure to be with. I won't go into specific details, but she is just amazing. I wish I knew about her earlier.

    Alessa, I was hesitant to write a review because I wanted you all for myself 😛 but I knew it would make you happy so here it is. Guys: make sure you treat her with respect.

    Oh my goodness, I feel terrible for not replying to this sooner. 😮
    I really appreciate this review, and am really happy i got to meet you too.
    Even if it was a difficult thing to orchestrate, though, I am very glad we got to have more than a quicky recently too 😛
    <3 Thank-you 😆

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I went to see her expecting to regret my decision. She proved me wrong.
    First, the pictures don't do her justice. She's a wonderful little package of pleasure. If you're looking for the 90s pornstar look, go elsewhere.
    As for my experience with her, it was very pleasant. She was kind, genuine, patient, and smart. She did everything right.
    I'm so glad I went to see her, & I'd very much like to see her again.

    this is the sweetest review <3
    I really enjoyed my time with you,
    and still find it hard to believe you weren't very experienced. 😛
    <3 I too hope to catch you again!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    If you're looking for the girl next door type then she is totally the girl for you! Very welcoming, she put me right at easy straight away despite my initial nerves. I really enjoyed my time with her and would definitely arrange to meet her again. This is a girl not to be missed. Easily one of the best experiences I've had in Abu Dhabi!


    She even called my geeky t-shirt "cute" 😄 Best way to win over a geek!

    Thanks for the kind words!
    It was lovely to meet with you, and im glad you had fun, and felt at ease.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Wow!!!! Mind blowing experience.. she is just amazing guys. I knew her for a while but last time she visited Abu Dhabi I could not meet her, had to cancel at last minute, but this time I got a chance to spend some time with her and it was the best experience so far. She is drop dead gorgeous, soft skin, silky hair, so petite with great curves. beautiful ass, so polite and submissive. Guys take my word, try her you'll have the same feeling I am having.

    Thankyou for your kind words!
    I am glad you enjoyed your time with me, as I enjoyed sharing my time with you. xo

  • Any plans to take a brief trip to Paris?

    by johnnysixx – 6 Aug 2019

    Unfortunately none planned, but it could be an option if you were to hire me for a night

  • Any plans for visiting India?

    by Fuckthedon – 27 Jul 2019

    Unfortunately none planned as of yet, sorry!

  • Any plans of coming to Dubai?

    by MysteryMan – 5 Jun 2019

    Hey! Unfortunately I've not got definite dates, but I'll be sure to move my ad there when i do. 😄

  • hi when are you planning another visit to dubai?

    by leukcammen – 24 Apr 2019

    I'm hoping to make a stop in dubai around june on the way back home to Australia. 😄

  • Come to Bahrain baby

    by BigGuy – 28 Mar 2019

    hey! i've not got any plans to come to Bahrain, sorry.
    however I am based in Berlin and travel to the emirates, and Doha.

  • Hi darling,
    Are you in UAE? If not when will you be here?

    by MysteryMan – 14 Jan 2019

    I will be there in march most likely

  • is it 463 eur an hour?

    by israelcanada1969 – 27 Dec 2018

    Sorry thats the conversion from my dihrams rate from when i work in the Emirates.
    Do you have whatsapp?
    We can chat there if you like xx
    Then we can discuss my Euro ratesand availability xx

  • Are you back in Dubai? I am kind of shy as I have a small penis, looking for DFK, OWO as well as classic sex, hoping you can teach me how to do better with what I have..

    by SmallGuy_B – 23 Dec 2018

    As much as I'd love to show you some new tricks, and help you discover some hidden confidence. Unfortunately i don't have a trip planned soon :<

  • when you back in dubai?

    by escortfinder – 24 Jul 2018

    Im back at the end of august, start of September. 😄

  • Very nice love but beyond my

    by Bill_8 – 13 May 2018

    Thankyou for your interest!
    Maybe we'll be lucky some day and meet. 😄

  • Hi are you in Dubai between xxxxxxx Feb?
    Where are you located?

    by ab123 – 13 Jan 2018

    hello, I don't live here, but when I'm in Dubai, I stay in tecom.
    I usually stay at either the Atana hotel, or the Somewhere hotel. 😄

  • you are back in Dubai?

    by sad133 – 16 Oct 2017

    I've just left, but return November 15th 😄
    See you soon, hopefully!

  • Hi
    until when are you in dubai?
    can you please confirm your whatsapp number as i tried to text and call you but without reply.

    by leukcammen – 27 Aug 2017

    i always reply, and the number is correct 😄
    perhaps you copied it down incorrectly?
    try again and i will get back to you 😄
    I'm here until next Sunday. 😄

  • Hi I would like to meet.
    Are you in dubai now?

    by leukcammen – 23 Aug 2017

    hello, I've just gotten back to Dubai. 😉
    I'd love to meet you!
    please send me a message! 😘

  • Please send me email on

    by sam12khan – 7 Jul 2017

    sure thing, I'll shoot you one now 😘

  • Hi alessa. I do not use whatsapp but would really like to meet u. How can we get in touch? Please do let me know if i can msg/call u at a local number to finalize our meeting. Thank you and will be waiting.

    by sam12khan – 7 Jul 2017

    we can get in contact via email 😄
    i don't give out my local number,
    but feel free to write me on

  • Hello Alessa, hope you're doing well. Are you in Abu Dhabi at the moment? If not, can you meet me there on Saturday the 7th? What's you rate for a one hour session if you come to Abu Dhabi? Hope to hear from soon, take care.

    by Star_Lite – 5 Jan 2017

    I am in Dubai at the moment, and will still be here on the 7th.
    I ask 2000 dhs an hour, and am occasionally in Abu Dhabi during the week. 😄

  • Hi

    I have a fantasy of being orally worshipped and rimmed for an hour by a submissive slave,

    Is this something you could offer?

    by Michaelsv94 – 4 Jan 2017

    As long as you're hygeinic, this can be arranged 😉

  • Hi

    Are you comfortable swallowing?

    by Michaelsv94 – 4 Nov 2016

    I generally don't guarantee it, but if thats something that you are particularly interested in, that can be arranged 😛

  • Hi there

    I have a certain fantasy,

    Are you comfortable being spat on while being roughly face fucked?

    by Michaelsv94 – 1 Nov 2016

    That's fine 😉
    As long as we are both respectful of eachothers boundaries, im very open minded.

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