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**I will be in Hamburg 15th-19th December. Prebooking required.**

Hi there, I’m Cara, a British independent escort based in Berlin. A part-time student with a penchant for evening escapades and smouldering flirtation, I offer sensual depravity and all manner of unforgettable experiences.

Physically, I am supple and petite, a natural brunette with feline green eyes and rosy cheeks. A dancer throughout my teens, my physique remains flexible and graceful. Concealing my face in photographs helps protect both of our privacy, but my quirky girl-next-door features have yet to disappoint. I’m often told I look like Zooey Deschanel or Anya Taylor-Joy if that helps paint a picture. My style is classic with a discrete edge—black dress, ruby red lipstick and nails, black stockings, lace lingerie, and a sprinkling of traditional floral tattoos. I’m a fast walker, soft speaker, shameless flirt, breathtaking kisser and a world-class deepthroater.

Doing this work allows me the freedom to truly feed my insatiable curiosity for learning with books and studying. As an independent escort, you’re always in direct contact with me without interfacing through an impersonal escort agency.

Although my accent has faded a little after a few years in Berlin, I’m still thoroughly British in looks and tastes. Born and raised in an exquisite part of the English countryside, I adore time outside among the flora and fauna.

My hobbies include steadily turning my apartment into a mini jungle, reading oddball histories, being an occasional pouty brat, taking long walks listening to podcasts, and laughing until I weep at good old 80s British comedy. In addition to my exploits as an independent escort, I divide my days between classes and working on my own unrelated business.

In a city of ravers, I seek out quiet spaces to make my own and exceptional people to spend time with. Well-read yet unpretentious, I have a knack for putting people at ease with sparkling conversation just as well as with my velvet lips. Although introverted, I try to find common ground and connection with everyone I meet. As a former grammar school girl, I remain a sucker for good manners, kindness, and civility.

A final note: many people debate for months or even years before booking an escort for the first time. Personally, I believe that the best way to live a life free from regret is to take the plunge when you find yourself drawn to something new, something intriguing. Daring adventures are what make all the mundanity of life worthwhile.

Something led you to this page and led you to keep reading to the end. As they say, the only way to be free of temptation is to yield to it.

**Please take a look at my website before contacting me as it contains important information (and plenty more pictures.) **

Incalls per hour from
€300 (US$ 318)
Outcalls per hour from
€200 (US$ 212)
English (Fluent)
German (Basic)
160 cm / 5′3″

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