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Women, I would love to offer you a priestess loving sensual energy - where we can explore each others softness and worship and honor each other's beauty. I would love to nourish your spirit, heart and being with love, support and unconditional presence.

I'd love to have the honor to journey into your sensuality, freedom, sacred sexuality and a place where we can create magic with the echoes of multi-dimensional pleasure.

Let's create some sweet memories - x V

Men, I'm a Sensual Vixen mixed with your comfy close friend vibe whom you feel totally at ease with. Delve into a interplay of connection, deep appreciation, presence and care. Feel safe to be yourself while supporting and being supported in each moment.

This is likely a unique offering here. My highly trained touch and connection skills create the deepest sense of peace and reveals a layer of satisfaction and fulfillment only your body and spirit knows.

My favourite approach is that of exploration - where one creation and idea leads to another creation, and that back and forth physical dialogue lands in a puddle of giggles, of intense erotic attraction.

Once we feel comfy with each other, watch me play with the dynamic and space, crafting a refreshing and surprisingly profound experience. With ease, flow and trust.

For the window of our togetherness, I encourage an atmosphere of trust, security, acceptance, understanding and cheekiness 😄

Let's draw your natural authentic ...


Alright - just opening in-person special feather doors for 10 days.

Wiggle your way or roll into my inbox with the top 3 times you're available, and what drew your interest the most. Or, if you'd like to stay in touch, pop me a note and lmk what drew you to me, and I'll share my private online play space with ya.

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150 cm / 4′11″
Hong Kong

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