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I'm available 24/7
I'm an independent African girl located in Hyderabad, Telangana. I offer outcall services and am ready to provide you with the best African fuck experience. My body is hot with sexy boobs and a watery pussy that's tight and ready for you to enjoy. Let's get wet together as you lick my African juices and finger me till I cum for you. My room is comfortable and tension-free, so come and enjoy with me.

First I really wanna thank with all my heart for the wonderful response I received for the online session. It was really not possible without your love and support.
Hope everyone is in good faith and shape, & happy with their family and loved one.
Wanna keep things very limited and relaxing with fun for people of us, prioritising hygienic and safe too for both of us.
I will continue my online fun session
Let me list my online session plan first -

Bra pic of me wearing deep celverage till nipple from lips.. (Crop face) (8 to 10 bra pic and normal pic with face 5 to 7) ₹1000 rupees

Chat sex with bra pic of me(20 min to 25) ₹1500 rupees


Phone sex/audio sex

1)15 min phone sex/audio -1500
2)15 min phone sex with bra pic -2100
# phone session for Indian number is through direct phone call from my calling number.
# International number - phone session through hangout or Skype only. Or u can call on my calling number.

Cam/video fun

1) 10 min video nude session - 2100
2) 15 min video nude session - 2600
3) 20 min video nude session - 3100
4) 30 min video nude session - 4100

# Normally I talk too during video sessions while giving video sessions, but some requests I get where one wanna get comfortable before doing nude sessions, So in that case 10 min of extra phone session can be done by paying extra 500 above any video session.

# I always wear mask during nude sessions it's for privacy of me, one negative review I have got saying I always wear mask during session.I have clear this thing before hand. & in no case I'm gonna compromise with my privacy at any cost.Its gonna be normal mask which now we wear in day to day life. For 1 min I can remove the mask before starting of nude session.But just for a min.. But not anywhere in between nude sessions I would remove the mask.

# In cam/video session I strip clothes in front of u.. Try to perform my best I can. & show whichever body part u ask me to show and try to make u excited and horny so u could cum. But I don't dance or do any dance or lap show which some expect me to perform and if I don't then they give the wrong review
# I try to make u cum according to the time of video session you pay for. Sometimes an Extra 1 min is acceptable for me.. I'm not that rigid lady and I always try to cooperate and enjoy the most I can.
But if paying for a 10 min session please don't expect I would do a session for 15 min, to which some have complained about me being in a hurry.. Which is totally not true. If one pays for a 10 min session I would entertain u for 10 min.. And make u cum in that, or 1 min extra I can adjust but don't expect I would keep performing further of that time sessions. So please take the session accordingly to the time you enjoy or the time it takes you to cum.


🥈 Silver package - 10k - up to 2 hours
Up to two shots with condoms & one bj without condoms if shave 🪒 and clean.

🥇 Gold package - 13k up to 3 hours
Up to 2 to 3 shots with condoms & 1 bj without condoms if shave and clean, shower together fun, normal body massage, shaving of public hair if u want one

💎 Mini diamond - 15 k up to 4 hours
Up to 3 shots with condom and 1bj without condom if shave and clean and one small bj before shot for erection. Shower together fun, normal body massage, shaving of public hair if u want one.

💎 💎 Diamond - 20 k up to 6 hours
Up to 4 shots with condom two proper bj without condom if shave and clean and a Shower fun together, normal body massage, and shaving of public hair if u want one..

Mini Platinum - 25 k.Upto 7 hours
Up to 3 shots with condom.upto 3 proper bj without condom if shave and clean ,shower fun together, normal body massage and shaving of public hair if u want one.

PLATINUM - 30 K Upto 8 to 9 hours
Unlimited shot with condom, 3 to 4 bj and rest all above.

Please note -
# I prefer to meet in hotels mostly, location limited

# I never take advance for meetings, only prepaid hotel booking confirmation.

# I take payment in the hotel room before the start of service according to the package.

# If someone wants to meet a far location from the location, then it would be 1K EXTRA for travelling.

# If someone wanna meet at their home then MIN 5 K ADVANCE is a must. But location should suit me first then only.

# Outstation meeting would be 50 k per night with the same above service, but 60 percent ADVANCE with Flight up down and rest 40 percent before start of service.
But it would always be good and economical if one first met me here in delhi then asked for outstation.

# My charges are non negotiable.

# I'm 5.5 in height. I'm very presentable,no one can question me, I believe in my ethics and discipline and strictly follow my rules.

# I'm pure sardarni which sure knows how to seduce men in a proper way. & I always respect the hard earned u, spend on me to enjoy ur time with a beautiful lady who listens to you, & pamper u.

# I don't do ANAL if you are particularly looking for Anal don't contact me.
I'm very firm to it and under no circumstances I am gonna change it no matter what money u say.. . Rest max things I do as per comfortable level of both of us and enjoyment level. Let's keep things where both of us enjoy instead of being in pain..

# As per the commitment I do share three pics of me with details, if you want more pic of me you could opt for my service of bra pic costing 1000 where I would share more 10 pics and you could decide.

# If you are still not convinced with pic of me you could opt for my cam session, price mentioned above, would remove my mask for good time so u would know for sure I'm the same lady you meeting and decide u wanna meet or not.

# I don't entertain time passers
I respect only serious clients and they are welcome because I know the worth of hard earned money.

#Last I work alone, not associated with anyone, it has come to my knowledge lots of fake profiles have been created using my pic, don't fall for trap

# let's make things simple and transparent for both of us and respect each other's privacy and enjoy the time together again and rock each other to extreme love making pleasure

Please only contact me if you're serious about meeting. Simply call or WhatsApp me to book an appointment. Let's have some fun

Love u

Incalls per hour from
₹12,000 (US$ 143)
Outcalls per hour from
₹15,000 (US$ 179)
English (Good)
168 cm / 5′6″
Hair color

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