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Hi this is Olive or Aisle (5’7”) , hot mom with a good personality who likes to share different topics, exchanging conversations as a consolation aside from sharing intimacy, passion, sensual attachment in a short period of time to give your money's worth and not to make you feel bored or not to make you feel that there is something is missing. Quality service in a complete total package (looks, body, intellect, personality and of course performance) and a great companion.

•Pre-made videos starts at 3k (free filming/recording)
•Video Call at
• Meet up Rate starts at 9k

**** Pls do not message me when you are not yet 100% ready to meet me and to follow my rules to buy the videos 1st as proof of your legitemacy as i am for SURE transaction ONLY

Buying my Pre-made sex or solo videos worth at least 3k or availing my camshow worth at least 4k is a MUST for us to meet in person and have a great time as assurance that you are legit and capable.

*No need to buy videos if meet up at VC North, Sogo Mindanao Ave ONLY today ONLY

Thank you for complying and understanding, you are a real gentleman, i would be happy to meet you 💋

Outcalls per hour from
₱9,000 (US$ 154)
English (Basic)
168 cm / 5′6″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Olive was amazing! You will never have a dull moment with her. She will definitely give you the best night of your life. She came prepared not only with what the two of you will do, but also with the conversations you will both share.

    Please do take good care of her as I will surely book her again. Easy xxxxxxx

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    She is very hot and beautiful. Smells very yummy and your lust for pleasure will surely be triggered by her skills and personality. She enjoys her craft and you will definitely too. Hope to have another booking soon.

    Hi! Thank you! 💋 I appreciate this a lot
    I’ll be happy to see you again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT, mami Olive was amazing. She came in and took a little bit in the bathroom, but really cleaned up did a lot of prep and smelled really nice coming out. Amazing body, amazing energy, she really enjoyed every minute so did I. Looks as great or better than the photos and she's tall and thick. She listens to what you want, great bedroom talk, felt so comfortable. She really aims to please. 11/10 amazing experience. Never felt rushed the whole time. Pure bliss. Please take care of her guys she's a great girl

    Thank you for this! You’re such a gentleman 💋 i really hope to see you again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Ms. Olivia contents were beyond my expectations…. Prepare yourself because you have been warned.. after getting the 1st set, you WILL WANT the 2nd one!

    And YOU WILL eventually CRAVE to have the pleasure of her company.

    I know I want to! 😍

    After seeing the 1st content, i immediately got her special 2nd set of content - let us just say, the camera loves her and my dick got so so hard… i had to immediately stroke my thing, while watching her performance.

    My mind and Dick were both blown up!

    Sulit mga pare!

    She is the REAL woman that we are all searching for…. Shit I fucking love those Big Bouncy Boobs…. Ang Laki…. Grabe….

    You are going to cum so fast after seeing her naked pics and videos.

    And Ms Olivia is not afraid to show off her “skills”.

    Boobs, hips, how she sucks, let she lets you slide it in her….

    Next step ko eh makasama si Ms Olivia…. Pictures and Videos pa lang… sulit na Bros.

    Imagine mo kung ikaw pa ang nasa video!

    Thank you for this. Where are you na?

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Met Olive last night and had a wonderful time. I was stunned when she walked into the room because she presents herself well and smells lovely. She makes sure your time together is well spent. Definitely enjoyed eating her p, her blow job, and her wild actions in bed. I like that she’s a conversationalist and will not bore you outside of having sex. Will be booking her again!

    Thank you for this. Belated happy birthday as well! 😉 See you again!

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    Since I wanted to know what's like to pound a MLIF, I booked Olive. Well, for some reason, I was encouraged to perform better and push my limit. She has this appeal that makes you want to please her and hear her moan and scream. So I fucked her harder and faster than ever before. When she said "is that all you got", I got really turned on and wanted to prove to her that I can satisfy a woman like her. I made her squirt multiple times and her moans and screams were like music to my ears. I have never fucked a woman like that before. Olive is phenomenal. When she was living my place, she finally told me I did very well and exceeded her expectations. She then kissed my lips and took out my cock and gave it a goodbye kiss as well. Olive is now my new favorite. (Olive, 30 minutes after you leave my place, I masturbated and came twice. Until now, I'm still turned on by you.) Thank you and will book you again soon. 😄

    Even though im really a little wild but sweet in person, I cant remember you im sorry. Real review only.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Olive is very pretty, tall, with great great body! She even smells amazing! She takes time inside the bathroom to prepare but all was worth it! While she’s inside the bathroom, I really had the urge to just go inside and eat her up! great breast and ultimately, gives the best blow job! I usually can handle blowjobs but what she did was amazing! She’s very talkative in the sense that makes you very comfortable! And suddenly kisses your body to tease you. Will definitely book her again once I get back! 10/10 for looks and performance!

    Hi! How's Finland now? Hope to meet you when you get back here. Thank you for your review, i appreciate it a lot 💋

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Legit. She delivered, as usual. I availed her photo&video packages several times and she has always sent great quality material. Thank you.

    Thank you for buying! Now we could meet and make our own videos if you want to 😉

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Been awhile since I last saw Olive but boy she looks stunning as always. She's more than happy to fulfill your fantasies and she's enjoying every bit of it. The curves, the smile, performance, the endless conversation, you'll love everything about her. You'd wish to be with her for days I swear. 3rd time's a charm and there will definitely be a 4th time. See you soon!

    Thank you as always! Im happy everytime we meet

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Definitely on the top of my escort experience. You get what you pay for. Super hot. The curves, ass and boobs are just heaven to look at. She is very professional. Values communication soo much and it seems you can talk with her for days. The deed? Oh My God. P.S.E. Deepthroat, balls licking damn, CIM. And she will gladly submit with every positions we did. She naturally horny, you can tell she loves having and loves her job and does it really well. What else? Oh. If you hit the spot right. She will squirt on you. My bed was soo wet cause she squirted like at least 10 times. Soo. There you go. Stop thinking and book her. Hope to see you again soon love. 😆

    Thank you! You were good too. I would love to see you again.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    You can never go wrong with Olive, she'll align all the stars in the sky to give you an awesome night every single time. 2nd time booking her and like the first time, worth every penny 👌
    An hour with her will never be enough, with all the witty conversations and of course her gorgeous body.

    Hope to see you again!

    We talked a lot about so many things this time, seems 3hrs was not enough. I liked that we learned that night, an exchange of knowledge and ideas aside from good sx as always. Thank you for travelling to my area (VC North) on this 2nd time of our meet up. I also appreciated a lot that you bought my 3 sets of videos too. Hope to see you again on the 3rd.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Booked her last night sobrng sexy and legit! hope to be with you again!

    Thank you! Have a safe trip tomorrow. Hope to see you again when you come back here. 💋

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I met this girl last week and she's one of a kind, a 100% porn star experience. She's not only determined to please her client but also smart and fun to be with. It's worth spending time with this lady and I enjoyed every moment with her.

    I love it! Thanks a lot! 💋It was nice meeting you too 💋

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I had already booked somewhere not in her common hotels, however the site was near. She was a little late since she was not familiar with the place and it was understandable since the area had similar sounding hotels that were nearby.

    When we met, we instantly hit it off. There was never a dull moment as she was very talkative and indulge me in conversation. When it came to her appearance she was drop dead gorgeous. She kept her figure and you would mistake her to be a foreigner at first glance.

    During the deed, her performance was top notch and she was quite energetic and I couldn't help comparing her to past experiences. She definitely knows her stuff.
    I can't wait to meet her again.

    Thank you! Hope to see you again 💋

  • Hi maam, what's you telegram account?

    by jv1993 – 18 Feb 2024

    Hi, its in private mode, pls give me yours, i’ll try to add you but i need to know if you are willing to buy the videos 1st worth at least 3k for us to proceed..
    Thank you

  • hello. cost of videos, and how to get them? Also, how long lead time for booking?

    by mike1020 – 14 Nov 2023

    Hi! 3k Videos, 5k camshow, 8k meet up. Pls message me at my #, i'll send the complete details. Thank you! Hope to meet you

  • Still active?

    by aytimanser – 11 Sep 2023

    I am. Pls see the date in my pic here, its always updated

  • What is your body count?

    by LongSchlong – 6 Aug 2023

    36 B/C- 27 - 36

  • How much is your content?

    by Hanalei – 28 Jul 2023

    Hi, 3k for multiple videos and nudes with free filming in the actual deed once meet up.

  • Hello, do you have telegram. I dont have whatsapp

    by ericmatias – 6 May 2023

    Hi, its in private setting, u have to buy the videos 1st and then i'll add you in my Telegram.. Sorry as i am for SURE transaction ONLY. Thank you for understanding

  • Hey looking for nasty no condom fun can you provide ?

    by Nox_2 – 4 May 2023

    Hi! No, thank you! The kind of fun that i can only provide is the great sx with condom only, sensual, intimate but still w/ control. In Makati listing, i saw a girl who offered, creampie, means no condom, try her just look for her. Enjoy!

  • whats your rates for content?

    by theonlydarkstallion – 10 Nov 2022

    It's actually posted here already, pls read.

  • hi whats your telegram? your number here doesn't work anymore

    by theonlydarkstallion – 12 Nov 2022

    Hi! My Telegram is still working but its just in private setting, pls give me your number, i'll contact/add you there. I am also reachable in WhatsApp and Viber with same #. Thank you

  • hi di ko po kayo mahanap sa telegram?

    by theonlydarkstallion – 2 Nov 2022

    It's in private setting, give me your Telegram acct, ill add u there but strictly for sure buyer of videos only for us to meet. Thank you

  • How much ang rates nyo madam. I'm 24 years old, 1st timer lang haha

    by micocruz420 – 11 Oct 2022

    Hi! Starts at 8k but as my new client, you need to buy my videos 1st for us to proceed for meet up for assurance.

  • Can you post here photos of your feet?

    by jacktosot – 2 Sep 2022

    Hi. For your other concerns as per new client, willing to buy videos 1st for us to proceed?

  • Are you available this Friday lunch time.

    by halfaussie20 – 27 Jun 2022

    Hi! Yes i am
    Pls message me in WhatsApp for my complete details. Thank you

  • what are your rates please in peso

    by GreekoEko – 21 Apr 2022

    Starts at P8,000
    Quality time.
    Pls txt me for complete details. Thank you

  • Does your WhatsApp number still work? If not where can i contact you?

    by jaymendoza5 – 9 Feb 2022

    Hi. Yes still working in WhatsApp, also in Viber, Telegram, same #.

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