Priyanka chawla this side.
I m an independent high profile female escort in Mumbai.

My charges starts from 20000 INR onwards .
I don't have any place to offer . You need to book hotel only by yourself .

You need to talk to me on voice call before confirming our meeting. I never meet anyone purely based on chats, messages or reviews because text can be manipulated too.

I don't provide all services. I have my boundaries and expect others to respect the same. In terms of services, I prefer very less fluid interactions.

I never ask for advance payment but you need to pay me before session once we will meet in person.

Just go through my reviews and my answers to questions asked , you will clearly understand my personality and which kind of person I am.

I never do web cam, video confirmation or share face pics. Nothing related to face or identity. I respect other's privacy and expect the same.

In total, if you want a sensual experience and want to enjoy the company of pretty , well spoken , high class companionship kind of girl, you are at the right profile.
But, if you are interested in kinky, dirty, rough or only sex wanted kind of attitude, you will better be served elsewhere.

So, Nothing kinky, nothing dirty, nothing abnormal , nothing weird or out of the box .
I am a teetotaller , pure vegetarian, not even egg and never smokes.
I believe in health is wealth.

Don't invite me for any dance party or bachelor party or any friends gangs.
No threesom or group sex thing. No sex toys.

Whenever you want to plan, you have to tell me at least a day before. If it's not possible, plz update me before 3-4 hrs of meeting time. I can't come right away as this is completely part time to me. I need to schedule my time to meet this way.

As my phone remains on silent most of the time, there are chances that i may miss your call.
So, this is my what's app number.
You can drop me a text on sms or can drop an e-mail too.

I don't meet everyone. Even if you are offering me my charges mentioned, this doesn't mean i will certainly meet you. I choose the person whom to meet. Don't get offended if i don't meet you or reject you.

Moreover, if you want to meet me in person, only 4*5* hotel booking confirmation and crosscheck is required.
Precautions are must no matter what.
No negotiations at all.

Waiting for your response.

Outcalls per hour from
₹20,000 (US$ 239)
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
166 cm / 5′5″
Hair color
  • Rating: 3 / 5by (1 other review)

    After some short discussion we decided to start with short meeting for 1 session in the late afternoon.
    We met in Andheri. She was on time wearing long dress and glasses. Looks aroud 34 but still classy.
    After brief intro and chit chat we started with foreplay and procecd to deed. It was okay session. It would had been better if she had not rushed it.
    I would not repeat but overall nice time.

    I don't know who you are. As I said in my previous replies to reviews, I'm not this much frequent, that, I will not even remember whom I met, what I did, where I went, what exactly happened or whatever related to the meetings this way.
    Thanks. 🤗😊

  • Rating: 3 / 5by (1 other review)

    Met Priyanka last Sunday afternoon at BKC Mumbai for 2 sessions. The appointment started on time with light communication and getting knowing each other. Excellent communication skills brings the matured woman. Slowly she started sucking which lasted for few minutes. Due to strict restrictions in services offered I stared with deed. Absence of equal response made it mechanical. However I continued and finished in 10 minutes.
    Second session was similar.
    Thanks for your time and service.

    Thanks for putting your efforts 😊
    But, I'm not this much frequent, that I will not even remember what I did on last Sunday afternoon. I don't know what you get in writing disguised meanings. I'm who I'm and I'll do what I want to do. I'm a free bird. I hope you got it, from where it's coming.
    Thanks 😊😊

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Met her on June 29 at a hotel. We spent the entire day together, she was a nice company. We chatted for a bit and watched a movie, being with her was nice and comfortable. Recommended to everyone who wants to have a memorable time with someone who has an amazing personality.

    Yeah! The movie was really amazing.
    Thanks for being so nice to me.☺️
    Loved your company too. 💯
    I didn't expected your review over here though, but, thanks for writing. 😊
    Indeed, a memorable day.❤️
    Thanks 😊

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    i wanted to meet up with her but couldn't due to tight schedule and few rescheduling of meetings by my office. none the less the way she spoke to me on the call i was completely bowled. i knew i am not meeting some regular chick but someone who is smart ,educated and from good family. some one who is doing this out of choice or maybe to make some quick bucks. i hope to meet up with her soon. but i know its not possible until next year unless she travels to pune. i am rating her 5 just for her voice and the way she spoke to me.

    Thanks for the compliment.🙏
    Thanks for writing here. 🤗

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Bob Marley was once asked if there was a perfect woman.
    HE REPLIES: Who cares about perfection?
    Even the moon is not perfect, it is full of craters.
    The sea is incredibly beautiful but salty and dark in the depths. The sky is always infinite, but often cloudy. So, everything that is beautiful isn't perfect,
    It's special.
    Therefore, every woman can be special to someone. Stop being "perfect", but try to be free and live, doing what you love, not wanting to impress others.
    I Just Love This.
    Priyanka is special, who is free and live, doing what she love, not wanting to impress others.
    Accept her boundaries which are actually good for us too. You will have the best times together guys.
    Love you Pri ❤️

    Wow! What a poem it is! Amazing.
    Now, I need to search in Google about Bob Marley's say about a perfect woman.
    Loved your review.
    Though no comparison regarding others gentleman's reviews, but, this has really impressed me to the core.
    Thanks 🙏😍🌹

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Hello, Met Priyanka during Xmas vacation at Courtyard by Marriott. It was perfect date with GFE experience.

    I called her directly on her WhatsApp number. Got quick response with charges and services offered. Was pleased to see such clear menu. Very few people have such clear list. With some chat and call, we quickly fixed time for next day.

    She arrived on time at Courtyard, dressed in stunning short one piece dress. The first look was enough to know what’s there in store for next hours. She is class. Everything was awesome. A perfect date. After long time, met someone classy. Thanks a lot and looking forward to another date next month.

    How sweet of you ! 😍
    Thanks a lot for writing here.😊
    Thanks for a beautiful date.❣️
    Love 💕

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    So I took a bet, we met a 3 star property near airport. Discussed about my fantasies and she assured that it will be fulfilled. It was a cozy evening and we spent around 2 hours together. We chatted for sometime till I get in my comfort zone. Those who are saying that she is above 30, they should consult a doctor. So it started with getting into comfort zone and then things and fantasies completed fully. Thanks you for the memories and awesome experience. Will get u again for whole night and this time we will be having biryani as decided... Lots of love...

    Awww.... Thanks a lot for a beautiful time. ❤️
    Thanks for being so supportive 💓
    But certainly "vegetarian Biryani" next time. 😜
    I'm a tee totaller, No smoking, Pure vegetarian, not even egg 🥦
    You know what, I'm still laughing while writing "Biryani" here. 😂😃
    Thanks a lot 🙏❤️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Hi, I met Priyanka during start of this year at star hotel near Andheri for 2 sessions. It was wonderful and unforgettable time.

    It was my first ever experience with an escort. I was nervous and worried about privacy and safety. But Priyanka handled it beautifully.

    Priyanka is tall, young, slim, beautiful, genuine, clean, hygienic and very safe.
    Her pictures are 100% real and describe her well. In fact, she is fair in real life than the pictures.

    She expects natural, no hard core, no extreme and everything protected. If you are looking for these things, don’t look further and contact her. She is the one you are looking for!

    If you want something extreme, dirty and unprotected, please don’t waste your and her time by asking her. She would reject. She decides whom she wants to meet.

    I had excellent experience with her. She understands your situation, fantasy, need and proceeds that way. She is very good at conversations, well read and educated. So, you get a great experience and not just **x.

    She is no time watcher at all and goes slow as you like. After first session, we literally had a nap in each other’s arms. That was so relaxing and best part of the meeting.
    I still can’t get her out of my mind. Lovely memories to cherish!

    Respect her, be a gentleman and she will be your girl for that wonderful time.

    PS: Actually, I didn’t wanted post review of her so that less people know her and she can be a secret girl for known men like me to revisit again and again. But, Priyanka is that beautiful flower whose fragrance can’t be hidden.

    More power and love to you dear. Keep rocking.


    This is so overwhelming 😻
    Thanks for writing so precisely captain 😊❤️
    Thanks ❤️🥰

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Met this beauty in dec’22…. She's a genuine gem that makes for a wonderful partner and is very kind and accommodating. Spending a full evening with her, exquisite GFE, and incredible skills, the service is excellent and there is nothing more that could be desired. absolutely fire 100% endorsed. Best without a doubt in Mumbai… xxxxxxx … lets of love dear…

    Thanks for writing so beautiful words for me❤️🙏😍💗
    Love and light 💖

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Hello Dears,
    Having known Priyanka for long time and meeting many times, the need for review was never there. She is busy with work and quite choosy with meeting new people at her own conditions. Recently while browsing this beautiful portal saw some strange and fake reviews. This triggered to share my experience with you all. I am sure people are smart and aware. They can find difference between a real review and fake/trolling ones. Anyway, my review as below:

    Priyanka is hands-down the best girl out here. MR has introduced me to many beautiful girls here but Priyanks stands out. She is class apart from the crowd. Her profile description, answers to questions and existing reviews are enough to know what kind of girl she is. Her communication and clear menu on Whatsapp will leave no doubt that she is as genuine a girl can be on public forums.
    Each meeting with her is a new story to tell. Repeating her is never monotonous. There is something more beautiful and new everytime. She is a complete packe. We talk a lot and had lot of fun.
    To end and put in a sentence - Priyanka is the best thing happened to me and I found a dear friend in her.
    Love you forever Pri!

    My goodness! Thanks a lot for writing so positive on this portal.
    Thanks for sharing positivity here.🙏😊💫
    Now a days ! when I get notifications from this portal for a new review or an e-mail or any question. I literally feel like why these guys are chasing me? As i just want to avoid all kind of negative people from my life, I'm just ignoring everyone. Even today, these psychopaths are just trying to connect me somehow.
    But, So sweet of you.
    Means a lot to me.
    Thanks 😊
    Love and light.💫
    Positive vibes 🥰💗

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    She is a genuine girl whom u can have conversation and obvously great time.

    Now looking at some of the nonsense below will say that,
    she is straight shooter and direct person and will say a no openly, which few losers take to their heart and start trolling and force genuine girls out of this platform.

    Thanks a lot. 🙏😊☺️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (5 other reviews)

    The below losers / trollers - aatish, naman rathod, genuine reviewer and sikandar are just jealous low lives, who have nothing to do with their miserable lives, but harass girls here. These psychopaths deserve to be in a mental asylum. What is this obsession with her age? Or just jealous of her popularity and delete competition? They are sick, mindset is backward. There are tons of women in their 30's and 40's here, but these haters don't troll them. Looks like she pinched their fragile ego the wrong way, hence creating new ID's to review, harass and bombard with messages. Get a life, scumbags.

    Thanks ❤️❤️❤️
    Thanks a lot for supporting me here.
    I really appreciate your efforts.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Hi, MR users know how active u r. U reply to WA msg/review instantly n still inactive. Wow! U ignored the gud part I wrote and answered instantly on age. Truth hurts. I know.

    When I didn't replied and ignored all ur communications , u chose this way to talk to me! Really!
    Why i m so important to you?
    Why u r chasing me like a mad dog?
    In one of ur questions, u literally mentioned the " dates of my reviews" with my activity dates over this portal. And yes ! I ignored that question too like any other questions of yours .
    How u minutely notice dates of my replies and comments over this portal !
    Don't you have your own family, friends or colleagues??
    Why u r so much into me??
    Take some help from psychologists.
    U need attention.
    Stop writing to me.
    M literally not interested dude.
    Moreover, it's upto me whether I want to be active or not active on this portal.
    It's completely upto me whom to meet or whom to deny.
    It's my decision whether to be sexually active with multiple guys or to be "a single man woman".
    It's my life and only i will decide how i want myself to be .
    You are no one to tell me when i should be active and when not to be active.
    I actually ignored the good part because u already spoke to me hell lot of times with different usernames.
    You are a psychopath.
    "Truth hurts" hehehe ! Did u ever met me, do u even know me ?
    Have u seen my identity card?
    Have you met my parents who told u about my age?
    U r again n again coming on this number 30, and trust me , this is nothing to me, and that's why, i just ignore you.
    Plz be happy, eat healthy, pamper yourself. Stop chasing me.
    You are just a troller for me.
    And that's why i ignore u always.
    Stop contacting me . Stop bombarding my email with so many messages.
    Plz contact others. I'm not interested.
    Live and let live.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Hi, contacted Priyanka and of July. After discussion on WhatsApp we met recently at The Lalit near airport. She is genuine. and arrived on time, was good at talking and has maintained body at 30 plus. Looks and service was okay though, lack of involvment. Still, Thanks n best wishes

    O god, again!
    Why u r creating different usernames and why u r so much behind this 30 number??
    If u r someone whom I never met or didn't gave any attention or whatever the reason it was, why u r so concerned about me??
    You are a psychopath.
    Stop playing these brain games.
    From 4th of June, m not active at all. Infact, i m completely out, so, if u want me to delete this profile of mine, Good news for you !
    I will delete it soon . But , i don't need ur permission to delete it.
    Stop making me feel that i look 30 at the age of 26.
    Moreover, i always say 25 in age, why u felt 30 plus is again a joke like ur last reviews from username Naman rathod , genuine reviewer and sikander or whatever ur real name is.
    Why u spend so much time in creating different usernames?? Just for me !
    M i so important to you?
    I really don't understand why u r behind me so insanely.
    What's wrong i have done to u?
    Can any girl's privacy hurt u so much that u literally create different usernames and go "all in" in pushing a girl so much that she will think to delete her profile???
    I want to be happy in life and don't want any nuisance.
    This 30 thing , O god ! From which angle i look 30 man??
    Again n again?
    Have u seen my birth certificate??
    Have u seen my passport??
    With what confirmation, u can say a girl who is 26 as 30 plus??
    U only said "maintained body" , then how can u even comment on any person's age??
    No offence to those who are actually 30 , coz age is just a number. But, this is actually something different.
    You are trying ( in each n every way) to make me feel bad about my profile posted in public.
    Stop doing this .
    Plz do concentrate on ur own life.
    I'm genuinely not interested in you.
    Will delete this profile soon. Be happy.
    Spare me.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (1 other review)

    priyanka is really awesome and I feel like i am with gf and service was awesome, will never forget that same, even blowjob skills she has awesome and we both enj really i will never forget the same.Took
    Short time session but will soon take service again for whole day.
    Thankss dear 😘

    Thanks for taking out your precious time to write a review. 😊
    Thanks ☺️

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (18 other reviews)

    First thanks for taking review in right spirit. Not everyone does that. I am impressed (again). Second sorry if I sounded rude. I am straight and blunt but not rude.
    Age 30, yes, I can prove. Btw, since 2019 its 25 on MR and other sites. You might want to update?
    With loose assets I mean br****s. Sorry but true. Else, nice figure and yes, well toned body for this age.
    To know who I am, we had met more than once and I am the one who prefers SOBO over Andheri. Thanks again and as you say - Love and Light!

    I want to clarify on age point.
    If u r chasing me from 2019, i was on and off on this portal.
    As in, some months, i was active and other months, i was not.
    I created this profile in altogether random way. Infact, back in 2019, this portal was not as popular as it's today.

    When I registered on this portal back in 2019, only 5 profiles were here. Now , Here are more than 250 listings .
    Moreover, in 2020 COVID year, i was completely inactive for a complete 1 year .
    Infact, in 2021, COVID second wave, i was not active too . Third wave also, i was out.
    Coming back to the age point. 25 is an average age which any girl from 21 to 30 puts randomly.
    Those guys whom I ask there age, do they really tell there exact age? I doubt.

    If you yourself met me, do i really look 30? If yes, u r one of the rarest of the rare who saw that way.
    I always get comments of whether I'm under age or not.

    If u r going back in 2019 technically and counting years, i created this profile randomly, and mentioned everything in an extremely random way and age also i mentioned with an average as no one puts there exact details on these kind of public portals.

    This portal is still a time pass to me and i will never put anything in exact figures here. Moreover, i may delete everything too if i feel like removing. Its all upto me .
    You are checking out me from 2019. Cool man. I'm feeling like m a celebrity here. 😅

    Anyways, i just wanted to clarify. Don't take this reply in a bad way.
    But m still confused about who you are? Can you please DM me on my what's app?
    I hope u got the answer for your technical counts of age .
    Thanks for asking.
    I'm genuinely impressed the way you notice people.
    All the best.

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (18 other reviews)

    Awesome company with average to good service.
    She is as in pics - tall, slim and good figure. She will not do face confirmation by pic or VC but she is genuine. She is bold, friendly and superb communication. Service was okay as doesn't even allows to kiss properly forget smooch or DFK. And tries to finish session fast with BJ. Go for 1 or 2 sessions but not full night. Also asks your age before meeting. So far the most hygienic, safest and discreet escort on MR. Recommended.
    Age: 30
    Looks: 4/5
    Asset: 3.5/5 (loose and out of shape)
    Service: 4/5
    Hygiene and safety: 5/5
    Time spent: 5/5

    Well! I wasn't meeting anyone new these days as was not active here.

    But , thanks for the review.

    M sorry if u felt that i was in hurry. Infact, I'm a kind of person who don't like to rush up things. Like to go easy and slow.

    I don't like to have much of fluid interactions.
    I do allow kissing but it all depends on your oral hygiene.

    Age : 30! ... Really??
    Infact, many people ask me that I'm not under age or under 21? I don't know how u felt or seen me as 30.
    Coz I clearly mention my age (25) before meeting and ask the same too. But anyways, it's a subjective topic to discuss over here.

    Asset: loose and out of shape 😅! Really??
    I have a slim athletic body, all toned . You yourself mentioned that I am tall, slim and with good figure, which clearly doesn't justify this point and contradicts you.

    But again. Thanks for other points.

    I'm extremely health and diet conscious and your review actually made me think over my gym and diet.
    But, to be really honest, you are the first one who wrote in a rude, blunt but a very straight forward way.

    I'm impressed .

    But i'm actually unable to understand who you are , because, from 1 month, m not much active this way.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    Shes a lovely person, carries conversations and is good in bed. Does the cowgirl well and shudders in excitement. A defence recommend.

    Thanks 😊☺️

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    She is friendly and easy-going and delivers a supremely sensual session, incorporating exquisitely naughty body-to-body sliding and finishing off with an intimately sexy interlude. She most certainly knows her way around a man’s body and has got some truly original moves. She is a lot of fun! Had, a unique fabulous session with this unique and fabulous lady.

    Thanks for writing 😊😍

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met Priyanka recently. She is very clear in her menu which she has sent me in advance. She knows exactly how to distress you and ensure you have an amazing time. There was 0% disappointment and 1000% satisfaction. If at all possible, I would not share her with anyone. Anyone will love and cherish his every minute spent with her. No rush service-the way she touched was electric. Can sense what client wants and is open minded and relaxed. I prefer not to discuss our encounter further. Cherry on the cake, I always like little chit chat after the main event. She is epic her look on life so funny! 5 star without hesitation.

    Thanks for writing so beautiful about me. 😻

  • Hi, Do u allow Deepthroating? Blowjob without condom?

    by Harddick_14 – 18 Oct 2023

    No, not at all.
    No, no, no.

  • Do you allow oral sex and licking your pussy?

    by KARAN1996 – 30 Sep 2023

    No, I avoid all kinds of fluid interactions.
    Just read my profile description. You will understand which kind of person I'm.

  • Hi Priyanka, do you visit brand hotels in navi Mumbai Nerul or Vashi side?

    by tanmayver – 6 Nov 2023

    I can visit 5 stars over there.
    But, you need to confirm me before a day.

  • Hi, BJ is with or without condom?

    by wand – 13 Sep 2023

    Everything will be with condom only.
    Blow job with condom only.
    I prefer only safe and protected practices.
    Kindly read my profile description properly.

  • Hey dear do u travel to other city??

    by Shhhh – 7 Aug 2023

    I can travel to other city , but, my outstation charges are different.
    Procedure to meet is different too.
    I need cross-checks as well.

  • Hotel booking confirmation and cross check - How does this work?

    by nitk32 – 21 Sep 2023

    1. Please send me click/pic of room key with room number on the door.
    2. Your full name & room number.
    3. Your live location on what's app.
    All above mentioned details are required for cross-check, before 2 hrs of meeting time.

  • Can you suggest any good hotels to book?
    And do you come Jogeshwari/Goregaon side, if the hotel works for you?

    by nitk32 – 12 Jul 2023

    I only visit 5 stars.
    So, wherever you want to book, make sure it's a 5 star hotel.
    Yes, I can come towards goregaon.

  • What is your telegram I'd?

    by jai1976 – 20 Jun 2023


  • Read MR How will you confirm it before meet ?

    by orange007 – 12 Oct 2023

    I need the following details of yours, before 2 hours of meeting time :
    1. Please send me click of room key with room number on door.
    2. Your full name & room number.
    3. Your live location on what's app.

  • Hi Priyanka, a lot of profiles are copying your description since long. Recently, 2 new profiles (Ritika Singh and Swati) copied exactly same description. So, many profiles resemble you.
    Why don’t you report this?

    by victor_28 – 15 Jul 2023

    Aah! To be really honest, most of the profiles are not only just copying my description, but, also portraying my kind of personality as well.
    They think if they will ask someone to write as same as my description, they will get good business. I again want to clarify that I personally decide and confirm a meeting only after having a conversation on voice call. Anyone who is reading my reply, make sure you talk to me on voice call because this copy pasting is creating a lot of confusion.
    Victor, I don't want to report more profiles now onwards because sometimes, they copy very deceptively. They change some words here and there to make it look like original. I request all girls over here to study and increase their education level first.

  • Do you allow to lick you ass

    by matulsagargmailcom – 8 Mar 2023

    Not at all.
    You please contact others.

  • Hi. Been trying to contact you. Wanted to meet. What area do you prefer for hotel bookings ?

    by wetnwild6712 – 23 Feb 2023

    Any area in mumbai is ok for me, provided you book only 4*5* hotel.
    And send me fully paid hotel booking voucher confirmation before 4 hrs of meeting time.

  • You kind getting tied and fucked hard and rough by two guys and getting multiple creampies........and are u ok with both of us pissing and cumming on ur face ????? We have our own flat .....can book ur cab to and from. Charges as u wish

    by ghost22 – 9 Feb 2023

    Oh my god! Actually, I'm replying your question publicly to let people aware that some aliens also exist on this earth. You always ask all girls over this portal one of the dirtiest questions one can ever think of.
    Learn to respect humans. You are an alien here.🤣😃

  • Hey hii reading all those negative and positive review i am a bit confused to take a bet or not. Anyway let's try on the horse, whether it's sinking or loosing.. what are the charges and services u offer?

    by camboy7854 – 25 Jan 2023

    Everything is mentioned in my description.
    Please go through it thoroughly.
    Moreover, you can drop me a 'hi' on what's app, will share you the same over there.

  • You are a true IRON LADY. Just gone through your reviews. Don't worry about these agents, trollers or trouble makers. Some people get jealous from your mesmerizing beauty.
    Your recent pictures are fabulous.
    Your die heart fan

    by jacksparrowontheship – 6 Jan 2023

    Thanks 😊

  • Why are you going to delete this profile?

    by AG00GA – 26 Dec 2022

    Some people on this portal were compelling me through continuous e-mails, calls, texts , what's app messages from different phone numbers, e-mail ID's and usernames.
    But, now , I just updated my recent pictures in my profile .
    So, I don't give a damn now.
    I'm not deleting my profile just because of some shity people.

  • Can you please add a few different pictures to your MR profile? Not able to make out much from the current pictures. No offense. Thanks!

    by AG00GA – 20 Oct 2022

    Sorry, but , no more pics.
    Will be deleting this profile too.
    No point of updating it.

  • The below losers / trollers - aatish, naman rathod, genuine reviewer and sikandar are just jealous low lives, who have nothing to do with their miserable lives, but harass girls here. These psychopaths deserve to be in a mental asylum.

    by HappyGo_Lucky – 3 Jan 2023

    O yes, absolutely right 👍

  • Inactive from 4th June and review comment on 8th June and 19th July? Wow Liar!

    by AshishP – 17 Jan 2023

    It's my choice whether to be active this way or not to be active.
    Stop chasing me like a detective.
    I'm a freedom loving girl and do everything on my terms.
    I never lie but u really need a dopamine.
    Stop wasting your time in minutely observing me.
    Think positive.
    Be happy.

  • Hi I read your profile. I liked most that is your health awareness. I also want this kind of compainion. R u comfortable in role play( husband and wife ) with little bdsm. Thanks

    by malrohit1979 – 8 Dec 2022

    Ya ! I can try little role play but not bdsm.
    All normal and easy is ok.
    Nothing hurting or teasing kind of.

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