Loves Giving pleasure to my partner in every manner. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. I loves getting clicked and filmed in every manner. I am open for gang-bang and group sex also. Double penetration also I can mange.

Incalls per hour from
₹7,000 (US$ 83)
Outcalls per hour from
₹10,000 (US$ 119)
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
170 cm / 5′7″
Hair color
New Delhi
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    That was super fantastic guys!
    Her tight pussy made me cum several times.
    And yes, she allows cumming inside vagina without condom, I really love it

  • hi sweetie.
    Do you allow cumming inside your pussy?

    by vergen – 7 Oct 2023


  • I would love to slap your cheeks while fucking you very roughly and want to piss on your face and in your mouth and I will also take your your piss on me . Are you comfortable with that??

    by Aarav_Raj – 15 Oct 2023

    Yes I am very much comfortable with all that...

  • Hi babe. I cum very fast, but I want sex with you. Can I cum 5-10 times in your pussy in one session?

    by vergen – 1 Feb 2022

    Yes You can cum in my pussy as many times you want

  • Hi baba are you comfortable for rough mouth fucking with unlimited cum swallow

    by DavidZ35 – 23 Jan 2022

    Yes I am Sweetheart

  • Hi. Do you provide pussy creampie? I mean when I cum inside pussy without condom

    by vergen – 10 Jan 2022

    Yes I do Sweetheart, you will be free to fill my pussy with your thick and warm CUM as many times you want.

  • Dear Madhu..I want a sex session without condom and cum inside your pussy and anal.. can you bring a cup near your pussy and collect all the dripping cum and drink in front of me.can you provide this Honey.

    by Sx – 18 Aug 2021

    Yes Honey I can do that also. My job is to fulfill all the desires of my customers so I will do anything to satisfy you
    Lots Of LOVE

  • Dear Madhu.. I want to stat the session with a nice blow job with CIM and you sway all. After this a sex session in shower with cum inside pussy. After this lunch and then have a sex with cum inside pussy and anal. Can you provide

    by Sx – 18 Aug 2021

    Yes Darling I provide all...

  • Dear Madhu....when can i meet you. What will be the charges...I want to have a rough sex with you and cum inside your vagina.

    by Sx – 18 Aug 2021

    Sweetheart, i am booked till October 28th. I charge Rs. 10000 for full night. I takes bookings only for full nights or longer bookings like 2 days, 3 days, weeks or long holidays etc. i am not available on hourly basis.
    When booked I am open for all types of sex like rough, passionate or whatever come to your mind. I don't say "No" to anything just to please my customer in every manner.
    I hope You got my answer.
    Love You

  • Dear you provide creampie sex . I would love to see cum dripping from your pussy.

    by Sx – 8 Aug 2021

    Yes I can provide creampie sex also after which you can see your CUM dripping from my pussy, if you want I will eat your dripping CUM from my pussy while looking in to your eyes.

  • Dear Madhu. Can i have sex without condom and cum inside your pussy. I want multiple shots of anal and pussy sex with cum inside. Can i hard press your breasts while sex and bite and suck your nipples.

    by Sx – 8 Aug 2021

    Darling you can CUM in my pussy my mouth as well as in my ass. My breast and nipples are for your pleasure only so you can suck or bite them as well as you can press them according to your wish.

  • Hi, can you feminize me in a proper saree with makeover and and then we can have stapon fuck

    by Sandy93 – 8 Aug 2021

    Sorry sweetheart I cant feminize you in saree but you can have strapon sex with me.
    Love You Honey

  • Hi madhu dear , do you prefer rough throatfuck and facefucking cum in throat , cum in pussy and ass . And rough hair pulling doggystyle , missionary , bareback sex. Can you do rough BDSM sex desires

    by Lolan – 8 Aug 2021

    You can do whatever you want. I am ready to give you pleasure in every manner you want. Love You Honey

  • Hi Madhu, U r really a Hot and Sexy Bomb. I like rough Sex like Giving and Receiving hardsports, Giving and Receiving watersports,Drinking Ur Squirt etc. Will U give me this extreme fun to play with Ur Sexy Figure.

    by Sanju_99 – 8 Aug 2021

    Darling, thanks a lot for finding me Hot and Sexy Bomb. Honey I am for all types of sex so as to satisfy you in every manner. You can do whatever you want with my body as I will be yours and only yours for whole night. You are always welcome to have fun with me...

  • Dear you provide sex without condom. I want to fuck you in your pussy and ass. Do you take my penis straight from anus to mouth and pussy to mouth and let me cum inside your mouth...and you drink all the cum inside.

    by Sx – 8 Aug 2021

    Yes Sweetheart I can have sex without condom also. You can fuck me in pussy as well as in my ass. I would love to suck your cock the way you want and I will drink your cum as well.
    So feel free and have fun with me...Love You

  • Dear Madhu...Lots of Love and Kiss, Hope U r safe and Healthy
    I love rough Sex and want to lick deep your pussy with Chocolate Sauce,drink Ur Urine and fuck U hard without condom and Will U suck and drain my cum and Urine in your mouth?

    by Sanju_99 – 8 Aug 2021

    I am fine Sweetheart. Yes I am open for all types of sex to fulfill your burning desires.

  • Are u ok with threesome MMF, and can u arrange for another man MMF, what is the charge

    by ssatish1918 – 8 Aug 2021

    Yes Sweetheart I dont have any problem in MMF but I can't arrange another man. I will be charging 15000 for giving my services to 2 people at the same time.

  • What is the charge of full night

    by ssatish1918 – 8 Aug 2021


  • Hey madhu can i book you for 24 hr like from 11am to next day 11am and what would you take charge.

    by elvishsharma – 8 Aug 2021

    Yes you can. I will charge 10000 rupees

  • Dear Madhu..can you use your lip to grip around my cock with some soft tickling touches on my balls and me in cum inside your mouth. Then i want to fuck you with cum inside your pussy.

    by Sx – 5 May 2021

    Yes Honey you can do all that with me....

  • Dear Madhu...i want to Fuck you without condom and when i am about to cum will you take my cock and suck and drain all the cum in your mouth. Can you provide this.

    by Sx – 20 Apr 2021

    Yes Sweetheart you can fuck me without condom. Of course I will suck your cock till the last drop comes in my mouth and I would love to drink your come while seeing directly in your eyes.
    Love U

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