Greetings, submissive souls,

I am Mistress Ella Severe, a seasoned dominatrix who thrives on the intoxicating power of control and discipline. Your first contact is to send me an email using this website.

Standing at a commanding height of 165cm, I embody elegance and authority. Allow me to guide you through a world where pain and pleasure converge and your deepest desires find liberation.

At 165cm tall, I have a captivating presence that you'll need to pay attention to. My lustrous ebony hair cascades down my back, framing a face that exudes confidence and dominance. With penetrating eyes of the deepest shade of hazel, I will see through your every thought, anticipating your submissive needs.

As a Mistress with a wealth of experience, I have honed my skills in domination, specializing in pegging, spanking, and caning. These practices allow me to indulge in the delicious interplay of power dynamics, ensuring that every stroke leaves you craving more. Whether you seek a gentle introduction or a more intense exploration, I will skillfully cater to your desires.

Trust and open communication form the foundation of our journey together. Before our encounter, we will talk about it comprehensively to define our limits, boundaries, and desires. I understand the importance of consent, safety, and mutual respect, ensuring our exploration remains within the agreed-upon parameters.

Within the Chamber:
Enter my exquisitely equipped chamber, a sanctuary where our shared fantasies come alive. When you cross the threshold, you will feel the electric anticipation and surrender to my authority. Please don't worry, I will command your attention with my formidable presence, using a range of implements to awaken your senses and test your limits.

Sessions with me are immersive experiences tailored to delve into your submissive desires. Whether you crave the surrender of pegging, the sting of a well-deserved spanking, or the exquisite pain of a caning, I will guide you through a world of pleasure and discipline with expertise and care.

While I embrace many BDSM activities, I adhere to safe, sane, and consensual play principles. I do not engage in any illegal or non-consensual activities. Your physical and emotional well-being are paramount to me, and I expect the same dedication from you.

Remember, under the firm hand of Mistress Ella Severe, obedience and submission are the gateways to unlocking profound pleasure. Surrender yourself to my dominance, and together, we will explore the depths of your desires.

Please submit a detailed application through my website to request an audience with Mistress Ella Severe. Serious inquiries only. Your privacy is of the utmost importance.

Dare to step into my realm?

Yours dominantly,

Mistress Ella Severe

Incalls per hour from
฿3,000 (US$ 82)
Outcalls per hour from
฿3,500 (US$ 96)
English (Fluent)
Hair color

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