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I use WhatsApp Only. ‪number can be found in the phone contact section.

Gloria Haul - the English gloryhole mistress.

Sloppy Gloryhole - $170 for 15 mins.

A gloryhole is an anonymous oral experience - you don’t see me - I don’t see you. Google it if ur unsure pertaining to the meaning.

The service is strictly whatsapp only - but rest assured once u arrive I will converse with you to confirm that I am legitimately female (as they’re always fake gloryholes around).

A gloryhole is orally a piece of art. The long slow teasing of the tongue of an unknown oral nymph is the holy grail of blowjobs.

Upon walking in you will see the gloryhole presented in front of you. Through the hole you will see my perfectly manicured gorgeously feminine dainty fingers. You will then place your contribution through the hole of decadence before placing your penis through for me to devour. The service is a slow and soft oral masterpiece. The slower I go the more intense the climax. Upon reaching your climactic release….you will then receive a wet wipe to clean yourself before zipping back up and leaving. Thus completing the anonymous intense fellatio ninja that is my English tongue.
I haven’t been in Singapore since before covid. But those that recognise the advert will know the best English oral is back in town.

Ps…..please arrive will a full sack of cum, there’s nothing more frustrating that servicing a man who’s pleasured himself prior to visiting xxx

SINGAPORE SPECIAL - The amazing Buckaroo service.


You asked me for something new… here it is.

PLEASE NOTE….to book this service you MUST address me as MISTRESS in your text. This is to communicate that you wish this service and to also establish who’s in charge right from the beginning.

A spin off to the gloryhole service, the blindfolded buckaroo is the domination version. The naughty sister remix.

You guys have always wanted to taste my anonymous pussy lips and eat my unknown ass.

With the service you will enter as usual and see the gloryhole infront of you. You will place the money in the hole and then get undressed. You will put on the blindfold provided and then lay down on the towel. I will come out of the gloryhole and proceed to play with your cock, suck your cock, tease your nipples, kiss your ears. This service focuses on teasing so it’s slower than the gloryhole. I will then straddle your face and ride it like a buckaroo. Grinding my hips slowly on your face so you will be forced to sniff my pussy and ass through my panties and teased. I will then bring you to climax with your tongue buried deep inside me. Once you have cum I will get behind gloryhole again and you will get dressed and leave. Thus completely the anonymous blindfolded buckaroo. You can then trot off back to the office with smell and taste of my juices still on your face.
You are not allowed to touch during this service. If you do the service will end. This can also be done naked for an extra $30

Mistress Mysterious - sex with a stranger $300 - 30 mins

Why not take things a step further……further with a mystery person. This service starts in the same way that bukaroo does….you lay down infront of the gloryhole and place the blindfold over your eyes. You’ll then be led to the bed. Where I will have my wicked way with you. Feel my tight pussy ride your cock. If you are a good boy you might even feel me climax. Cheating doesn’t count if you never laid eyes on the person you fucked? Right? Lol. Come and fuck me x

Incalls per hour from
$170 (US$ 125)
English (Fluent)
165 cm / 5′5″
Extra Large
Hair color

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