Human Trafficking

Massage Republic is committed to helping consenting adults connect.

The coercion of adults or children for the enjoyment of another adult is completely unacceptable for any society. We actively work to identify any activity which may fall into this category and will block it. We also provide feedback mechanisms for advertisers and users to be able to report their suspicions, as well as implementing automated tracking systems to flag and review suspicious activity.

In addition to the above, we run a programme where we donate a targeted 10% of profits to selected projects where we identify real-world benefits - with a specific focus on women in vulnerable situations. Projects helped or funded so far include:

  • A project for direct assistance for literacy for young girls in developing countries, mostly in South East Asia.
  • An NGO in Spain which provides direct assistance for women trapped in prostitution, especially single mothers.
  • An NGO in Sri Lanka which is providing legal assistance for young girls and boys who are being abused or have been enslaved/sold.

We only donate after having made a thorough evaluation of each project to ensure it will make a real difference. We are making follow-on donations when we check results.

If you know of a project that fits with the criteria above and deserves help, please contact us. We appreciate any suggestions.

Sorry, we cannot consider requests for help on an individual basis.