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  • 11 Jul
    Hossam Sex Masseuse Women Only! - Male escort in Cairo
    Hossam Sex Masseuse Women Only! - Male escort in CairoHossam Sex Masseuse Women Only! - Male escort in Cairo
    Hello there!! It’s hossam i do all types of sex massages where you will have a great time and company with each other ofcourse in full privacy and in secret if you like it romantic and passionate then here is the way for you and if you like rough and quick pumps i can do that too Only women is allowed!!! هلا اسمى حسام واسوى جميع انواع الماساج الجنسى وبسرية تامة والمحافظة على الخصوصية كل الى عليك تبعتيلى و ما راح تندمين
  • New masseur Maher
    Maher - masseur in Cairo
    Maher - masseur in CairoMaher - masseur in Cairo
    مساج جنسي لجميع السيدات والازواج وباقل الاسعار اهم شي عندي هو راحتك وسعادتك وراح نعمل كل الاوضاع وكل نفسك فيها بلساعات بدون تعب او ملل Sexual massage for all women and couples at the lowest prices. The most important thing to me is your comfort and happiness, and we will do all the positions and put yourself in them in a matter of hours without fatigue or boredom.
  • 7 Jul
    New male escort Pedro
    Pedro - Male escort in Cairo
    Welcome I am here for a massage in exchange for a fee, an expert and professional, a private and home service facility, therapeutic and relaxing for the entire body and all areas of the body.
  • New male escort Pharaoh
    مساج جنسي لكل الجسم ولكل الاعمار انا شاب بجسم حلو ولو عايزه تجربي مساج عمرك ما جربته من قبل فانا هنا من اجلك و اذا اردت زوجتك تحصل علي مساج جنسي لجسمها كله انا الراجل الصح مع بعض الاضافات ايضا ك مص واللحس في كل مناطقها انا بزب كبير ومراح تخرجي الا وانتي مرتاحه علي الاخر Sexual massage for all bodies and for all ages. I am a young man with a beautiful body, and if you want to try a massage you have never tried before, I am here for أنا فرعون من مصر مرافق ومدلك لدي خبرة في التدليك الجنسي بجميع أنواعه وأشكاله. إذا كانت زوجتك، أختك، والدتك، أي فتاة تريد تدليك جنسي، فأنا هنا، متاح للنساء…
  • 6 Jul
    New male escort agency C Mah
    C Mah - Male escort agency in Cairo
    C Mah - Male escort agency in CairoC Mah - Male escort agency in Cairo
    Wlc everyone 👋❤️ I’m Mahmoud 27yrs From Cairo Captain massage 💆❤️ Talk for me 😉💆❤️👋💖🏠 احجز جلستك ان احبتت واتساب فقط
  • New male adult performer Hoss sex masseuse women only
    Hoss sex masseuse women only - Male adult performer in Cairo
    Hoss sex masseuse women only - Male adult performer in CairoHoss sex masseuse women only - Male adult performer in Cairo
    Attention!!! women only no men - بنات فقط لا رجال Hello there it’s hossam here! If you want to have a private secret and wonderful sex this is exactly what i offer. I offer passionate romantic sex that will make up to the moon and you’ll come again i bet😉,and if you like it rough and quick pumps i can do that also all you need to is text me and wonders comes to you🥰🥰 هلا انا حسام اسوى جميع انواع الماساج واذا تبى علاقة جادة اسوى كمان واكيد اهم شى السرية التامة وتشوفين افضل متعة مع بعض
  • 3 Jul
    New male escort Abdo
    Abdo - Male escort in Cairo
    Abdo - Male escort in CairoAbdo - Male escort in Cairo
    راجل بزب كبير ومش بتعب بسرعه واجي في اي مكان واي عمر وكل الاوضاع وثلاثي مع مراتك ومعاك وكل الوضعيات الثلاثي الي عمرك ما شوفتها قبل ولكل ست وبنت اي عمر تعبانه وعايزه ترتاح تكلمني انا ممكن اجيلك في مكان ومش هيفرق معايا عمرك اة اي حاجه وهمتعك وادلعك بكل الوضعيات ومص ولحس ومساج بزبي وكل ده بسريه تامه انا جاد وملتزم بمواعيدي والي عايز مراتو تدلع او اخته او امه او ثلاثي مع مراتو او بنت يكلمني موجود 24 وفي اي مكان 🍆🍆 I am a man with a big penis. I can entertain you for a long time and do not get tired easily. I'm also athletic and clean. Send me a message and you'll see something you've never seen…
  • 30 Jun
    New male escort Adam
    just something on the side, pansexual top, 21x14cms, 85kgs, outcalls only, tell me what you want and dont be shy so we are on the same page. "incalls for women and couples only"
  • New male escort Mahmoud
    Mahmoud - Male escort in Cairo
    Hello i.m here escort female girls and shemale and transgirls and mother and granny want mee sent mee جادة فقط سيدات امهات كبيرة سن ترسل لي خاص انا مستقيم فقط سيدات أو نساء أو أمهات أو نساء أو بنات أو نساء كبيرة
  • 28 Jun
    New male escort Elite Man for Ladies Only
    Elite Man for Ladies Only - Male escort in Cairo
    Elite Man for Ladies Only - Male escort in CairoElite Man for Ladies Only - Male escort in Cairo
    Egyptian hairy man with a high sex drive i can do multiple rounds , very clean with a perfect hygiene i’m sure you will ask to meet me again. I will not leave you until making sure that you are sexually satisfied. 💋 
Big Dick & huge Balls just contact me i’m ready for you ( women only ) Group sex is okay too Telegram: @akram454 Snapchat: akram454
  • 27 Jun
    Jason (First order for free) - Male escort in Cairo
    Hi All Beautiful Ladies & Women & Couples & Men ❤ Thank You for Stopping Into my Profile. My Name is Jason I am 30 Years Old. Privacy & secrecy are almost as important to me as they are to you. Specialization in licking Massage (can lick for hours), 😛Chocolate/Strawberry massage, ass worship, foot workshop 
I can guarantee that after my service you will be very happy and will ask me for another session. Take my word. 😉😉❣ Services that I provide: 
 1. Boy Friend/Husband Experience❤💞 
 2. Massage 💆‍♀️ 3. Massage with Happy End 🤩 
 4. Complete body licking 😛 
 5. Golden Shower💦 
  • 25 Jun
    New male escort Soly 33
    Soly 33 - Male escort in Cairo
    Soly 33 - Male escort in CairoSoly 33 - Male escort in Cairo
    I am 33 years old,I am a vip,I enjoy everything but not into fucking into kinky stuff more so blowjob lovers are most welcome.send me on watt’s app
  • 22 Jun
    New male escort Mọe 🇪🇬🇪🇬
    Mọe 🇪🇬🇪🇬 - Male escort in Cairo
    Welcome everyone 🥰 Book your session now ❤🔥 I am mọe 27 years Syrian nationality I live in Cairo, Egypt captain Massage 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️🥰 I have my own place if I like, or I can come to you
  • 17 Jun
    New male escort Jack
    Hi 👀 live in Cairo Available for women & milf any thing you want to do ..... I'm here for it 🍻👑 Message Hardcore Dominantion Boyfriend with benefit Call me I'm waiting for you 🖤
  • New male escort Mahmoud
    Mahmoud - Male escort in Cairo
    If you want to spend a wonderful time with me, then your choice is correct. I will really care about you. I am a romantic person and I will be a wonderful friend to you. I am in Dubai now for ladies only.
  • 12 Jun
    New male escort Franky
    Franky - Male escort in Cairo
    Franky - Male escort in CairoFranky - Male escort in Cairo
    It will be Better if you find out yourself,, but am a Cool Guy and I can Service you better You don't have to worry about anything
  • New male escort Moh
    Moh - Male escort in Cairo
    Moh - Male escort in CairoMoh - Male escort in Cairo
    Enjoyable massage and nice time. All types of massage and pleasure. Contact me via WhatsApp to negotiate all the details. Welcome everyone. The pictures are like reality.
  • 7 Jun
    New male escort Nemo 🇾🇪🇾🇪
    Nemo 🇾🇪🇾🇪 - Male escort in Cairo
    Nemo 🇾🇪🇾🇪 - Male escort in CairoNemo 🇾🇪🇾🇪 - Male escort in Cairo
    Welcome everyone 🙏🥰 I'm Noor Age. 24y from. cairo. Egypt You want massage ?💆‍♂️💆‍♀️🥰 can to be talk to me ❤️😊
  • 26 May
    New male escort Alaa
    Hello ladies, If you are a lonely lady seeking to spend a great time then you are in the right place. I offer relaxing and very satisfying sex relationship for women only. I’m a well educated good looking young man 27 years old, I’m a tall man 185 cm long, good shape body, available in Cairo and Alexandria ( most of the time in Cairo ), I have a huge sex appetite and I can be both soft and hard in the relationship according to your desire. I also have my own apartment in Alexandria I can host there but in Cairo only outcall available, my sex strength points are stamina ( I…
  • 25 May
    New male escort Jimmy
    I am living in Cairo, Just send me on whatsapp to book ur sensual massage 💆‍♀️ and I am sure u gonna get relaxed ☺️ “Women only”