If you felling so tired from the job or you had a hard working day or from school or university,
You’re coming to the right place,

I’m Steven and you can call me Yukio (I’m 33 years old handsome sexy male), I Learned the Japanese Massage in a Japanese professional hand female , I can take every small place in your body to let you feel so Contented so Comfortable & Relaxed.
My job it’s to seek and take the pin from every were of your body, with my experience and professional hand technique you will feel the best felling of Relaxing ever in your life.

Place: I can come to your place or any were else.
Working time: 24/7
Privacy: the number 1 important thing in my job is the PRIVACY.

*ALL THE SERVICE's For One And Half Hour
*My Full Body is Hairless with Laser to feel the most experience from Body To Body Massage and Sex, Skin To Skin Direct Contact

💋01. Normal Massage: 30BD - $80 (No Sex)💋
💋02. Body To Body Massage - 45BD -$120 (No Sex)💋
💋03. Body To Body Massage + Hand Job To Pussy {Happy Ending} - 55BD $147💋
💋04. Body To Body Massage + Hand Job To Pussy with Ass Massage Fingering - 65BD $174💋
💋05. Normal Sex 35BD - $94💋
💋06. Body To Body Massage + Sex 70BD $180💋
💋07. Pussy Licking with Tongue - 40BD $100💋
💋08. Pussy and Ass Anal Licking with Tongue - 45BD $120💋
💋09. Body To Body Massage + Pussy and Ass Anal Licking with Tongue - 80BD $200💋
💋10. Prostate Massage - 25BD $65💋
💋11. Prostate Massage + Pussy Massage - 35BD $90💋
💋12. Ass To Ass Massage - 38BD $90💋
💋13. Anal Sex - 40BD $100💋
💋14. Full Night - 150BD $400💋

The body to body Japanese massage is the number one massage in the world and give you the feeling of the Comfortable in your body in your head and help your blood to moving in normal way in your body, and make your Desirous so good.

*add 5BD only and choose one of those special body oils:
1. sweet almond oil
2. apricot kernel oil
3. jojoba oil
4. fractionated coconut oil
5. sunflower oil
6. avocado oil
7. kukui nut oil
8. sesame oil

*add 6BD for the after shower special body cream (after the massage):
((i do massage your full body after your shower with one of those))

1. strawberries cream full bod
2. chocolate cream full body
3. cherry cream full body
4. mango cream full body

{l} add 8BD to have the massage on a Air Bed (i bring it with me)
{ll} Pleasure Job Massage 10BD, including with the massage i can serve you the Special professional Pleasure Job Massage for 35 minutes in a slow mode to let you feel like walking in the MOON
If choose BODY TO BODY i'll use my Penis on you to let you feel the most Pleasure.

*Attention*: this is, is only for whom of FEMALEs that want to have a massage in Japanese Professional way..
i am a professional martial arts as will, so my hand and my body are soft, strong, fit and flexible to let you get the most feeling with all pleasure.

NOTE: please book the time before one day.
Try me and you will Call every time
connect me on My WhatsApp number
I'm Available at any time..

Outcalls per hour from
BHD 50 (US$ 132)
English (Fluent)
French (Basic)
181 cm / 5′11″
Other Mixed
Hair color
Al Manama

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