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Joshua is an experienced Tantric practitioner who helps and supports women to connect with their inner goddess aspect by honoring divine feminine within them. Rather than quick superficial orgasms, he practices with women to heal traumas, blockages, and empowers the woman to accept themselves by celebrating the beauty and love everyone carries.

Additionally, mindblowing full-body orgasms and joy after emotional release is the last but not least huge gift he offers.
And most of the women surprise how much they are "not aware" of the key spots in their vagina, and how it feels to trigger them..

It's an invitation of tantric exploration journey by awakening the senses and awareness through body and soul...

His tantric approach is most likely can be seen as love therapy sessions with private and sensual environments.
Including sensual smells, herbs, essential oils, calm music, and variety of meditative practices.

If you haven't experienced any deeper connection of love within yourselves, he is a perfect company for you to remind your beauty and worthiness..

What is sexual healing?
Sexual healing is about releasing the negative energy which we store in our bodies that is associated with any sexual trauma or any damaging experiences of sex. The energy is then freed up for us to use in more positive ways. The process can be as simple as recognizing that we no longer need to defend against what happened in the past. It can also involve breath-work, emotional release, massage, and becoming aware of the areas of our body which are storing the experiences.

Tantra is a pathway to our true potential, to be both spiritually and sexually established in the bliss of freedom and love

The purpose of a private session is to catalyze your awareness to the next level of what you are ready for.
How this happens and how session flows depends on how I read your energetic, emotional and physical bodies at the time that you arrive for the session. I listen to your words, but I also feel into your emotional body and your energetic field.
From this place, I make an assessment as to what would be the most potent course of action for our session. Sessions are therefore not pre-planned and they are highly individualized. I use a huge range of modalities that include:

Eye gazing, making a third eye connection, welcoming Shiva and Shakti in you and in your partner.

A deep connection in a laid down position, when you can disappear into oneness. The powerful technique also to release repressed emotions. Combined with intense Tantric Breathing.

Tantric Hug
An intimate, soft hug, combined with Tantric Breathing. Simultaneous and alternating breathing.

Tantric play
It is fun; it is about experiencing stages of becoming aggressive, sensual, and erotic.

A beautiful ritual, honoring the divine in you and in your partner. You can express love, intimacy, sensuality with the warmth of your hand, without having to touch the other one.

Self love ritual
Self pleasuring, discovering your beautiful body. A big stepping-stone towards a healthy self-esteem and learn to truly love yourself while sharing the experience. Combined with specific Breathing Techniques and Affirmations.

Tantric sit
After having reached a state of higher energy level, the female (Shakti) sits on her male partner’s (Shiva) lap. They breathe and vibrate together in this ecstatic flow.

A Tantric Meditation with Breathing Techniques. You can get lost and experience endless peace while gazing at the genital area of your partner.

Incalls per hour from
€90 (US$ 95)
Outcalls per hour from
€120 (US$ 126)
English (Fluent)
Spanish (Basic)
180 cm / 5′11″
Other Mixed
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