Hello, Open-Minded Girls, Ladies, and Cocked Couples out there... If you need a change in your life...?
Welcome for the best ride of your life...!!!

🙈 First of all, read the description that I have given carefully from beginning to end 🙈

I am Ashan a real young energetic boy. I am 31 years old, handsome clean well educated, dominant to soft/sensual, and experienced guy in this field.
I am open to sex and up for any kind of fun with you (Ladies, Girls, and Cocked Couples only). You can freely discuss with me and get satisfied the way you want. Your satisfaction is my prime goal, so girls, ladies, and cocked couples, your wish master is here. I'm here to make your darkest desires come true. Friendly and talkative.
So if you are a Single girl, Lady, Divorced lady, or Married lady and Cocked Couple who is willing to enjoy and get a new experience from a mature guy, I'm here to fulfill your desires.

I am open-minded to any suggestion you have
Age does not matter to me
You can chat with me and customize the service
"Only for genuine girls, ladies, and cocked couples " I have the Best reviews from clients" 💯
Original photos and those are verified by admins attached to this profile 💯

Privacy is guaranteed and expect the same in return.

♨️Services are provided as follows 📢📢📢
👉 Totally Hygienic
👉 Free sensational Massage on request (To make you feel relaxed and better)
👉 You will enjoy it when I lick your pussy, play with your boobs and tease them / lick & sucking, and many more
👉 Always practice safe sex 🧠
👉 Sensational / Passionate / Loving kissing and Real BF experience 😍
👉 Kinky kissing, Hardcore kissing, Biting, and Pulling to give you a rough experience 💪
👉 You name it, I will FUCK you the way you enjoy- Hardcore / Soft / Romantic
👉 Long Time licking in most sentimental ways 👅
👉 Licking your private area (My Greatest ability - long tongue with multi-direction twisting) 💦
👉 Energetic, Experienced in Love Making an oral orgasm (licking), And liking to try new positions 🤸‍♀️
👉 Good stamina to last long 👌
👉 Doggy, 69, Golden shower 🚿, Hair pulling, Roleplay, BDSM, Threesome
👉 Face sitting, Face slapping, Armpit licking
👉 We can try different styles of position
👉 FFM (Threesome with Two Girls) 💃💃🧍‍♂️
👉 MMF (Two Bulls with Threesome but you have to pay extra) 🧍‍♂️🧍‍♂️💃
👉 Long sessions available ⌚
👉 Short sessions available ⏳

❤️❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
♨️Special Services are provided as follows 📢📢📢 (Girls & Lady's ONLY)
👉 I will shave your vagina (But you should bring your vaginal razor)
👉 Applying and licking Full body, Pussy, and Ass 😋 (But you should have to bring your choice) 👇
👉 (Ice-cream🍧/ Yogurt🍚/ Chocolate🍫 / Honey🍯 / Cake 🍰 / Cool ice 🧊 / Milk 🍼 / Donut 🍩 / Grapes🍇)

I am a happy, charming, outgoing individual, always up for a good time but can be serious if needs be, never struggle to keep the conversation and make people feel comfortable in my presence.

I can promise you to deliver an exited-full experience for you, I’ll always make sure your deepest desires (Heaven on Earth) will come true, providing a relaxing, spontaneous, sexy, and fun moment you will not forget...! 💯

I am a professional who is doing this for self-satisfaction
So what you get is a real best Feeling since I am enjoying this as well.
I believe that the sexiest thing about a person is their smile, all I can promise if you pick me is good conversation and to keep your smile glowing. (You will be mentally and physically relaxed). 😘
so we can enjoy talking about philosophy, religion, films, etc as well.

My services are open up for Decent Local and Foreign ladies and Cocked Couples... (Hygiene is important for you and me Both) 💯

Head and Shoulder Massage (Highest Demand)

👉 I’m taking limited appointments since this is… 👉I’m offering my services to genuine VIP girls, ladies, and Cocked Couples only👈
I am a professional guy so spend some quality time with me. I will be a trustworthy partner and will protect your privacy.
And we can only meet at reputed (3-star n above) hotels in Colombo.
(You have to pay the hotel fee)

Waiting to have a fabulous time
So just send me a WhatsApp 📱 message we can chat and arrange a romantic evening, a fun-filled eve with monopoly and all, or a strictly intimate session… It’s your call… 🤙🏻 📲

Incall would be since I need to arrange a star class place for our intimate experience (it’ll be a suite of star class hotel) All the arranging a place will be taken care of by me… (But you have to pay the hotel fee) 🏩

I provide amazing services such as anal play, anal sex (Receiving) licking, oral, nipple play, intimate boyfriend experience, French kissing, Fun/wild in the bedroom, etc.
I'm available for Girls and ladies.

🌐 Languages I speak English and Sinhala (සිංහල)

A naturally passionate and open mind to enjoy any sort of playing your heart desires.
Anyone who needs to chill life and have a fun time together please WhatsApp me 📱

Hence please feel free to WhatsApp me to make your appointment and to have a comfortable time with me. (Vaccinated).

So feel free to contact me on WhatsApp (Message and Call) 🤙🏻 📲
I am available on weekdays and weekends and I can be reached on any holiday in Sri Lanka

But you have to book an early appointment, you can contact me through WhatsApp 📱
I will help you to make the time of your reservation the most memorable moment of your life
Wanna have real fun then it's time to meet me (I will take you to the HEIGHT of the WORLD OF LUST)
And I promise to give maximum value for the money you give 💯
Hurry up and call me soon to book your precious opportunity
I maintain the privacy and confidentiality of all clients who deal with me and call with confidence. There is no reason to fear.
All relationships are confidential and discreet. I expect the same from you also. No attachments and just a few hours of fun only.

🛑 Hint - Can you take a Fat and Long 7-inch dick...? 🍌🍆💦
Bigger tool available to your taste 🥒

I only meet Ladies after proper confirmation. You can discuss anything with me, Your Privacy is guaranteed. 💯
100% privacy and safety guaranteed 💯


⚡⚡ Don't Catch into cheap low-quality services ⚡⚡

💵 You can pay on this Payment method 📢📢📢
🔥Pay in cash on the spot
🔥USD Transfer
🔥eZ Cash
🔥Bank Transfer

Message me then we can talk on WhatsApp (24 hours I am Available on WhatsApp) 🤙🏻 📲 📞
See you soon Dear Girls, Ladies, and Cocked Couples for the best fantasy trip of your life...!!!

Incalls per hour from
4,500 SLRs (US$ 14)
Outcalls per hour from
9,500 SLRs (US$ 30)
English (Good)
172 cm / 5′8″
Hair color
Sri Lankan
Sri Lanka
  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Yesterday we met for two hours. Time passed, I really didn't understand. I had a lot of fun that time, better than I thought. Thank you for giving me the best value for what I paid. The best service from your side was given to me beyond what I thought I would need. I will come to see you again soon. Next time I want to stay with you longer.

    Hi Ma'aM... I always try to give good service. So I am very happy with the recommendation you gave me. We will definitely have more fun next time Ma'aM. Also, the recommendation you have given will be a good turning point for others to choose me, Thank you again for the good recommendation and we hope to meet again soon. You can. You can contact me on WhatsApp and the anytime

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    Ok thank Ashan Fantasy I got your number ill call you nw answer on whatsapp pls

    Ok Sure Ma'aM I'm ready to answer your WhatsApp call

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    I looked at your profile and I want to meet you soon. Are you free this evening...?

    Of Couse Ma'am... you can Contact me on WhatsApp Now Soonly

  • Hi. Interesting to meet you. Are u available this week?

    by dammika76perera – 16 Jun 2023

    Yes Maam, You can meet me... Pls contact me on WhatsApp sonly to arrange you appoint

  • Hey Ashan i want toget a session with u how can i do that

    by chandi96 – 21 Feb 2023

    Ok Sure Ma'am you can contact me on WhatsApp anytime

  • Ashan i want to get ur session, so can i get ur special services too
    i read ur description an its clearly good, i like ur all futures so i want to discourse with u 1st get the session before

    by shenayaperera91 – 10 Feb 2023

    Ok Sure Ma'aM, You can get my Special service definitely, You can contact me on WhatsApp anytime Ma'aM and I can give excellent service to you because I have a lot of experience in this field

  • Can I meet you this evening and how can I check you out...? I want your sexy photos, I like your profile very much, isn't it?

    by kavindidias87 – 4 Feb 2023

    Yes, Ma'am today im free today evening... you can contact me on WhatsApp anytime Ma'am... Thank you

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