Hello friends, I am a professional masseur, I am here for providing you relaxation and passionate safe fun. You can get professional massaging service with oil massage and relaxation.
You also can get other extra services including masters slave or all kinds of rough sex ( bound/spanking/cock worship/ass slap/pussy slap/ whole body grab/ cane/ tied up and punish/fuck- soft or hard) and many extra- fulfill your fantasy with masterbull.


I ll keep you on the edge/tip of orgasm until the end of my session - you know what i mean
I do provide straight massage to all females and best BFE ( boy friend experience) you will get
and have a good experience with giving BDSM/ spanking/ slapping /tied up and fuck/ keep you like a fuck toy/
pussy licking with very long tongue- ( guaranteed no girl can hold your squirt)

I am a Well educated, Decent person. Genuine, Healthy and 100% clean. if you want to Relax with a Professional Massage Service and hard core sex session contact me ? whatsapp/call/SMS/email me to learn more details about services.

singles ,divorce,married Ladies ( age below 45 please )

I will give the BEST experience you never had in your Life. Come to me and take relaxation massage and Ride on me.. ill be gentle and Sexy in your Eyes.. WILL BRING you in Heaven.

Professional in my job with many years of experience... Let go i do my best always...I love my job and i do it very professionally,The day after your body will thank you it will draw the best benefits that you can not even imagine.... if you don't like you don't pay!!! and you body will ask me everyday

මා සමග සම්බන්ද වන කාන්තාවන්ගේ පුද්ගලිකත්වය හා රහස්‍ය භාවය රකින අතර විශ්වාසයෙන් අමතන්න.බියවිමට කිසිදු හේතුවක් නොමැත.( NO PHOTOS TO BE TAKEN AND NO STRING ATTACHED FUN- - )
See you babes

Incalls per hour from
1,000 SLRs (US$ 3)
Outcalls per hour from
1,500 SLRs (US$ 4)
English (Fluent)
183 cm / 6′0″
Hair color
Sri Lankan
Sri Lanka

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  • hello master- want you to participate my birthday bash- with my few friends- please let me know- ( my friend dilushi highly recommended you and want your service. ) also sent text message to your phone and email- pls reply.

    by nishanii – 17 Mar 2021

    Hi Nishanii,
    Got your message and replied- via wtzap - call/wtzap or text me 0 7 7 79 0 7 0 11

  • ada enawada please ---- phone not working ? msg me

    by tanyasilva – 13 Dec 2020

    ok- same time - same place- check your messages

  • call me- cant wait--

    by tanyasilva – 6 Nov 2020

    will see you soon - xxx

  • please call me- wanna meet soon

    by tanyasilva – 14 Oct 2020

    will call tonight- after 9pm

  • hey- darling- i am coming to see you this weekend ? please keep you time and arrangements for me... miaa yaxxxxx

    by tanyasilva – 7 Aug 2020

    yes - sure- same place - come as usual time SUN 10am .

  • cant wait anymore---- are you free this weekend ? please call or text me my new number- endingxxx 5645..

    by tanyasilva – 17 Jun 2020

    yes- sure- i ll call you tomorrow-

  • can you come during this long weekend ?

    by tanyasilva – 6 May 2020

    i ll call you when i am free( tonight)

  • your phone not working---- call me today please

    by tanyasilva – 24 Apr 2020

    yeap sure-- call my nu 0 7 7 7 9 0 7 0 11

  • Your phone not answered today - please call me back - is that the same number right ???

    by tanyasilva – 30 Mar 2020

    i ll call you back or call me tomorrow evening- 0777907011

  • cant we meet after this curfew days .... i missed you badly---

    by tanyasilva – 23 Mar 2020

    yes- sure sweety- i llcall you when i free

  • can you come and stay my apartment ? 2 nights ? call me soon

    by tanyasilva – 20 Mar 2020

    yes sure. i ll call you

  • hey- another session --- me and m y friend-- please answer phone call ends -699 ...

    by tanyasilva – 5 Mar 2020

    ok-sure- whatsapp me 0 7 7 7 90 70 11

  • please call me- ortext me today- want to book date

    by tanyasilva – 17 Feb 2020

    yes- whatsapp me - please

  • are you free this weekend? please call me // or text me

    by tanyasilva – 30 Jan 2020

    yes- i ll text you tomorrow

  • please call me asap--

    by tanyasilva – 22 Jan 2020

    sorry i was busy - i will call you soon ---

  • sent many messages- please reply me ---- why dont you reply me

    by tanyasilva – 20 Jan 2020

    hi sorry got busy- will catch you soon ---

  • only for girls or are you doing treatments for boys?

    by Isuru_chamath92 – 19 Jan 2020

    nope dear- this service is only for girls

  • hey- i will be free on this sunday - if you free please send me a message---

    by tanyasilva – 16 Jan 2020

    ok sure- i will call you tonight- catch ya soon sweety

  • why is your not answering ????i gave your number to 2 of my friends- please reply them - meet you soon with them----mmmmmhhh

    by tanyasilva – 6 Jan 2020

    oh okay- i replied already- call you soon.--

  • hi- are you available tomorrow- if yes send me whatsapp--- we can meet same place ? thank you

    by tanyasilva – 3 Jan 2020

    yes - we can - i will text you tonight for arrangements ...xxxx

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