✨Genuine trustworthy young boy for ladies who seek to keep company✨
✨Family friendly honest young stud for cuckold/threesome couples ✨

🛑 I'm Raji, 22 years old, I’m a Young wise guy and a fit bachelor from Kadawatha joining this website as a rookie with a minimum experience (will give details of my experience when contacting me) . I have an attitude of giving the best at all times. Open-minded and understand one’s interests and likings. Got a tool that one would call cute like me. I'm a young boy who wants to live the moment:)!🛑

💞if you are willing to have a boy-toy or Non- Strings Attached young lover or sex boy, approach me for I will truly take you to heaven and arouse your desires with heavenly touches and actions to the lonely women out there. I will satisfy your lustful needs and bring that wild queen of lust character, I will make you special with my charms which you will never forget. I believe we can share a good connection... by getting to know each other.💞

🔴We can spend a romantic full-filling time together!
🔴Prefer good hygiene and am very clean.
🔴I love to spend time talking and ensuring you have a wonderful experience!
🔴Open to trying out everything, so please be open and feel free to talk about your fantasies!
🔴If you're looking for a complete session starting with a great talk to know each other to make good vibes and move on to a fantastic session full of sex to make you wet while getting aroused by the pleasurably touches that arouse your inner sexual lustful needs! you're looking at the Perfect BOY😉

💦If you feel horny and looking for a nice time and great rejuvenation, If you are looking for high quality, well-mannered,
educated, and passionate companion why don’t you try to reach out to me and arrange something that will make you happy? You can Have me till you are Satisfied! Feel free to talk out anything as this is your private free space when with me!💦.

💫😇 In addition, My service is just not about sex, it’s about giving you an experience of love, caring, and being compassionate. For all lonely housewives and unsatisfied married ladies, I am here to give you the attention and love that you need. I am down to travel and tag along with you ladies around the country. I will give you the best experience as a Friend, Boyfriend and husband. I am not money-oriented, I am fully about doing things professional and exclusive. I will make you satisfied and give you the time of your life, till you keep wanting more and more💫😇.

💫Any couple who wants to have a companion for a friendship, cuckolding session or threesome! Feel free to contact me! And mainly, privacy and secrecy are a priority! Therefore, As an open-minded guy, you can share your feelings with me along with trust and honesty, while having a healthy young third partner to spice up your sexual lifestyle! 💫

⭕I won't be charging a fee since its all about pleasure 😉
⭕I consider meets as long as you prove yourself a genuine and safe nature.
⭕If you're looking for a complete session starting with a great talk to know each other to make good vibes and move on to a fantastic session full of sex to make your wife wet in a perfect threesome, or embrace the spectacular cuckoldry view of your wife/slutty queen getting a Royal Fuck by a royal boy toy! You're looking at the right guy😉.

✨P.S: I only have sex with a one couple so far, so I might not be up to your expectations if you are looking for a well-experienced hunk with a long history of fuckery,. I also do not perform unprotected/unsafe sex.✨

🔴Updated 28/03/2023 FYI: 🔴I used to have encounters/meetups with a couple for the past few months, which was a great time indeed, however they have migrated to Australia, hence making me to re-advertise to look and fine the lucky new lady or couple, so I do have a policy of sticking to the first lady I meet, which henceforth, after meeting that person, I will not seek anyone else, (As in I'll pause my advertisement). SO THE FIRST LUCKY COUGAR/MILF LADY OR COUPLE THAT APPROACHES ME! WILL GET ME 😉💦💫

❤💞💫✨I assure the privacy at all times. I respect the limits/boundaries and ensure that we have a fabulously good time worth remembering. This is free of charge, since its all about pleasure 😉 Feel free to reach me through Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, WeChat or through E-mail.✨💫💞❤

🛑If you want to reach me through a normal phone call, please use the number that I have mentioned in the Telegram, Signal and WeChat box🛑

❣== Results from bdsmtest.org == (Check out this site, it really test our sexual pleasures😉💦)❣
93% Switch
91% Submissive
86% Dominant
85% Primal (Hunter)
79% Rigger
78% Pet
76% Experimentalist
76% Rope bunny
72% Brat tamer
64% Primal (Prey)
64% Owner
62% Master/Mistress
61% Vanilla
57% Ageplayer
56% Slave
51% Non-monogamist
51% Degrader
68% Boy (Roleplay)
46% Brat

🛑Finally though, last but not least, I'm not into Bisexual sex or not into gay sex!🛑

❤Good Vibes and Safety at all times! xoxo xoxoxo ❤

Outcalls per hour from
1,000 SLRs (US$ 3)
English (Fluent)
167 cm / 5′6″
Sri Lankan
Sri Lanka

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