Good day, all ladies i am in 24 hours
Very trustworthy, private and confidential services will be provided. This is a delightful, safe, discreet VIP service with trusted assurance purely designs only for Ladies. ?????
This service only for females and couples, Please read my profile fully so then you will get to know what kind of services I'm providing ????????????

First I massage your whole body including the foot and as well as your trigger points. Then go to the secret areas for licking, fingering and other wildest things as your request.

Age is not a limit for me. I provide my service to all walks of life. So if you are a single girl, lady, divorced lady, married lady who wants to enjoy with a young guy,

If you are married, divorce, lonely lady or a young girl, looking for a refreshment in your day to day busy life.
If you are interested in me please contact me(Email or call & Text on mobile number)
If you wish to feel the best service on the most reliable and confidential I am service at your doorstep,

I like to enjoy with you in such a happy this is my details.
?I am just 32 years old.
?I have such 6inch Dick.
?I would like to meet Girls or Women or couple No Age Limit
? I'm not a girl hunter or money mind man
also couples are welcome

can come with your party trip or forignes are specials

Just pay the fare

යෝනිය, පපුව මසාජ් කරගන්න කැමතිනම් කතාකරන්න
ඔබගේ රහසයභාවය 100% ක් සුරකිමි.
ඔබද මගේ රහසය බාවය 100%ක් සුරැකිය යුතුය. ජයාරූප ගැනීම හෝ වීඩියෝ කිරීම සිදුකල නොහැක. මිට අමතරව වෙනත් සේවාවන් අවශ්‍යනම් කථාකරගත හැක. ආරක්ෂාව පිළිබද සැලකිලිමත් වෙමි ි.
කාන්තාවන් සදහා පමණයි ි.

Privacy and confidentiality assured
womens, girls, Aunties also welcome

Incalls per hour from
1,000 SLRs (US$ 3)
Outcalls per hour from
5,000 SLRs (US$ 16)
English (Good)
Tamil (Basic)
154 cm / 5′1″
Hair color
Sri Lankan
Sri Lanka

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  • hello dear i like your body, so what's the time are u free

    by samadiwekramasinghe – 30 Jul 2022

    Thanks madam... Plz call me i am available now

  • hi sameera those days are you working or not... i want arange party with my 2 friends, so plz send me a text

    by ranjula – 6 Nov 2021

    yes madam... i am working plz call me and book your date thank you

  • Dear sameera can you visit my home... I am near homagama🙏🏼

    by Ruwanthuka760 – 19 Jul 2021

    No prob madam... Call me

  • Hi dear oya me corana dawas wala wadada mata oyawa ganna puluwanda

    by visedi6919 – 16 Jul 2021

    Hi... Oya kauda.... Ou man vacsion gahala inne... Plz call or msg

  • Hi dear... I am Russian Lady those days living colombo can i book one day with you... So i want living with you one day with you.. I like your body type.

    by saloji2553 – 12 Apr 2021

    Sure mam... But ppz arange that after our new year.. And send me whatsapp

  • Hey we are girl's group.. Can you play with us.. I also send our 4to... We want next week..

    by yakined951 – 11 Apr 2021

    Wow a group... Ok nice i will send message privately

  • Hey bro.... can u give couple service... we want tomorrow. Boy for my wife

    by novogjana – 13 Mar 2021

    Sure plz whatsapp your details

  • Dear sameera my wife want to get some liking service can u come tommoro... if you can plz inform me

    by gexeyaw545 – 6 Mar 2021

    Tomorrow ..... ik i will arrange time ... call me my whatsapp

  • Mr.sameera are you free tonight .... today i am along with my apartment 🤗

    by wedaweg501 – 4 Mar 2021

    Call will you plz... i have some appointments... but can arrange

  • Hi dear.are u free today.i wana three some service.can u take your friend

    by nadinidiaz89 – 4 Mar 2021

    Hey call me yes can

  • Hey darling can you come my apartment tonight... plz ... i like you dick... ❤

    by jagefod941 – 3 Mar 2021

    Today.... or hove ever i will be arrange tine my dear... 🤗

  • hey samee can we meet tommorow ?????
    again your very sweet boy <3

    by depexe4849 – 29 Aug 2020

    wow madem alright ... i will call and come your aparment to morining

  • Hey this is me can you remember plz call me ... i sent some msges

    by sanduniperera – 2 Mar 2020

    I got it madam .... i will cl as soon as

  • hey dear you can meet me today at nugegoda ..... if you can meet me we can spend our Independence day ahhh

    by libot74848 – 4 Feb 2020

    yes baby plz call me any time i am ready for you

  • hey can you meet me again ............ in this Sunday evening
    in my apartment

    by kumuduDilka – 30 Jan 2020

    wow madam you want again 😆
    so if you like we can arrange Sunday full night
    call you soon madam..

  • hi that day is very long and super day....can you meet today evening..... plz replay my msg plz

    by sanduniperera – 25 Jan 2020

    sure madam.... i can meet...

  • Darling What is your next free tme 😆 plz call me i want you more

    by diludias – 19 Jan 2020

    yeaa baby i will call you soon

  • Dear Sameera,
    On 19th Jun I will be near Nugegoda area, can you visit me over there? can you do it for me?????

    by sanduniperera – 19 Jan 2020

    Dear how is today ahhh
    how about my Pucking machin 😆

  • hey samee can you meet today plz if you can i want today eveing please

    by diludias – 18 Jan 2020

    today yes mam
    i can plz call me or send massage i can meet today evening

  • Hey can you meet today
    actually last meet is very funny of our girls group and all girls are very like to meet you again and again

    by riskmanagmentsl – 13 Jan 2020

    thank you dear....
    yes can please call me and we can enjoy like last day
    xxxxx ......

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