ASK ME QUESTIONS to know more. Connect me through contacts / call or msg me. I am always pre-scheduled. So, pls book your schedule at least two days earlier.
In the meantime let me introduce myself.
I am a Toyboy for females. I am from Kolkata but I accept clients from the all corners of the world. I work in Kolkata. Retaining Privacy is my ethical pleasure.
I am an expert in providing Body massage of all types.
Clients can see a rejuvenating magic in their mind, body and soul.
I also perform sex. I can extend my energy for longer duration and I also can give 3 shots a minimum in one night.
I also take part in femdom where females dominate me with their best efforts. I take Golden Showers, Rimming, Strap on Dildo and a lot more activities that their boyfriends or husbands dare to perform.
I also take part in cuckold fantasy of clients.
So, why to wait? Mail me and get the best deal.
Mail me directly through msg button here.
I assure you the pleasure and ethical privacy of our meeting.
Ask me questions & I am ready to reply you.
I accept foreign client also.
Call me and / or whatsapp.
Thank you.

Let me share my true story with you.
Hlo Everyone. I am a body masseur **** gigolo **** slave for the females and couples. You can write me to give your feedback on my following story of transformation of a gigolo from a body masseur and also to book your schedule or meeting for an awful service. Those days I was working as a normal body masseur when I first stepped into Kolkata. A metro city that offered me a lot. That day I was transformed as a gigolo by a client who was not based on kolkata.
I advertised myself as a body masseur in several sites and she contacted me while she was supposed to take a visit to Kolkata. A business lady had her own calibration who asked me to be her bouncer **** body masseur **** penetrator during the visit. She needed a complete relaxation by massage as well as availing the sexual attainment. I was in dual thought of ethics whether to go forward or not & eventually I responded positively since I was in need of money.
The day finally came when she arrived in Kolkata Airport. I was standing with a placard and a hired cab. She already booked the hotel and the copy of receipt was with me. So, after receiving her we headed towards the hotel, checked in.
She refreshed herself with shower and asked me to have a good shower too. Having some snacks in the room we went for her business meet and finally came back in and around 5:30pm. It was summer. We again refreshed ourselves.
Now she asked me to massage her back including the legs. It was 9 pm while we were taking a light dinner. She was having wine what I readily rejected but she insisted and eventually make me drink from her own hands. First time literally and I was quite unstable for some moment.
She was drunk but quite stable. When I found myself stable, I found myself naked on bed with full of oil in my body. It was so slippery. She asked me to give her body to body massage and almost the full quantity of a 500 ml olive oil bottle exhausted. All slippery and I was slipping on her tip to toe, toe to tip naked, naked and naked.
After a while she madly kissed me and pressed my face with her boobs. It was my first time at the age of 23 I was about to lose my virginity. I was pushed to lick her **** / vagina and according to her "you too good Rik, let me leave my orgasm while you are licking". She was shaved and I licked her to leave her orgasm with moaning sounds of aahhhh uhhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhh.
She asked me to suck and taste her juices and once I did, believe me or not, I felt completely drunk and mad.
She was damn good in sucking my cock / penis. Now she wanted me to penetrate her without any delay. She favoured strawberry flavoured extra dotted condoms and we had an awful time having sex in different positions. Sounds of ahhhhh uhhhhhh ahhhhhh ohhhhhh come on faster bit slow were echoing all round the room along with sizzling music. When I was about to discharge I unwrapped the condom and let my **** fell on her face. She was pretty happy to have the denser cream on her face. I lost my virginity.
It was midnight when we come up again for another round and this time she sat on my face and made me lick and suck her **** as well as her **** and their juices. She rubbed them all over my face. We had a second round to take up and that lasted close to an hour.
Finally we took a bath together and went for sleep naked naked and all naked.
I was given 15000/- for the whole assignments for two days. And amazingly the second day was my second transformation as a slave. I will cover you up with that story in my next column. I would love to have your like for this story and the feedback over mail or so.
Thank you for your reading. Let me serve you to give you the pleasure you are looking for. I am 28 now with 5'5" height with a reasonable cock, good bust, waist and buttock. I am very much affordable. Knock me for your pleasure

Incalls per hour from
₹1,000 (US$ 11)
Outcalls per hour from
₹1,500 (US$ 17)
Bengali (Fluent)
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
163 cm / 5′4″
Hair color

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