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Telegram ID: m_mumbai or WhatsApp on 913,633,5212

6'4" tall, well read, well travelled (not a crew or a pilot. Dont go by the pics) male, currently in the western suburbs of Mumbai.

I am very discreet, clean, hygienic, classy and at the same time quite naughty and warm.

If and when we meet, I can assure you that you will never feel you are with a so called escort, but will get all the satisfaction you expect from a boyfriend, husband, friend, neighbour, companion, lover, etc.

I communicate quite well and like to make my clients feel comfortable. I believe intimacy is more pleasureable than just going bang bang. Even if it is just for a night or few hours. We can meet at a bar, pub, restaurant, public events, anywhere you are comfortable and get to know eachother. From there we can move on to giving ourselves some amaizing orgasms.

Or you can call me directly at your home or hotel room and I promise to make you feel equally comfortable there as well.

I am open to explore almost anything and everything in bed and everywhere else, but am not comfortable with the hardcore BDSM stuff. I dont find pleasure in receiving or inflicting pain on anyone. A sensual domination like spitting or feet licking and stuff is fine.

I don't want to typically give you a menu card of my services. Would rather prefer you letting me know of your fantasies and we can comply to that.

I am happy to have a date as well, if you are just looking for a companion to join you for drinks, dinner, movies, kitty parties, etc, and then please you and satisfy you after that, if you like.

Decent women / couples of any age are fine. I have dated women in their early 60s as well as the ones in 20s, so dont hesitate about your age, size, complexsion, anything. I will be equally comfortable with it.

I am also available for outstation calls. Please get in touch to discuss about it.

You can connect me on my telegram id: m_mumbai , or Mail, or call me directly on 913,633,5212 if you are interested. I will be happy to share my unredacted pics and have a dialouge with you to discuss your likes and dislikes in further detail.

Looking forward to be with you soon! πŸ˜„

P.S. You pay only if you feel my company was pleasing and satisfactory to you (which I am pretty sure, will be)! πŸ˜„

Cheers and lots of love! ❀❀

Per hour from
β‚Ή2,500 (US$ 30)
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
Marathi (Fluent)
Punjabi (Good)
Japanese (Basic)
193 cm / 6β€²4β€³
Hair color
  • Rating: 1 / 5by

    I contacted him and he reverted quite fast, which was a good thing. He made it to my place in 30 mins. He however came with no oil to massage or any massage tool yet I had told him I only needed a massage. He came drunk to make it even worse. He starts licking me πŸ˜†, I tell him no I don't need anything more than a massage.

    Long story short, dude doesn't even have the basic skills of massage and he cames drunk, he can be rude too.
    Avoid him unless you want to deal with a rude drunkard as he seemed like an addict.

    I am sorry for your experience Lynn. But your review is not at all true. When you called me, I told you I am out in a club but you still insisted I come. You never told me you were already having a BDSM with 2 other guys and with ciggarete burn marks all over your body. I am sorry but I dont feel safe in that kind of an enviournment in shady hotel rooms, nor do I entertain any of those services. I anyway would not want to argue with you. You can keep continuing your BDSM sessions as you please. It was nice meeting you and sorry again if you felt disappointed! Please take good care of yourself.

  • Yes I know. But I felt this was more convinient. Will try the review section as well.

    by Ambica1407 – 18 May 2022

    Alright cool! I thought maybe you were not aware of it so thought of letting you know. But its alright anyway! πŸ˜„

  • In as little words as I can say, " Truly a gem of an exp!".
    Was at a conf in Mumbai and called this guy over for a drink. Little did I know that it would go on till early morning hours and probably further if I dint have a flight to take.😍

    by Ambica1407 – 15 May 2022

    @ambica1407, i felt like 2 peas in a pond with you! I will be eagarly waiting for you to come to Mu.bai. And btw, this is not the right window to post a review.. But its ok! πŸ˜„

  • Met this guy yesterday. A true boyfriend experience! I am a bit on the elder side so was hessitant a bit, but he made me feel like a queen. His kissing, licking and rimming skills are truly amaizing! I reccomed him for a true bf/hubby exp.

    by dia_48 – 11 May 2022

    Many thanks @dia_48!
    Was indeed a pleasure meeting you as well and I am glad you enjoyed the time spent. Age has never been a concern for me. You are a good host and I liked that about you. Will look forward to meeting you again! πŸ˜„

  • Hello Gumdrop,
    You dont seem to be a typical escort and I am quite curious about your profile. You look like a nice gentleman with some kinks in bed. Is it possible for us to have a quick call? Voice, followed by video (if required)?

    by dia_48 – 4 May 2022

    Hello @dia_48,
    Thank you for your curiosity in my profile. I indeed am not a typical escort! I am happy to have a voice/video call when it is convinient for you. You can connect with me on telegram @ m_mumbai
    Speak with you soon.

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