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i'm a 35 year old male slave from Mumbai....i would love to serve you master's....i accept that you are far superior to anything else...and the only joy comes from serving you....and am willing to do anything that you may want me to!please give this humble slave a chance to serve you.....looking forward to serving you masters.....
1. i like to wash my master COCK first
2.lick it with my tounge
3.hold ur cock while u piss and shake the excess piss
4.will clean the reaming piss from mouth
6.i will fold my hand and neck down and wait for ur orders
9.will suck ur cock still u say no
10.u cna fuck me left and right will not open my mouth
11.i will tkae ur cum on my bodya dn mouth
12..many other things
Who treats me like a sexual object to fuck & even give me to his frends to fuck.
Who makes sure my ass is always stuffed with penis or someother object.
Who kick my ass, spit on my face, abuse me, slap my face, piss on me.
Who makes me lick his armpits, feets, shoes, butts whever he they become dirty.
Who uses me as his servent.
Ride on me like horse, when i walk slow, & squeezes my balls & penis to make me walk faster, even put a long rod in my ass & press it hard when i walk slow.
Who even makes me suck his cock & forces it fully inside.
Who uses me as carpet to to walk, towel to wipe of, pillow in bed, or as blanket to cover himself frm cold.
Limitations : no shit, no parment mark, No Blood

Incalls per hour from
₹5 (US$ 0)
154 cm / 5′1″

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