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I can make your tits bigger and in shape with my massage techniques you can see the girls in my Facebook account they all are my clients , you can visit www.facebook.com/amit.tarkar.3

I am having the blessings of lord kamdev. Kam means any materialistic wish. I will tell you the way to fulfill any of your desires or fantasies even if you are the most ugliest person on the planet having no money. If you choose to have sex with me then I can give you as many orgasm you want as I am yet to meet a girl who can make me cum.
Get your P's wet with me, Pussy-Panties-Pyaas-Pyar.

Hello Lovely Ladies, Wishing you all Happy New year, I am a software developer based at Mumbai, Height 183 Cms, Average Build, Hitting the gym, trying hands on dancing, singing, guitar as well to spice up the romance between the two. All girls say I have personality like that of most favourite fanfiction character.

Been in to casual dating so far where lovely physical intimacy was of prime importance between the two, introduced myself to this world now where i would love be more of a companion to spice the love lives, sexual lives of each other.

Things to turn on each other, dressed nicely, smell nicely with a lovely fragrance for the real sexual attraction between the two.

A meeting between us could be much more of , from the moment we met each other, nice hugs, kisses, grabbing you from behind, give neck kisses, hickies, shoulder kisses, smooches, rubbing and feeling each other bodies, undressing each other in a most sensful way, a nice lingerie underneath a lovely dress will spice me up for sure, lifting you towards the bed, kissing, feeling and tasting each other bodies, sucking on your lovely pair of boobies you are blessed with, foreplays with bell button, taking off nice lovely lace panties, embracing the lovely pink flower inside your panties, worship the flower, make it watery, suck and lick on pussy, making my dragon to wake up, let you worship my dragon, taste it, suck it and making a way inside your lovely flower for the best sexual intercourse we could imagine.

hands in panties already?..Panties are wet?..Nipples erected?. reading all above, lets meet and make the erotic intercourse and foreplay happen at a lovely place be it your own place or a hotel i am comfortable both ways.

Something Missed?...How we can forget the shower romance?...Will worship your pussy with tongue and dragon , you just wake up the dragon with lovely blow jobs.

Women reviews from the sexual intercourse so far,

- Good Kisser.
- Romance at peak.
- Body Massage.
- Good listener .
- Hold communication well.
- Giving booby and neck hickies.
- Gift lingeries, night dresses.
- Kissing whole body.
- Undress in a seductive way.
- Seductive shower romance.
- Good at doggy style and girl on top.
- Good at being submissive and dominant.
- Foreplay at peak.
- Slow penetration for more and more enjoyment.
- Lovely fingers play.
- Cuddles at its best.
- Body Massage

Give me a try, we will be lovely together in bed.

Incalls & outcalls both available.

Monday to Friday, After 8 PM, special demand and charges, can take office leave.

- Open for women only, No couples ( One on one with women i am open to ).
- Open to threesome as well FFM.
- Travel Buddy.

First interaction non chargeable or minimum charge as you like.
Take my service, enjoy it, be my regular client, will make you happy and then make me happy with what you have to give.

See you lovely ladies, dragon and the tiger is waiting for you.

Reach out to me on telegram, whatsapp or email, our identities will always remain confidential. I also advice you to dating app created by me as 'unveilart' you can give me your authentic review over there. The base price of meeting is 2000 you can pay maximum through auction at UnveilArt.

Per hour from
₹2,000 (US$ 23)
English (Fluent)
Marathi (Fluent)
183 cm / 6′0″
Hair color

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