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Wild Sex including all your kinky fantasies with my 7inch tool all ready for FEMALES AND COUPLES*

Are you the classy female who just love getting drilled wildly entire night ❓


Are you the lusty female who wants to get dominated and banged by a muscular guy and try new kinky things in bedroom❓

If YES then the wait is OVER now 😉

About me-
You can call me Rahul, I stand 5.9ft tall Muscular with a Fair complexion based in Mumbai with a tool of 7"inch 🍆
Age - 27 *Always neat and hygenic with a good smell and you will find me Well Dressed always only for you*

Privacy ✅ Hygiene ✅Safe Sex✅
All 3 are my priority so be assured about it.

I Attend only
✅ Individual Female or Girl Gang (not more than 3)
✅Couples (Normal Couple or Lesbian Couple)
❌ Individual Males


Apart from above mention services, if you want anything specific, I'm always Ready.

For Quick Response- telegram me at
Or Simply drop me a mail here.

Note- Open to Travel in any city of India with proper arrangements of travel and stay already made.

## *About me*

Hello! Allow me to introduce myself, I am a 29-year-old male individual hailing from the beautiful country India. As they say, diversity makes everything spicy and here I stand, proudly representing the Indian subcontinent in the worldwide BDSM community. You could say I was born into a family where chai and kink run through the veins. But hey, who am I kidding? Nobody gets used to drinking tea so spicy they sweat just from holding the cup. This love for adventure led me down the path towards experimentation with power dynamics in human relationships, where consent is king and safe words reign supreme. My interests lie in the realm of Dominance/submission, roleplay, impact play, bondage, etc., which may come off as intimidating at first glance but believe me, behind every great Dom stands a supportive partner without whom none of these shenanigans would work. After all, actions speak louder than leather. I've spent over seven eventful years honing my skills, learning from mistakes, trying different techniques, researching and reading books (yes, actual ones made of paper) on psychology, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, neuroscience, sexuality studies, cultural and social constructs, ethics, spiritual practices etc. because variety is truly the spice of life and knowledge is power! With each passing day, I strive to become more mindful, self-aware, compassionate and understanding, qualities essential for nurturing any healthy relationship. My aim lies in building strong connections by fostering effective communication and emotional intelligence. Trust, respect, transparency, vulnerability, and patience form the bedrock of any partnership worth having. So, buckle up those leather harnesses, tighten your corsets, grab hold of those whips, put on those latex gloves, warm up those floggers, prime that electro-stimulation device and let's delve deep into exploring and pushing each other's limits together. In case you were wondering, 15 percent body fat, that magical number, serves both aesthetic appeal and athletic performance allowing my inner adrenaline junkie to pursue sports such as Muay Thai and Parkour; balancing brawn and brain making one well-rounded individual. Remember folks, no matter how much you may cringe at certain habits, personal preferences, guilty pleasures, or even dietary choices, everyone deserves dignity and respect regardless of their quirks and idiosyncrasies. We must never forget that embracing diversity strengthens the fabric of society rather than tearing it apart. Now, if all these musings intrigued your curiosity or tickled your fancy, shoot me a message, and share your innermost desires, hidden passions, and taboo fantasies. Together, we shall create an oasis of freedom in a desert of conformity. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Catch y'all soon
Rest you can see about my experience in my profile

### Now what I am looking for:

I am looking for a Submissive Female Partner. BDSM is a variety of often erotic practices or roleplaying involving bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadomasochism, and other related interpersonal dynamics. If you enjoy Pleasure out of Pain then you are the one. No, it is not just Spanking... It involves Slapping, Groping, Gagging, Tying, Biting, Forced Oral, Forced Sex, Deep Throat, COB, CIM, Abuse, Assault etc. So the sky is limit if the partner is compatible. Yes, it all depends on your comfort. If you are a beginner then I don't mind starting with Soft BDSM too and we can proceed as per your comfort. Connect if you are even curious and wanna explore this dark zone.

### Criteria:

Any age is fine as far as you are presentable. Body type should be Fit to Average. I am not looking for a Model kind of face but atleast average looking.

Safety: There will be no physical injury. I am up for Asexual BDSM & Penetrative Sex will be Mutual if we like to go there. I am not a typical desperate Indian man, no offenses but I don't like the way women are treated here. So you can rely on and trust to open up. We can stop anytime if anyone of us wanna discontinue and you will never hear from me. Your Social Life will never be affected neither I will ever create any problem. Discretion is guaranteed.

You will have to behave like an obedient sla
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190 cm / 6′3″
New Delhi

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