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Hideki(Hide:Authentic Japanese male escort in Tokyo)

※ Exclusively available for ladies.
※ Outcall services only. Explore local venues together or have me visit your place; hotel rooms, leisure hotels, your flat, etc...
※ Price/Fee is negotiable. Let’s discuss!
※ Exclusive and discreet. All requests are 100% private.

・What I can provide
・Contact points

<What I can provide: A local handsome male / A sub slave boy for hire>
An authentic Japanese male ready to serve you.
I embody the ideal Japanese boyfriend for locals and a good-looking local escort for short-term visitors.
(Spec:185cm(6′1″)/ 75kg(166lbs)/ Athletic Build)

I am delighted to be your boyfriend, your lover, and whatever you desire, both down in town and on the bed.
We can explore shopping, travel to exciting places, enjoy dinner, embark on a bar-hopping adventure, and simply spend a romantic or wild evening together. Your thoughts and desires matter to me, and I take immense pleasure in fulfilling each of your wishes.

I balance a corporate life with sharp insights into politics/taxation and refined tastes in drinks, foods, art, history, and fashion. I work out at the gym at least twice in a week, so you can feel male strength from me.
(Some describe me as having a. ‘baby face,’ treating me as a boy to take around. I am also happy to be.)

My career in dating service began in a club providing male drinking companions for women. Soon, I found my talent in giving guests pleasure by being with me.

Besides the masculine side, I can also offer myself as a submissive slave boy to serve, for I have a kinky side simultaneously. If you desire, I can be tied up, used as a toy boy in riding position, spanked/whipped, and more... I can be your buddy/servant to explore the local kinky/BDSM events. It is a perfect offer to dominate a local boy.
(Hard limits: Activity involving scars, bloodshed, filthy matters, and going down on girls on a first meeting.)

I hope you a wonderful and sweet stay/life here, anyway, but hopefully I am with you. See you soon!

<Contact points:Message me through…>
・Message service here: Direct message by pushing the icon above on the profile.
・Twitter: @H_de_ma_vie
・LINE: namulithofdorok
・Instagram: goh_hideki_escort

Could you be … the most beautiful boy in the world?
----- Jessica, 40's from the UK.

Missing your kiss…
----- Isabelle, 30’s from Germany

You are like a prince!
----- Camila, 20's, from Mexico.

… and more…

Hide XXX

Per hour from
Japanese (Fluent)
English (Good)
185 cm / 6′1″
Hair color

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  • will you be a personal guide for me in Tokyo when I am there for one week and maybe we can connect. I am an older man who would appreciate your company and knowledge. Please let me know and I will support you - thank you - David

    by David_168 – 3 Oct 2022

    Hi, David.
    Thank you very much for the messages. Unfortunately, I am an escort for women only. Therefore, could you please contact other escorts in Tokyo instead?
    I am hoping your visit here is gonna be fun and fruitful, anyway. Have a lovely travel!

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