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Priyanka Chawla:
Dont know why girls answer questions after 4 months? My questions from 25th Sept 2022 answered on 17th Jan 2023. Why? Just to be on top of recent list.

And now guys like happygolucky and other user review 5 star though saying never met..crazy. MR users are not fool.
You are real. You dont need fake/paid reviews.

I really gave good and honest review with rating 4. I just said about age. On other review forums in 2019 people said age 29.

I gave reference about dates becoz u started wih inactive from 4th June and all. Why try to prove me fake and related to others. So facts presented. Nothing else.

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  • Verified photosDiana 4 u (cam and real meet) - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Cam review: Diana is super hot and sexy package. She doesn't look 30 at all. Awesome figure and moves. You can't control for long on cam and will come out soon.
    Thanks for honest and beautiful service.

    Thanks dear ❤️

  • Verified photos• xXxtraordinary GF Karlei • JustLanded - escort in New Delhi
    Rating: 5 / 5

    Kelly is awesome, bombshell.
    Very easy to connect. Replying very fast.
    It was my first time with a foreigner. It was simply great. She has amazing skills and very sweet nature. Her incall place is decent, not best, but safe and good.
    Thanks Kelly .

    Gracias dear! thats so sweet! 💋 take care..

  • Verified photosI am Meetali CAM & Real an Independent - escort in Mumbai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Meetali is simply the best girl here. Has natural body and very safe. Very quick to respond to queries. Very patient. Met her at Lemon Tree for 2 sessions during day. Best decision to meet her. Nice time spent. Lovely girl. Also good to talk and crack jokes. Laughs a lot herself. You are best Meetali.

    Thanks 💕😘 love

  • Verified photosPriyanka Chawla - companion in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Hi, MR users know how active u r. U reply to WA msg/review instantly n still inactive. Wow! U ignored the gud part I wrote and answered instantly on age. Truth hurts. I know.

    When I didn't replied and ignored all ur communications , u chose this way to talk to me! Really!
    Why i m so important to you?
    Why u r chasing me like a mad dog?
    In one of ur questions, u literally mentioned the " dates of my reviews" with my activity dates over this portal. And yes ! I ignored that question too like any other questions of yours .
    How u minutely notice dates of my replies and comments over this portal !
    Don't you have your own family, friends or colleagues??
    Why u r so much into me??
    Take some help from psychologists.
    U need attention.
    Stop writing to me.
    M literally not interested dude.
    Moreover, it's upto me whether I want to be active or not active on this portal.
    It's completely upto me whom to meet or whom to deny.
    It's my decision whether to be sexually active with multiple guys or to be "a single man woman".
    It's my life and only i will decide how i want myself to be .
    You are no one to tell me when i should be active and when not to be active.
    I actually ignored the good part because u already spoke to me hell lot of times with different usernames.
    You are a psychopath.
    "Truth hurts" hehehe ! Did u ever met me, do u even know me ?
    Have u seen my identity card?
    Have you met my parents who told u about my age?
    U r again n again coming on this number 30, and trust me , this is nothing to me, and that's why, i just ignore you.
    Plz be happy, eat healthy, pamper yourself. Stop chasing me.
    You are just a troller for me.
    And that's why i ignore u always.
    Stop contacting me . Stop bombarding my email with so many messages.
    Plz contact others. I'm not interested.
    Live and let live.

  • Verified photosPriyanka Chawla - companion in Dubai
    Rating: 4 / 5

    Hi, contacted Priyanka and of July. After discussion on WhatsApp we met recently at The Lalit near airport. She is genuine. and arrived on time, was good at talking and has maintained body at 30 plus. Looks and service was okay though, lack of involvment. Still, Thanks n best wishes

    O god, again!
    Why u r creating different usernames and why u r so much behind this 30 number??
    If u r someone whom I never met or didn't gave any attention or whatever the reason it was, why u r so concerned about me??
    You are a psychopath.
    Stop playing these brain games.
    From 4th of June, m not active at all. Infact, i m completely out, so, if u want me to delete this profile of mine, Good news for you !
    I will delete it soon . But , i don't need ur permission to delete it.
    Stop making me feel that i look 30 at the age of 26.
    Moreover, i always say 25 in age, why u felt 30 plus is again a joke like ur last reviews from username Naman rathod , genuine reviewer and sikander or whatever ur real name is.
    Why u spend so much time in creating different usernames?? Just for me !
    M i so important to you?
    I really don't understand why u r behind me so insanely.
    What's wrong i have done to u?
    Can any girl's privacy hurt u so much that u literally create different usernames and go "all in" in pushing a girl so much that she will think to delete her profile???
    I want to be happy in life and don't want any nuisance.
    This 30 thing , O god ! From which angle i look 30 man??
    Again n again?
    Have u seen my birth certificate??
    Have u seen my passport??
    With what confirmation, u can say a girl who is 26 as 30 plus??
    U only said "maintained body" , then how can u even comment on any person's age??
    No offence to those who are actually 30 , coz age is just a number. But, this is actually something different.
    You are trying ( in each n every way) to make me feel bad about my profile posted in public.
    Stop doing this .
    Plz do concentrate on ur own life.
    I'm genuinely not interested in you.
    Will delete this profile soon. Be happy.
    Spare me.

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  • Verified photosZiya - escort in Mumbai
    22 Jun 2023

    Hey Ziya, ur recent pics r so pretty. Would love 2 spend evening with u. Just dropped mail. Can u check n send details?

    Thank you Sweetheart.
    When exactly are you looking forward to?
    Can you pass me your mail id? As I am unable to find your mail.

  • Kushi. Limited days in Town. What's app - escort in Bangalore
    7 Jun 2023

    Dear Khushi,
    I am in Delhi only for today. Can we meet up.
    I would call from hotel number and no WhatApp. Okay?

    Sure we can meet up.

  • Verified photosPriyanka Chawla - companion in Dubai
    25 Sep 2022

    Inactive from 4th June and review comment on 8th June and 19th July? Wow Liar!

    It's my choice whether to be active this way or not to be active.
    Stop chasing me like a detective.
    I'm a freedom loving girl and do everything on my terms.
    I never lie but u really need a dopamine.
    Stop wasting your time in minutely observing me.
    Think positive.
    Be happy.

  • Deleted profile (Devildiya)

    22 Feb 2023

    Hi, that’s bomb profile I’m following for a while. Do u still have short hair? Can u provide pics/ore-rec in short hair?

    Yes I can but all have charges

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