My name is Yutika. I am a good looking 25 year old girl based in South Mumbai. Privacy and confidentiality are of utmost importance to me as they are to you.

My energy upon meeting is always excited, curious and friendly. I am never rushed because I choose who to spend time with carefully. This is as much an experience for me as it is for you, and I try and ensure we are perfectly matched.

I wear my heart on my sleeves in all aspects of my life, and sharing time with you will be no different. I am most definitely an open book, inquisitive, warm, passionate and playfully sassy. I'm someone who likes to give a little and get a little in return.

One thing I genuinely appreciate about myself is versatility and the ability to adapt. Whether you want a quick fix or a more relaxed and romantic session I am game for both. U can have a shallow conversation with me or a deep meaningful one I assure you I will be actively engaged in both.

I don't have a strict service list as I find that each encounter is as unique as the individual.

Let's find a natural rhythm together.

See me Soon,
😘 Yutika 😘

Outcalls per hour from
₹30,000 (US$ 360)
English (Fluent)
Hindi (Fluent)
155 cm / 5′1″
Hair color
  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    It's been a few years since we met, so this is a highly belated review. Yutika looks like the girl next door, and her service level was superlative. She was prompt, hygienic, cooperative and empathetic. Not a clock watcher, nor a mercenary. Being with her is like being with your girlfriend. A genuine sweetheart.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    It was a pleasure to meet her .she is amazing in bed and very sexy .She was a great fuck and I had a nice time with her

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Yutika is a such a package. I met her in April 2022. She’s like the next door crush that you want to fuck hard. She doesn’t have any restrictions, but I request you to treat her well and she will take care of the rest. There is nothing she denied doing. I have a fetish to oral and see a lot of videos from blacked.com dickdrainers, and I can promise that she will really make your day but taking you to heaven. I literally couldn’t get much of her. There was a stage where I had a boner but could not finish, she literally didn’t stop until I sprayed all over her. She is the most beautiful, innocent looking and respectful escort I have ever met in my life

    Thanks for mentioning that this encounter was in April 2022 and today we are in September 2023. Alot has changed from then to now, including my circumstances( for the better). I would like to clarify that i do have restrictions and my own terms which need to be met.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    The best and legend. You know by the name of andy,

    You the star dear

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    This was a happy session in Mumbai.
    Met her and had a nice time. She communicates well and is helpful with the details and responses.
    Thanks for your availability.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (18 other reviews)

    Guys, there are more than 1k profiles listed for mumbai but only handful are Educated and class. Yutika tops the list.
    Met her again after long time. She is wonderful in bed and amazing to communicate. No nakhras or attitude though highly educated.
    Thank you Yutika.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    its been a while have met her couple of times she is very sweet and fun well spoken and from a nice family . lets connect and plan something soon with whatsapp you on your number 😄

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met Yutika a couple of weeks back and it was a great experience. Got busy with life so the late review. She can hold a conversation very well and is a great person to talk to as well to have a great time in bed with. Looking forward to meeting her again when I can.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    One of the memorable meet I had. We met like a love birds. Enjoyed like we are in love for ages. For a meet she agreed to wear a dress of my choise and she was looking out of the world in it.
    Her moves and dominance in the bed is a surprise package. She ensured pleasure to me and also enjoyed every moment.
    I am looking out for our next meet for next adventures

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Met this sweetheart a no. of times in last 2 years. She is more of a friend, a constant companion now. My any mumbai trip is incomplete without meeting her. She is a pure girlfriend material. Other than sex, she is a sweetheart to hangout with. She gives you so much love, respect, warmth and happiness. Just love her. Though i dont feel like sharing her but must say to all genuine people who are looking for a lovely warm and hot companion, dont get trapped in these fake profiles created by pimps or these ladies asking for 30k - 40k and give shit in name of service. Go for this angel. Love you babes. You are truley a gem.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I have met this beautiful lady at least 15 times and she is more of a friend than an escort . Last night was not able to meet her for my own reasons and she was upset !! U have to be with her to know her and understand her . She is a bubbly lovely charming character. Don’t know if I will be meeting her anytime soon but would surely wish well for her

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (1 other review)

    Hey yutika remember me ... I have met u quite a few times ... last time we met Taj Santa Cruz .. we really connect well now ... when we meet someone it’s not about sex only .. a great girl to be with .. hope we meet again

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    Met siya some weeks ago. Late review. She is as described in her profile but bit chubby. She is very passionate during session. Great kisser and amazing BJ. We had wonderful time. True value for money meet more

  • Rating: 5 / 5by

    I have not met yuvika yet but given the influx of positive reviews, i would imagine she is the real deal. Hopefully we meet over the next few days. Have sent you a direct message.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (3 other reviews)

    She is an amazing lady with a heavenly body. Gives the best company which de-stress in all ways possible. Very sweet and highly flexible, much recommend.

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (2 other reviews)

    spending time with her was one the best moment..she will make feel you special..very best what she does....

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Met her today,
    She is real and the best part is she is the most beautiful women i have met.
    She makes you comfortable the moment you meet her.
    Shared best moments with her
    Thank you ❤️❤️

    Thanks a ton for the sweet sweet review. Means alot especially since I'm the first Indian u met on this platform. I think like u i too have not been able to get over the colonial hangover😂

  • Rating: 4 / 5by (18 other reviews)

    Met Yutika some weeks ago. Late review. She is as described in her profile but bit chubby. She is very passionate during session. Great kisser and amazing BJ. We had wonderful time. True value for money

    Thank you dear for the sweet and honest review. Yeah haven't renewed my gym membership this year got to work my ass out 😅😂

  • Rating: 3 / 5by (1 other review)

    Hi Yutika! I have been wanting to meet you since day 01 but due to work issues couldn’t do so but you have blocked me on all platforms so I can’t connect with you either way so I’m asking for forgiveness for the millionth time and I shall prove to you I’m no ‘timepass guy’ if you give me just one more chance 🥹

  • Rating: 5 / 5by (4 other reviews)

    Met this vibrant and sexy girl last night. Right from the moment we met, she was cool and relaxed and sensual. Her motto seems to be to make you forget all your worrries and to make you hapoy. I had the most sensational GFE with her. A wonderful conversationalist with a tinkling captivating laugh abd awesome sexual prowess, she is assured to stick in your memory for long. Good luck darling. It was my pleasure and my lucky day to have met you. And dinner..... Wow.. Unforgettable company

    Thank you dear for the beautiful review. U made me feel so comfortable throughout our arrangement that i could open up and be myself. Thank you for making my evening beautiful too❤️🤗

  • Are you into anal? Or giving and receiving Rimming?
    If yes then let me know

    by Trueden122 – 11 Feb 2023


  • Are you available for service

    by Sam_232 – 27 Nov 2020


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